Forgive - Recap

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Joe tells Ryan to step out or he will kill Mike. He counts down and then fires a shot... killing Preston. Mike screams at Ryan to kill Joe, and Joe dares him to do it so he can have Claire all to himself. Joe figures that Claire is at the inn on her own and asks Ryan if he's confirmed that Claire is safe. Hiding in the shadows, Ryan calls Claire's phone. Luke answers from the house where he and Mark have taken Claire. He tells Ryan that they have Claire and tells him to bring Joe to them in return for Claire. Ryan says that it's impossible, but Luke says that he'll cut off Claire's face if he doesn't deliver Joe alive. He tells Ryan that he'll send him a text with further instructions.

Looking around impatiently, Joe tells his followers to find Ryan. Outside, Clarke figures that they need to find a way in and tells his people to speed up cutting through the back wall.

In the cathedral, Ryan knocks out one of Joe's followers, disconnects the barrel of explosives, and unchains the door it's attached to. He then calls Max and tells her that there's a safe way in and has her pull up the cathedral blueprints. Max sends them to him and asks what's next.

Joe asks Mike what happened to him and says that he looks more like a mini Ryan.

Max tells Clarke that Ryan is disabling the tripwires and says that the SWAT teams have to wait for Ryan's signal. Clarke agrees and moves his people into position.

Ryan disables another booby trap and gets a photo of the bloody Claire from Luke.

The SWAT teams move into position.

Joe yells that he's going to kill Mike now, and Ryan steps out and says Joe doesn't need to do it. Joe tells his people to let Ryan through. Clarke watches on the Internet feed and wonders what Ryan is doing, and tells his people to prepare to cut the lights on Ryan's signal. Meanwhile, Ryan knocks the webcam out of Tilda's hands, destroying it, and then punches her. He then tells Joe that Luke and Mark have Claire and that in ten seconds the HRT will break into the cathedral. Ryan offers to get Joe out so that they can save Claire, but says that Joe will have to drop the gun. Joe figures that it's a trick, but Ryan insists that it's real and that he can get Joe out if he cooperates.

After a moment, Joe lowers his gun and Clarke, watching on the security cameras, figures that it's the signal. The HRT cut the power and move in, while Ryan leads Mike and Joe out of an exit to a restaurant. When Joe asks if he should have a disguise, Ryan punches him in the face and gives him a towel to cover his face. They then go out past the FBI teams and tell them that Joe's followers are right behind them. Max comes over and tells Ryan that she has a car with the GPS disabled and a cell burner. As they take Joe to the car, Joe nods to Tim, who is waiting in the crowd.

Once the HRT secure the hostages, they turn on the lights and Clarke realizes that Ryan, Mike, and Joe are all gone.

Ryan and Mike put Joe in the car and tell Max that Ryan says that he'll text her and Mike his location as soon as he's sure it's clear. Max hugs her uncle and says that she loves him, and then Ryan drives off with Joe. As they head for the address Luke sent Ryan, Joe asks Ryan to talk to him. Ryan finally asks him how he survived for eight years without an audience, and Joe admits that it was hell. He says that all he ever wanted was for his name to live forever, and he's probably accomplished that. Joe then tells Ryan that when he dies, he hopes that Claire and Ryan can be happy together. He figures that Claire loves Ryan because he's so similar to Joe.

Mike disables the GPS on another car and tells Max that they should be able to catch up to Ryan once they clear the checkpoints. Max asks if he's okay and Mike assures her that he's fine.

Luke and Mike take Claire to one of their country homes that Lily gave them as a "playground." They assure her that there's nowhere to run and she should rest up for their family dinner. Luke goes to heat up the stove while Mark watches Claire.

Joe asks Ryan is just going to turn him over to the twins, and Joe says that he'll be rooting for him to get his salvation. Suddenly Tim rams their car from behind and knocks them off the road. Joe crawls out of the window and Tim frees him. Ryan is unconscious in the car, and Joe takes Tim's gun and then shoots him. he then drags Joe out and says that it isn't over yet, and helps him walk away from the wreck.

The next morning, Max and Mike head for the address but discover there's nothing there. Max is unable to raise Ryan on the phone, and Mike assures her that her uncle will be all right.

Joe gets a van and drives to the address with Ryan. There are two invitations on the step inviting them to dinner. Ryan draws his backup gun and tells Joe to hand over his gun, but Joe refuses to go in unarmed and points out that he saved Ryan's life. Ryan concedes the point and they go in, Ryan first. They search the place and music starts playing from a nearby room. They go in and turn off the player, and find a collection of Joe Carroll masks and clippings of all of Joe's crimes. Luke talks to them over the speaker, telling them that they can see where it all began. He and Mark planned everything there and Luke tells them to have a drink and make themselves comfortable for dinner.

Claire screams and Joe and Ryan go running toward her voice. They go to the basement and find Claire tied by her neck to the rafter. They get her down and confirm that she's okay, and Claire gasps in horror when she sees Joe. Luke tosses in a gas grenade and strolls into the room, wearing a gas mask, while they pass out.

Later, first Ryan and then Joe wake up and discover that they're duct-taped to chairs at a dinner table. Luke comes in with Claire and says that they didn't have much time to prepare. Mark comes in and Luke tells Joe that Emma is dead. When Joe wonders what they did to her, Luke indicates that Claire killed Emma and Joe stares in surprise. Ryan tells the brothers to follow through on their end of the deal, but Luke offers him a drink. He says that he used to go Ryan's AA meetings and asks again if Ryan wants a drink. When Ryan refuses, Luke puts one bullet in his revolver and spins the chamber. He then puts the gun to Claire's head and Ryan screams at him to stop. Luke pulls the trigger on an empty chamber and tells Ryan that each time he lies, he pulls the trigger. This time Ryan says that he wants a drink, and Luke pours it down his throat.

Max and Mike arrive at a distance and prepare to go in on foot to avoid surveillance. Mike asks Max if she's good and she says that she is.

Luke tells Joe that Lily sacrificed everything for him and he threw her aside. Joe insists that it's a misunderstanding and Mark prepares to shoot Claire, and Joe admits that he did hurt Lily. He then says that he, Mark, and Luke are the same and offers to make things right by being their father figure. Mark says that it's too late and says that Lily provided for them. Luke points out that Joe has failed at everything he's done, and Joe asks what they want him to do. Luke tells him that he has to apologize for hurting their mother, and Joe finally says that he's sorry and he's not worthy of such a woman. Mark says that Joe wasn't sincere and sentences him to a slow death. Luke says that they're going to slice him to pieces over eighteen months, and then turns to Ryan.

Mike and Max approach the house.

Luke asks Ryan if he executed Lily in cold blood, and Ryan agrees. He tells them to let Claire go, but the twins say that Ryan is the good guy and he wasn't supposed to kill anyone. Joe chips in, pointing out that Ryan has killed more people than him, and Luke tells him to shut up. When he does, Joe notices a piece of silverware nearby. Luke tells him to shut up, but Joe can't help pointing out that Ryan has his own cult of vigilante followers.

Ryan finally admits that he's not good, and Joe slips a piece of silverware into his sleeve. He then says that Ryan gave into revenge just like the twins. Luke and Mark are both interested, and Joe tells them that Ryan avenged his father's death by murdering the killer. Ryan admits that it's true and Mark asks why he needs redemption. Ryan says that he needs to be forgiven, but it never goes away. When Mark says that God forgives, Ryan says that there is no God and that he can't forgive himself because he's not good.

Mark goes to Ryan and says that he's a remarkable man. He says that they're going to let him live, but he'll have to be punished by them killing Max and Mike and letting Ryan live with that knowledge. Luke prepares to shoot Claire... just as Mike shoots through the window, wounding Luke. Joe cuts himself free and runs, while Mark another direction, and Luke grab Claire and head out another door. Max cuts Ryan free and gives him a spare gun while Mike goes after the twins.

Luke drags Claire to the cellar but she kicks him and runs.

Mike pursues Mark through the house but Mark attacks him. The two struggle and Mike knocks Mark to the floor. His gun goes off and Mike grabs it, and says that he didn't think twice about killing Lily. Mark doesn't believe it, but Ryan says that he did it without blinking. Luke knocks Mike out with a board and Mark tells him that the FBI agent killed their mother. As Luke prepares to beat Mike's skull in, Max arrives and fires, killing Luke. Mark grabs the gun and shoots back, then goes to his brother and drags him away. Max comes in and confirms that Mike is okay.

Claire is running through the house when Joe grabs her and says that he missed her. She asks him to let her go and Joe admits that he's never been able to do that. Claire points out that she almost died because of him, but Joe figures that there's a symmetry in the two of them being presumed dead. When he says that they belong together, Claire says that she'd rather be dead, but Joe says that he's sorry for everything that he's done to her and Joey. He begs Claire to tell Joey that and asks for her forgiveness, but Claire says that she will never forgive him. Ryan grabs him and throws him down the stairs, and the two men fight. Max and Mike arrive, guns drawn, as Ryan knocks Joe to the floor.

Joe screams at them to kill him and puts his head to Ryan's gun barrel. Mike nods in agreement, but Ryan lowers the gun and tells Mike to arrest Joe.

As the FBI take Joe away and secure the house, Clarke complains that Ryan should have included him. His men have found no sign of Mark or Luke's body, but Ryan assures Mike that Mark's family is dead and they'll soon find him. the FBI escort Joe down in handcuffs and leg manacles and Ran looks at him for a moment and then walks out. Mike goes after him and asks his friend why he didn't kill Joe. Ryan tells him that it needs to end and walks over to Claire.

Claire tells Ryan that he did the right thing, and Ryan suggests that he pack a bag and spend some time with her and Joey. Claire tells him that isn't going to work because Joe will always be there. She's going to go see Joey and tell him that they can have a life now and enjoy it someday. When Ryan wonders why they can't do it together, Claire tells him that they both deserve a future. Ryan says that he loves her and Claire says that she loves him, but it's the way it has to be. She hugs Ryan, crying, and then walks away.

Mike finds Max and admits that he would have shot Joe. Max says that he wouldn't have, and Mike warns her that he's not as good as she thinks he is. She admits that she didn't think he was perfect and smiles, and then they kiss.

Ryan watches the marshals drive away with Claire, and then turns to Joe as the FBI bring him out. Joe says that he should have killed him, but Ryan says that he's good. His nemesis wishes him well in trying to save his soul and asks Ryan to visit him. Ryan tells him that he's never going to see him again, and every day Joe will fade away in his memories as he makes a new life for himself. Joe wishes him luck with that and the FBI take him away to a van and drive him off.

Later in New York, Ryan returns to his apartment with some takeout food. He takes off his gun and has dinner, and then goes to bed. Later that night, Ryan wakes up and feels fresh blood on the sheets. Luke's body is lying next to him. As Ryan rolls out of bed, Mark whispers from the shadows, saying that Ryan is a dead man... and Ryan wakes up from his nightmare. He chuckles and falls back on the bed.

Mark is carrying Luke down a country road when a car pulls up. The door opens and Mark puts his brother's body inside. He then gets in on the passenger side and thanks the driver for coming, and admits he didn't know who else to call.