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Season 6

125 :06x01 - Burnin' Down the House

Will starts a fire on the day an important judge is coming over for dinner. He and Geoffrey must put out the fire and save dinner. Meanwhile, Carlton goes to a republican summer camp.
Guest Stars: Robert Munns as Judge Walker | Darryl Sivad as Fire Chief | Lee Cole as Psycho On Train | Terrence Evans as Trucker | Russell Gannon as Hippie | Danyn Pysz as Republican At Camp | Denvn Pysz as Republican at Camp
Director: Madeline Cripe
Writer: Joel Madison

126 :06x02 - Get a Job

To show Uncle Phil how mature he is, Will decides to take out the ugly sister of a comedian booked on Hilary's show.
Guest Stars: Chris Rock as Maurice/Jasmine | Jim Meskimen as Werner | Bree Walker as Herself | Ajai Sanders as Candace | Amarilis as Leslie
Director: Shelley Jensen

127 :06x03 - Stress Related

Hilary needs help, and Will wants to give it to her, but he also has an important meeting. In the meantime, it's career day at Ashley's school, but Phil can't make it. Carlton, thinking he's going to get a job offer, subs in for him, but at the last minute, he finds out he didn't get it, making matters tough for him.
Guest Stars: Spankee Rogers as Student #1 | Ajai Sanders as Candace | Jim Meskimen as Werner | Joel Madison as Mr. Stimple
Director: Shelley Jensen

128 :06x04 - Bourgie Sings the Blues

After being disappointed many times by grades, friends, etc., Carlton decides to run away prior to an interview with a representative from Princeton. It's up to Will to get him back, no matter what it takes, even if it means dressing up like him.
Guest Stars: Milo Ventimiglia as Party Guest #1 | B.B. King as Pappy | Grinnell Morris as Yuppie in Bar | Marty Parker as Guy in Bar | Spankee Rogers as Party Guest #2 | Jared Murphy as Stinky | Michael Clarke Duncan as Tiny | Kevin Brief as Mr. Bradley | Yunoka Doyle as Keesha | Nicole Bilderback as Janet | Chalante Phifer as Kyle
Director: Shelley Jensen
Writer: Tom Devanney

129 :06x05 - The Script Formerly Known As

For Hilary's show, Will decides to book a juror from Phil's big celebrity sex scandal case.
Guest Stars: George Wallace as George | Jeffrey A. Townes as Jazz | Jay Leno as Himself | Monica Allison as Michelle | Nicole Bilderback as Janet | Yunoka Doyle as Keesha
Director: Shelley Jensen

130 :06x06 - Not, I Barbecue

Carlton misses out on a date with the perfect woman for him, and ends up lonely again. Will decides to take him out on a double date with someone else and his date. That would have gone fine, before Mad Dog shows up.
Guest Stars: Tamala Jones as Tiffany | Darryl Sivad as Counselor | Chalante Phifer as Kyle | Garcelle Beauvais as Sandra | Monica Allison as Michelle | Jaime Cardriche as Mad Dog
Writer: Matt Tarses

131 :06x07 - Not With My Cousin You Don't

Will and Carlton overhear Ashley's conversation about sex.
Guest Stars: Jaleel White as Derek | Nicole Bilderback as Janet | Yunoka Doyle as Keesha
Director: Shelley Jensen

132 :06x08 - Viva Lost Wages

Will and Carlton go to Las Vegas to celebrate Carlton's 21st birthday, but soon Carlton gets a gambling problem, and loses all their money. Will and Carlton have to enter a dance contest to get the money to go back home.
Guest Stars: Bruce Fine as Announcer | Gregg Kovan as Croupier | Susan Bambara as Dealer #1 | Farrell Mayer as Dealer #2 | Mike Devey as Dealer #3 | Deano Georgio as Dancer | Lisa Nunziella as Dancer | Wayne Newton as Casino Manager
Director: Shelley Jensen

133 :06x09 - There's the Rub (1)

Carlton and Hilary volunteer in a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving, but for selfish reasons. Meanwhile, Will takes Uncle Phil to a massage parlor as the family prepares Thanksgiving dinner.
Guest Stars: Vernee Watson-Johnson as Viola Smith | Virginia Capers as Hattie Banks | Jenifer Lewis as Helen | Zachery Ty Bryan as Steve | Andre Rosey Brown as Tiny
Director: Shelley Jensen
Writer: Joel Madison

134 :06x10 - There's the Rub (2)

Will and Phil are arrested at a massage parlor while Hilary and Carlton learn lessons at a soup kitchen.
Guest Stars: Vernee Watson-Johnson as Viola Smith | Virginia Capers as Hattie Banks | Jenifer Lewis as Helen | Thom Barry as Cop | Andre Rosey Brown as Tiny | Zachery Ty Bryan as Steve | Jeanine Michelle as Candy
Director: Shelley Jensen
Writer: Joel Madison

135 :06x11 - I, Ooh, Baby, Baby

After witnessing a birth on her first national show, Hilary decides she wants to have a baby.
Guest Stars: Duane Martin as Dr. Duane | Jeffrey A. Townes as Jazz | Virginia Capers as Hattie Banks | Jim Meskimen as Werner | Sunday Theodore as Clerk | Rachel Andersen as Julie | Tamra Meskimen as Spokeswoman
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro

136 :06x12 - Boxing Helena

Will is knocked out by a female boxer.
Guest Stars: Galyn Gorg as Helena | Daniel Riordan as Stan | Jeff Maynard as Joel
Director: Shelley Jensen

137 :06x13 - I, Clownius

Will, Phil, and Carlton are trying to get to court for a trial, but get stopped by a clown who claims to have a bomb strapped to his waist.
Guest Stars: Dorien Wilson as Juggles | Carl Gilliard as Defense Attorney | Brian Carpenter as Bailiff | Bree Walker as Herself | Tim Silva as Jury Foreman | Donald Welch as Detective Simms
Director: Shelley Jensen

138 :06x14 - Breaking Up is Hard To Do (1)

Philip gets involved with politics, and Vivian feels that this is affecting their personal lives, so she breaks up with him. In the meantime, Ashley gets a job offer from a modeling agency after being discovered at her job.
Guest Stars: Joan Van Ark as Jewel Pemberton | John David Conti as Joe Winters | Trayce Moss as Regina
Director: Shelley Jensen

139 :06x15 - Breaking Up is Hard To Do (2)

The other members of the family feel that Phil and Vivian's breaking up will affect their lives negatively, so, Will, Carlton, and Helen try to bring them back together.
Guest Stars: Jenifer Lewis as Helen | Renee Tenison as Katie | Judy Gillett as Beautiful Woman | Pancho Demmings as Handsome Man | Tom Devanney as Karaoke Man
Director: Shelley Jensen

140 :06x16 - I, Bowl Buster

Carlton decides he wants to be a bowler instead of going to college.
Guest Stars: Doreen Brown as Rhonda | Darlene Kardon as Madge | Larry Marke as Jed | Davida Williams as Blue Bird #1 | Paige Tamada as Blue Bird #2 | Ashley Monique Clark as Blue Bird #3 | Marley McClean as Kid
Director: Shelley Jensen

141 :06x17 - The Butler's Son Did It

Geoffrey's long lost son visits, but Will discovers his true intentions.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey A. Townes as Jazz | Craig Kirkwood as Fredrick | Patty Holley as Security Guard | Jullian Dulce Vida as Pizza Boy | Teresa Cook as Flight Attendant
Director: Madeline Cripe

142 :06x18 - Hare Today...

Will catches the Church reverend making a pass at Vivian. In the meantime, Carlton and Ashley compete for the lead in the church choir.
Guest Stars: Richard Roundtree as Rev. Gordon Sims | Cal Gibson as Choirmaster Hawkins | Jeri Gray as Woman #1 | Loretta Jean as Woman #2
Director: Shelley Jensen

143 :06x19 - I, Whoops, There It Is

Will Smith takes Dick Clark on a behind the scenes look at the show, including bloopers and outtakes.
Guest Stars: Dick Clark as Himself | Rolondas Herdricks as Security Guard
Director: Shelley Jensen

144 :06x20 - I, Stank Horse

Ashley gets an offer from and ad agency to appear in a bikini. Phil takes offense to this, and takes her out of it. What he doesn't know: this could be the beginning of Ashley's future.
Guest Stars: Allan Wasserman as Frank | Hiram Kasten as Vet | Sharon Kisekka as Girl
Director: Shelley Jensen
Writer: Tom Devanney

145 :06x21 - I, Stank Hole in One

Hilary gets to sub in for Kathy Lee on Live with Regis and Kathy Lee, but they don't get along very well. In the meantime, Carlton takes his father for granted in a golf tournament, where Will subs in later. Will and Phil have a great time, making Carlton envious of Will, and wants to play with his father again.
Guest Stars: Jim Jansen as Mercer | Gibson Frazier as Bobby | Arthel Neville as Herself | Regis Philbin as Himself | Kathie Lee Gifford as Herself | Lyn Alicia Henderson as Stage Manager | Toney E. Smith as Guy #1 | Stephen Poletti as Rich
Director: Werner Walian

146 :06x22 - Eye, Tooth

William Shatner guest stars in this episode on Hilary's talk show, which she says is moving to New York. Ashley also wants to go to New York for her future, but Phil is reluctant to let her go.
Guest Stars: Jim Meskimen as Warner | William Shatner as Himself | Steve Ireland as West | Marlon Archey as Hygienist | Rusty Colemon as Stage Manager
Director: Shelley Jensen

147 :06x23 - I, Done (1)

When Carlton, Ashley, and Hilary all move onto bigger things, Will tells them he bought an apartment. Now he must find one when Uncle Phil puts the house for sale.
Guest Stars: Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson | Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson | Jeffrey A. Townes as Jazz | Gary Coleman as Arnold Jackson-Drummond | Pat Crawford Brown as Lady | Christopher Kirby as Mr. Clark | Conrad Bain as Philip Drummond | Alexandra Smothers as Girl with Beach Ball
Director: Shelley Jensen
Writer: Jeff Pollack

148 :06x24 - I, Done (2)

With the Banks selling up and Will still no place to go, he attempts to send off all potential buyers. However, when this plan fails, Will must confess to Phil and Vivian that he has no place to go. Alas, the family moves on to their own separate lives, leaving the house behind for good.
Guest Stars: Marla Gibbs as Florence Johnston | Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson | Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson | Jeffrey A. Townes as Jazz | Gary Coleman as Arnold Jackson-Drummond | Pat Crawford Brown as Lady | Christopher Kirby as Mr. Clark | Conrad Bain as Philip Drummond
Director: Shelley Jensen
Writer: Jeff Pollack
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 10, 1990
Ended: May 20, 1996
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