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Season 4

91 :04x01 - The Last Oasis

After being shot during a police chase, Kimble takes refuge at a Navajo reservation school in Arizona. Once there, he's befriended by a teacher who removes the bullet but a persistent deputy sheriff is slowly closing in pursuit.
Guest Stars: Hope Lange as Annie Johnson | Peter Mark Richman as Deputy Steel | Jaime Sanchez as Sam | Arch Johnson as Sheriff Prycer | John McLiam as Deputy Kelton | Lew Brown as Deputy O'Hara | Vincent Arias as Roger | Don Ross as American Guard | Eugene Iglesias as Mexican Guard | Silvia Marino as Nellie
Director: Gerald Mayer

92 :04x02 - Death is the Door Prize

Kimble is the only man who can clear a police officer accused of wrongfully killing a youthful robber but can he do it without his identity being revealed?
Guest Stars: Lois Nettleton as Marcia Stone | Ossie Davis as Johnny Gaines | Howard da Silva as Pete Dawes | John Lasell as Mr. Lee | Kevin O'Neal as Gary | June Vincent as Mrs. Lee | Len Wayland as Boles | Wolfe Barzell as Tailor | John Harmon (1) as Texan | Harlan Warde as Anderson | Jess Kirkpatrick as Ben | Bill Erwin as Man | John Ward (1) as Dan
Director: Don Medford

93 :04x03 - A Clean and Quiet Town

Kimble tracks the one-armed man to a seemingly peaceful suburban town that's actually controlled by a gambling syndicate. Not wanting any rocking the boat of his operation, the syndicate boss orders both men out of his town--immediately.
Guest Stars: Carol Eve Rossen as Cora Reed | Michael Strong (1) as Ollie Enright | William Bramley (1) as Lynch | George Brenlin as Cab Driver | Peter Brocco as Tailor | Susan Davis as Miss Moretti | Ted Gehring as Sergeant | Allen Emerson as Hamp | Lloyd Haynes as Officer | Robert Karnes as Chuck Abbott | Orville Sherman as Hotel Clerk | Ed Deemer as Ralph | Eduardo Ciannelli as Luchek | Bill Raisch as Fred Johnson
Director: Mark Rydell

94 :04x04 - The Sharp Edge of Chivalry

Working as a janitor in an apartment building, Kimble becomes the leading suspect when a woman is bludgeoned to death.
Guest Stars: Rosemary Murphy as Mrs. Turney | Richard Anderson as Lt. Sloan | Eduard Franz as Edward | Robert Drivas as Roger Roland | Madlyn Rhue as Liz Roland | Ellen Corby as Mrs. Murdock | Judee Morton as Millie | Henry Scott as Policeman | Paul Kent as Policeman | Walter Gregg as Boyfriend | Ralph Montgomery as Fingerprint Cop | Simon Prescott as Plainclothes Cop | Bobby Johnson as Man
Director: Gerald Mayer
Writer: Sam Ross

95 :04x05 - Ten Thousand Pieces of Silver

Back in Stafford, the ever persistent Lt. Gerard gets the local newspaper to put up a reward of ten grand for information leading to Kimble's re-capture. This complicates things for Kimble in his newest identity as he's already involved with an autistic girl as well as an escaped killer.
Guest Stars: Paul Mantee as Burmas | Lin McCarthy as Jacob Lawrence | Joe Maross as Sheriff Mel Bailey | June Harding as Cathy Lawrence | Bonnie Beecher as Ella | Ford Rainey as Oliver Corman | Simon Scott as Martin Pierce | James Sikking as Deputy Marsh
Director: James Neilson

96 :04x06 - Joshua's Kingdom

Kimble clashes with a Christian Scientist whose religion forbids the use of antibiotics to help his ailing grandson.
Guest Stars: Harry Townes as Joshua Simmons | Kim Darby as Ruth Simmons | Tom Skerritt as Pete | Walter Burke as Doc Martin | John Milford as Sheriff | Vaughn Taylor as Feeney | Mark Russell (1) as Deputy
Director: Gerd Oswald
Writer: Lee Loeb

97 :04x07 - Second Sight

After spotting Fred Johnson's picture in a photograph, Kimble tracks down the one-armed man through the photographer who snapped the photo. The two men scuffle in a chemical plant where Johnson is working. An explosion results which leaves Kimble blinded.
Guest Stars: Byron Keith as Foreman | Sidney Clute as Bartender | Ted Knight as Dr. Rains | Tim Considine as Howie Keever | Ned Glass as Albert | Crahan Denton as George | William Sargent as Sgt. Denny | James Noah as Detective | Janet MacLachlan as Nurse 1 | Richard O'Brien (2) as Macklin | Stuart Lancaster as Wingo | Victor Millan as Garcia | Nancy Jeris as Policewoman | Bill Raisch as Fred Johnson
Director: Robert Douglas

98 :04x08 - Wine is a Traitor

During a labor strike at a winery, Kimble witnesses the son of the winery owner kill a union leader.
Guest Stars: James Gregory as Pete Crandall | Roy Thinnes as Carl Crandall | Pilar Seurat as Elena Morales | Carlos Romero as Morales | Richard O'Brien (2) as Sheriff | Dabbs Greer as Thomas | Robert J. Wilke as Johnny | Warren J. Kemmerling as Nick | Rodolfo Acosta as First Mexican | Victor Millan as Second Mexican | Roy Jenson as Deputy | Chet Stratton as Guide | Grandon Rhodes as Physician
Director: Gerd Oswald

99 :04x09 - Approach with Care

Kimble gets involved with a woman and her mentally handicapped brother.
Guest Stars: Paul Lukather as 1st Deputy | Denny Miller as Willie Turner | Collin Wilcox as Mary Turner | Malcolm Atterbury as Sheriff | Nicholas Colasanto as Matt | Dabney Coleman as Steve | Michael Conrad as Hogan | E.J. Andre as Old Man | Don Ross as Third Deputy | Marlowe Jensen as Second Deputy | Art Lewis as Speiler | Marcelle Fortier as Woman | Phil Chambers (1) as Second Carney
Director: William Hale
Writer: Lee Loeb

100 :04x10 - Nobody Loses All the Time

After helping an injured galpal of the one-armed man, Kimble must avoid a trap set at a hospital by Lt. Gerard.
Guest Stars: Barbara Baxley as Maggie | Joanna Moore as Ruth Bianchi | Phillip Pine as Rowan | Don Dubbins as McCaffrey | Herb Ellis as Hallet | Ben Wright as Ferguson | Nora Marlowe as Woman in Hotel | Larry Aten as Workman | Patrick Riley as Policeman | Pat O'Hara as First Officer | Robert Munk (3) as Second Officer | Guy Remsen as Third Officer | Bill Raisch as Fred Johnson
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

101 :04x11 - Right in the Middle of the Season

Kimble gets involved in a labor dispute between father and son fishermen.
Guest Stars: Dean Jagger as Tony Donovan | Nancy Malone as Nedda Donovan | James T. Callahan as Joe Donovan | Douglas Henderson as Lieutenant Irwin | James Seay as Morgan | Charles Wagenheim as Fisherman | Ron Stokes as Boatswain's Mate | Greg Benedict as Policeman | Bob Kline (2) as Policeman | John Mayo as Fingerprint Man | James Johnson (3) as Crewman
Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Sam Ross

102 :04x12 - The Devil's Disciples

On the run with the authorities in hot pursuit, Kimble's only avenue of escape is to throw in with a gang of outlaw motorcyclists.
Guest Stars: Lou Antonio as Don | Bruce Dern as Hutch | Diana Hyland as Penny | Frank Marth as Hendricks | Robert Viharo as Chino | Robert Sorrells as Curly | Crahan Denton as Benson | Hal Lynch as Andy | William Wintersole as Pilot | Harry Ellerbe as Dr. Crossland
Director: Christian Nyby

103 :04x13 - The Blessings of Liberty

Kimble and an immigrant Hungarian family are taken hostage by an escaped killer.
Guest Stars: Noam Pitlik as Macklin | Ludwig Donath as Josef Karac | Julie Sommars as Carla Karac | Arlene Martel as Magda Karac | Jan Merlin as Jan Merlin | Tony Musante as Billy | George Tyne as Sergeant Charney | Edwin Max as Stark | Nolan Leary as Judge | Chuck Courtney as Detective | Bruce Manning as Attendant | Calvin Brown (1) as First cop
Director: Joseph Pevney

104 :04x14 - The Evil Men Do

After Kimble saves his life, a former mobster is determined to repay the debt by killing Lt. Gerard.
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Allen (1) as Sharon | James Daly as Arthur Brame | David Sheiner as Officer Robinson | James McCallion as Delaney | Bill Zuckert as Clark | Barry Russo as Sergeant Endicot | Tom Signorelli as Mechanic | Jhean Burton as Waitress
Director: Jesse Hibbs

105 :04x15 - Run the Man Down

Kimble is held hostage at a mountain cabin by three men determined to find out the location of missing stolen loot taken by an accomplice whom Kimble was forced to bring to the cabin.
Guest Stars: Robert Doyle as Larry | Georgann Johnson as Laura | Edward Asner as Bantam | James Broderick as Owen Troop | Val Avery as Ross | John Davis Chandler as Kenny | Sam Melville as Runnels | Roy Engel as Lieutenant Hodges | Stuart Nisbet as Ossie
Director: James Sheldon
Story: Fred Freiberger | Teleplay: Barry Oringer

106 :04x16 - The Other Side of the Coin

For the umpteenth time, Kimble gets involved in a father-son conflict. This time it's a small-town sheriff who's son was wounded while attempting a robbery.
Guest Stars: Beau Bridges as Larry Corby | Parley Baer as Al Cooney | John Larch as Ben Corby | Joseph Campanella as Harry Banner | Melinda Plowman as Ellen Tolan | Claudia Bryar as Mrs. Blake | Pitt Herbert as Sears | Glenn Sipes as Associate Deputy | Buck Young as Officer | Don Eitner as Another Deputy | Jim Raymond as Second Deputy | George Sims as Deputy
Director: Lewis Allen
Writer: Sam Ross

107 :04x17 - The One That Got Away

A government agent, in pursuit of a fugitive embezzler, also happens upon Kimble, who's working as a deck hand on the embezzler's boat.
Guest Stars: Anne Francis as Felice Greer | Charles Drake as Oliver Greer | Charles Bronson as Ralph Schuyler | David Renard as Guillermo | Vince Howard as Brooks | Harlan Warde as Mitchell | Pepe Callahan as Calderone | David Fresco as Hodges | Thordis Brandt as Girlfriend | Rico Alaniz as Perez
Director: Leo Penn

108 :04x18 - Concrete Evidence

A dying building contractor demands that Kimble use his medical skills long enough to keep him alive to finish his latest project.
Guest Stars: Jason Wingreen as Nebbs | Jack Warden as Alex Patton | Harold Gould as Crailer | Celeste Holm as Pearl Patton | Larry J. Blake as Charlie | Ray Kellogg as Sheriff | James Cromwell as Deputy | Billy Snyder as Pete | E.A. Nicholson as Roughneck | Jane Barclay as Townswoman | Eddie Garrett as Townsman
Director: Murray Golden

109 :04x19 - The Breaking of the Habit

Hot on the trail of the one-armed man, Kimble meets up once again with Sister Veronica, a nun whom he had encountered two years earlier in Angels Travel Lonely Roads.
Guest Stars: Heather North as Marie | Eileen Heckart as Sister Veronica | Linden Chiles as Father Taylor | Antoinette Bower as Angelica | Adrienne Hayes as Vicky | Kelly Thordsen as Tarleton Policeman | Dallas Mitchell as Policeman | Clay Tanner as Officer Landers | Paul Hahn as Policeman | Bill Erwin as Counterman | Peter Marko as Unknown | Pat Patterson as Traffic Policeman

110 :04x20 - There Goes the Ballgame

Attending a minor league baseball game, Kimble witnesses the kidnapping of a newspaper publisher's daughter.
Guest Stars: Martin Balsam as Newmark | Sidney Clute as Joe | Gabriel Dell as Chester | Lynda Day George as Nadine Newmark | Vincent Gardenia as Gibbs | Jonathan Goldsmith (1) as Phil | Susan Seaforth Hayes as Vicki | Joan Tompkins as Rose | John Ward (1) as Jerry | Barbara Dodd as Aggie | John Kowal as Al | Michael Harris (2) as Guard

111 :04x21 - The Ivy Maze

The one-armed man, now working as a handyman on a college campus, is recognized by an academic friend of Kimble's who tries an experiment to get him to confess.
Guest Stars: Bill Quinn (1) as Chief Terry | William Windom as Professor Fritz Simpson | Geraldine Brooks as Caroline Simpson | Lori Scott as Sally | Don Mitchell as Ken | Carl Reindel as Assistant | Victor Brandt as Volunteer | Danny Sue Nolan as Landlady | Jill Janssen as Coed | Iris Rainer as Coed | Jim Farley as Policeman | Perry Cook as Bus Driver | Bill Raisch as Fred Johnson
Writer: Edward Hume

112 :04x22 - Goodbye My Love

A man plots to murder his invalid wife and pin the crime on the nearest patsy--Kimble.
Guest Stars: Patricia Smith (1) as Norma Bartlett | Jack Lord (1) as Alan Bartlett | Marlyn Mason as Gayle Martin | James Lanphier as Paul | Jack Raine as Charles | Ivan Bonar as Detective | Hal Riddle as Policeman
Director: Lewis Allen
Writer: Lee Loeb

113 :04x23 - Passage to Helena

An Afro-American deputy is assigned to escort two captured prisoners to jail in Helena, Montana. One is a vicious racist and the other is Dr. Richard Kimble.
Guest Stars: James Farentino as Rafe Carter | Percy Rodriguez as Deputy Sheriff Dalton | Phyllis Love as Laura | Russ Conway as Sheriff Thornton | J. Pat O'Malley as Joe McGinnis | Garry Walberg as Webster | Michael T. Mikler as Kline | Gene Kirkwood as Lockett | Orville Sherman as Prewitt | Marc Winters as Tom

114 :04x24 - The Savage Street

Working in a cigar store, Kimble is once again caught up in a father-son conflict and must rely on the son to help him escape from the police.
Guest Stars: Gilbert Roland as Jose Anza | Michael Ansara as Miguel Anza | Tom Nardini as Jimmy Anza | Miriam Colon as Mercedes | David Macklin as Cotton | Ross Hagen as Benton | Barney Phillips as Harrigon | Kevin Coughlin as Banks | Bobby Diamond as Ollie | Frank Puglia as Compadre | Ralph Montgomery as Policeman
Director: Gerald Mayer

115 :04x25 - Death of a Very Small Killer

Recognized by a research doctor in Mexico, Kimble is blackmailed into helping with the man's nefarious experiments.
Guest Stars: Carol Lawrence as Reina Morales | Michael Abelar as Attendant | Roberto Contreras as Diego | Valentin de Vargas as Captain Gomez | Stella Garcia as Nurse | Sam Gilman as Captain | Robert Hernandez (1) as Man | Arthur Hill as Dr. Howell | Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr. as Sancho | Raoul Perez as Arenas | Carlos Romero as Sergeant Rodriguez | Bard Stevens as Sailor | Natividad Vacio as Deliveryman

116 :04x26 - Dossier on a Diplomat

Cornered in Washington D.C., Kimble is given temporary asylum inside the embassy of an African nation.
Guest Stars: Ivan Dixon as Ambassador Unawa | Lloyd Gough as Hobar | Vince Howard as Policeman | William Hudson (2) as Detective | Diana Hyland as Alison Priestley | Don Kennedy as Mover | Diana Sands as Davala Unawa | K.L. Smith as Cabbie
Director: Gerald Mayer

117 :04x27 - The Walls of Night

Kimble, working as a truck driver, becomes involved romantically with the company's radio dispatcher and soon discovers that she's a convict on a work release program. The you know what hits the fan when her parole officer recognizes Kimble.
Guest Stars: Martin E. Brooks as Lt. Gould | Tige Andrews as Leonard | Steve Ihnat as Meredith | Sheree North as Willy | Janice Rule as Barbara Wells | Jeane Wood as Manager

118 :04x28 - The Shattered Silence

Fleeing from a sheriff's deputy into the Oregon hills, Kimble meets up with an ailing eccentric whose only companions are two vicious dogs.
Guest Stars: Laurence Naismith as John Mallory | Paul Mantee as Howe | Antoinette Bower as Andrea Cross | Jack De Mave as Second Deputy | Dabbs Greer as Jensen | James McCallion as Kruger
Director: Barry Morse

119 :04x29 - The Judgment (1)

Working as a truck driver in Tucson, Kimble receives word that the one-armed man is being held in a Los Angeles jail so he heads for Tinsel Town. Unfortunately for the fugitive physician, Lt. Gerard is there as well and he sets a trap which Kimble is unable to elude.
Guest Stars: Diane Baker as Jean Carlisle | Richard Anderson as Leonard Taft | Joseph Campanella as Capt. Ralph Lee | Michael Constantine as Arthur 'Art' Howe | Skip Ward as Nat Harris | Paul Comi as Policeman B | Seymour Cassel as Cabbie | Lloyd Haynes as Detective Franks | Paul Hahn as Plainclothesman | James Nolan as Driver | Arch Whiting as Policeman | Bill Raisch as Fred Johnson | Jacqueline Scott as Donna Taft

120 :04x30 - The Judgment (2)

Kimble faces the end when he is re-captured by Gerard in Los Angeles and taken back to Stafford. But unknown to both men, the one-armed Fred Johnson has also arrived in Stafford and he proceeds to blackmail a prominent citizen of the town who knows what really happened on the night Helen Kimble was murdered.
Guest Stars: Diane Baker as Jean Carlisle | Richard Anderson as Leonard Taft | J.D. Cannon as Lloyd Chandler | Louise Latham as Betsy Chandler | Diane Brewster as Helen Kimble | Johnny Jensen as Bobby Taft | Bill Raisch as Fred Johnson | Jacqueline Scott as Donna Taft
Director: Don Medford
Warning: The Fugitive (1963) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 17, 1963
Ended: August 29, 1967
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