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The Monster Within - Recap

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The scene opens up with wolves running and a hunger shooting. He shoots a white one and another wolf attacks the hunter. It was Lucas that was shot. The rest rush to him and tell that they need to get him out. But Brett, the one who tackled the hunter, has killed the hunter. The scene changes with Nick Monohan and Sarah Monohan in bed and Sara tries to take his mind off the anniversary of the shooting of the man in Chicago. He tells that it is a fresh start and Sara begs that he won’t react badly to the news. He promises that he won’t.

Brett and the rest of the werewolves are with Coach Ross and he is patching up Lucas’s leg. He tells that Brett is back on the team to use that energy that he has built up and asks if anything else happened. They tell nothing else happened. Teresa and Marcus are in bed together and the alarm goes off. She tells that she is going to make something special for dinner. But Marcus can’t do dinner because Nick is leaving early for the Daddy/Daughter dance. Andi and her dad, Thomas, are talking and he tells that he will take her to the Daddy/Daughter dance and she tells him not to embarrass her. At the Monohan’s Dana tells Nick not to be late for the dance and that she is going to go with Emily together. Nick is not happy to have to spend time with Dylan but Sara tells that the Radcliffe’s are good people. At the Radcliffe’s, Dylan is getting ready for work and Emily tells that she brushed her teeth. Dylan isn’t happy that he is going to have to be around Nick either and Claire tells that he will have fun. Claire’s phone rings and it is Christian. He asks if she is going tonight and she tells that it is a big risk. But, he reassures her that Dylan will be away.

At the station, Nick walks in and meets with Marcus. He tells it slow except Amy Patterson called and tells that her husband Stan has not returned home from hunting. Marcus tells that Stan just passed out from drinking too much and will probably return back soon. But Nick wants a team on it. At school, Charlie meets Andie and tells that he wants to take a walk or “something”. In a storage closet, they start kissing. They are interrupted by the school bell. As Charlie goes to his class, he stumbles into it and faints. He meets with Peg and she tells that he is suffering with Mono after finding out that he was kissing Andie. Sara is shocked to hear that Charlie has a girlfriend. Back at the station, Nick organizes the team and is going to go along with them. Marcus asks if something is wrong with Nick and he tells that it is nothing. Andie meets with Brett in the hall and she asks how he is doing. He doesn’t want anything to do with her and Andie sees that he is with Lexi. Outside she tells that the police are going to start looking for the hunter and that they need to get him out. Brett tells that he will handle it. Coach Ross sees Brett running off.

Thomas meets with Peg and she tells that he needs to tell that Andie is a Succubus. Peg offers to tell her with him. He tells that he will tell her after the dance and that he wants one last night with his daughter. Claire and Sara meet Barbara and she tells that the dresses for the girls are going to be ready and proves that Barbara knows everything that goes on within the gates. In the forest Nick and Marcus are looking for Stan in the woods and they find a football jersey. Nick asks if they have cameras in the woods but they don’t. Brett is up trying to find the body but it is gone. Marcus and Nick find blood and Franklin P.D. is called and there is a crime scene. Brett is hiding in a tree. Back at the station lab results are back and the blood is human. Nick meets with Coach Ross and he asks if any of his players hang around out in the woods. Coach Ross tells that he will ask around. Sara calls and reminds Nick of Dana’s corsage.

Nick runs to the flower shop and finds Dylan outside of it with Dana’s corsage. He says that he picked up the corsage for him. He tells that their wives set them up so that they will spend time together. At the station, Marcus enters and says that they found Patterson is at the county morgue in Franklin. Marcus tells that he was torn up by an animal. But Nick doesn’t think that he was the only one out in the woods. Andie is at Charlie’s and tells that she is feeling great and has not been feeling bad at all. She tells that if Charlie wasn’t sick, then she would “show” how well she feels. She gets up and tells that she has to get ready for the dance. Nick is getting ready and Sara walks in. She tells that he deserves this night. But he doesn’t think so. He tells that he lied to the department and to Sarah and says that it wasn’t self defense in Chicago. He was thinking of the women the guy raped and that he was going to get away with it all. She says that they will figure it out when he gets back but she is really upset with it.

Claire meets with Christian at the bar and she tells that when she is with Christian, she feels like her old self again. Teresa gets a call from Marcus and he tells that he likes having her around. She offered to take pictures for the dance. Teresa tells Marcus that he is the best thing that has happened to her in a long time. Teresa has a gun in her bag. Back at the bar, Christian is lining up their next victim but Claire sees that it is Barbara, the town gossip. She tells that she is meeting an old friend and Barbara leaves. At the dance, Dylan and Nick talk about how they want to protect their children but there is so much that you can do. Nick gets a text and they found wolf blood in the woods. Nick makes amends with Dylan and tells that he was wrong about him.

Teresa tells that Dylan and Nick’s daughters want pictures with their fathers and Nick and Dylan take pictures. Brett is home and sees the news report. There is someone at the door and it is Coach Ross. He tells that Brett is an idiot and that he transferred the body to Franklin and he tells that he should report Brett to the council but his mother is protecting him. He kicks Brett of the team. He tells that he can destroy his life, but he is not going to bring down the pack. Back at the dance, Andie and Thomas are dancing and he is happy. Later at the bar, Claire tells that she has a good life in “The Gates” and that she can’t keep doing what she is doing. Christian offers her to leave Dylan. But she tells that “Love is about compromise”. She tells that she needs to get home.

Andie is in her room and she tells that she is going out for a bit. Thomas tells that they need to talk. He tells her that Andie’s mother had abilities. Lexi meets with Brett and tells that they are in the clear. She tells that they are going to Luca’s house for a movie. But Brett says that he is going to go running. She tells that Lucas is Alpha and no one runs without him. He tells that he is forgetting the rules. He asks Lexi to go with her but she refuses. Nick calls Sara and tells that Dana is having a great time. He asks how she is feeling and she tells that she already knew who Nick is really. She tells that he is a good man and they are going to move past the news. He gets off the phone and Teresa tells that Marcus wanted to talk to her. They walk out side and Teresa pulls out the gun. Her real name is Amanda Walcott and it was her brother that Nick shot. She takes him in the woods and she tells that she is going to kill his whole family. But someone tackles her. It is Dylan and he shows what he really is to Nick.