Bad Moon Rising - Recap

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The scene opens with Sara thinking of what Nick told her and Dana comes out. Suddenly Karen Kreskey enters and takes Dana and bites her neck. She wakes up from the nightmare and Nick is there. He tells her that “The Gates” are a good community of people and that she needs to give them a chance. After then, if she still feels that she wants to leave, then they will. Frank enters into see Vanessa sleeping and gives her a ring and says “Happy Anniversary”. He winces in pain over a mark and tells that he is not getting any younger. She tells that she is not sure if she should do it. He tells that ever since the Justice of the Peace married them, he has wanted to stay with her forever. He tells that after the party then he wants her to do it. She agrees that she will turn him into a Vampire.

Buckley meets with the Dylan and Coach Reed about his decision and Reed tells that he is not happy with it because it looks as if he is picking sides. He tells that he is not and that he wants to live with Vanessa forever and this is the only way. Nick tells Frank to think about it some more and he tells that he is certain that he wants to do it. Devon meets Claire and tells that it is good to see her out in the sunlight. Claire gloats that Vanessa and Frank have decided to make their bond eternal and says that she is going to turn Frank into a Vampire. Devon tells that Frank has never been for commitment and Claire tells that she is turning him tonight and that maybe Frank just needed to commit to the right person. Devon runs into her Spa and starts making a potion. Sara meets with Devon and she vents and Sara tells that she has not been sleeping well. Devon asks if Nick told her about “The Gates” and Sara confirms. Devon tells that she is with her on it and tells that the humans should stick together. She tells Sara to talk to Frank at the party about how she feels. She agrees in a dazed tone of voice.

At the school, Andie tells that she just needs to take two drops of her serum and she is fine. She tries to kiss Charlie and he backs away. He tells that she can come over later and they can “practice”. Brett gets back in school and Lucas and Lexi welcome him. They tell that they thought they were going to have to form a search party. Brett sees Andie and Charlie and it is clear that he is upset. Later that night, Nick tells that Sara that Vanessa is going to turn Buckley into a Vampire and that there are some people who would have that. She tells that she is alright and that she will be fine. They arrive at the party and Sara is skittish and Claire and Karen apologize for keeping it secret from Sara. She tells that it is ok, but it is clear that it is not. Sara sees Frank and goes into a trance. Claire suspects that something is going on.

Back at the house, Dana, Charlie, and Andie are there and she tells that they can go out if they want. Charlie tells that Dana could just go up to her room. Andie tries to kiss Charlie again and he backs up a little. She asks what is wrong. He tells that he is scared and she tells that they’re going to work through it. Charlie tells that he is scared because he never felt the way he does when he is with Andie and tells that he loves her. She tells that she loves him too. Back the party, Sara yells at Frank for not telling her about the supernatural residents and he tells that he was scared at first too before he fell in love with Vanessa. Dylan is talking to Nick when suddenly, there is a noise. Nick opens the door and there is a heart with a nail through it with a note that says “Even Vampires Die”. Nick asks Frank what he wants to do and he tells that no one wants him dead and that it is just a prank. Later that night, Frank tells that he still wants her to turn him and she bites him. Suddenly she starts choking and she falls on the bed and ages rapidly until she is nothing but bones.

Nick gets the call and Sara is still in a sound sleep. Peg tells that Vanessa’s body is over 100 years old and Frank tells that she was 150 years old. Peg tells that Frank has a toxin in his blood and that they need to take his blood. Dylan tells that he will rush it to his lab and find out what it could be. Peg tells that the heart that was found was from a deer. At the station, Marcus tells that there were fingerprints on the note and they belong to a werewolf living within “The Gates”. Nick and Leigh go out in the woods and they find the dead dear with its heart removed. Leigh is looking at the deer and then suddenly, she is attacked by a wolf. Nick hits it with the butt of the rifle and it is the man who they are looking for. At the station, he doesn’t care and tells that Coach Reed is not going to care. Suddenly Coach Reed enters and tells that the man is out of the pack and that he is out of “The Gates”. Dylan arrives and tells that the blood sample came back and that the toxin found in the blood is only harmful to Vampires and is a weapon to kill them. The werewolf inside the station hears every word.

Sara wakes up and calls Nick. Leigh tells her about the murder of Vanessa and she acts like she has no clue. Leigh asks if Nick told her everything that was going on about the vampires and she acts like she does even know. The visits Devon Intel’s that she is good at making potions he asked where she was and she tells that she was with someone the whole night. Devon tells that Vanessa wasn’t her friend and tells that people get what they deserve. Nick gets a call from Charlie and he tells that Sara took them out of school and said for them to stay at home. Meanwhile in the forest, Lucas, Lexi, and Brett walk around and Brett wonders why they’re there. Lexi shows the bottle of alcohol and tells Brett to loosen up.

Nick arrives home and finds Sara in a state of shock when he tells that she went out to a party and that Frank got murdered. He shows her purse that she only takes with her when she goes out, and Sara finds a small vial in her purse. Suddenly the memories return and Sara remembers everything. She remembers Devon putting something in her hand and she putting it in Frank’s drink. Back in the woods, Brett is having a fun time and Lexi tells that he hasn’t mentioned Andie or Charlie once. He tells that they could never be together anyways. Lexi tells Brett that Mia gave Andie something that will help her control it. Brett gets into a rage and Luke tells him to watch it. He tells that there is no point having teeth if he cannot use them. Back in “The Gates” Dylan talks with Claire and tells that he has gotten most of the ingredients of the poison and tells that it had werewolf eye serum and Vampire blood in it. He wonders who would do that to their own kind. Claire tells that it is Devon that has poisoned Frank because she gave Devon her blood to protect her family from blackmail. Dylan tells that he would have done the same thing. There is a knock on the door and it is Coach Reed. He tells that other werewolves heard about the poison and tells that they are going after Frank to get it.

Nick, Sara, and Dylan meet with Frank and tell him the news. He can’t believe Devon would do it and more importantly, why people who Frank has fought to protect are wanting to kill him. He tells that he needs to think about things and as they leave, they are about to leave to go home when they hear the gun shot. Frank has killed himself. The coroners come and take Frank away. Nick and Sara exit and Sara asks what they are going to do now. Nick tells that they are leaving “The Gates”. In Andie’s room, Brett is there watching her sleep and looks down at her drops that Mia gave her. Dylan gets home and tells that Frank is dead and that the Coroner is one of their own. Claire asks about Devon and he tells that she is gone. She tells that it is not over to which Dylan replies, “No, no it isn’t.”