Moving Day - Recap

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Season finale and the scene opens with Nick and Sara packing and Nick tells that they’re going to get out and go to Sara’s sister’s house. Claire and Dylan go to Devon’s Spa and find that someone was there before looking for her. Claire looks on the internet and finds out that Devon was looking for a place to hide. She was looking at motels. Meanwhile at the motel, Devon is there and Mia shows up behind her. She tells that she is going to say a spell to protect herself from people and that she doesn’t want Mia to be around. Mia asks if Devon had anything to do with Vanessa’s death. Devon tells that Frank will thank her one day. Mia tells that Franc killed himself. Devon tells that Mia needs to be as far away from her as possible. Devon invokes the spirits and goes to place where someone is lying on a table she places her hand over his mouth and we find out that it is Charlie that she is having a vision about.

In the kitchen Sara and Nick are packing and Charlie and Dana come downstairs and ask what is going on. He tells him to go upstairs now and pack up their things. Charlie obliges despite arguing and Dana tries to argue as well, but there is no use. At school Brett tells that he did something stupid and says that Lexi has to help him. He admits putting water in Andie’s medication and Lexi tells him that he has to tell Andie himself. She offers to help him so that and he won’t hurt Charlie. At the station Nick tells that is leaving and that Leigh is going to have to run point. She is honored and tells that she will help get his family out of “The Gates” safely. Claire and Dylan are still following Devon’s steps and enter the hotel room she was staying at. Claire tells that they just missed her and Bob Watkins enters the hotel room. He tells that Claire and Dylan need to stop this personal vendetta and tells that they don’t want to start something.

Lexi and Brett show up at Charlie’s house and they tell Sara that they need to talk to Charlie. She tells that Charlie is busy, but they tell that it is only going to take a minute. She agrees and runs upstairs to get him. Sara looks in Charlie’s room and Dana tells that Charlie is gone. She tells that Charlie called Andie and that he is gone with his backpack and sleeping bag. Lexi hears the entire conversation and Sara goes downstairs to tell them that Charlie is not there, but sees Devon instead. She tells her to leave, but Devon tells the Charlie is going to die without her help. Sara doesn’t believe her and tells her to get out. At the station, Nick is typing his resignation letter and Sara calls him. She tells that he has to get Charlie right away. Nick tells her the Charlie is with Andie and that they are probably fine. Sara tells that Devon stopped by and told her that Charlie was going to die and that he needed her help. Meanwhile in the forest, Charlie and Andie are together and Charlie tells that he wants to be with her and this is the only way. She tells that Brett is trying to call her and she ignores him further.

At the station, Nick tells Leigh to find the coordinates of Charlie’s cell phone and to call him when she has it. He also asks if she can track down Devon who is supposedly inside “The Gates”. Outside “The Gates”, Claire and Dylan wait for Bob and they suggest that they split up to cover more ground. Bob agrees with them. At the same moment, Devon passes right by them. At the school, Brett tells Lexi that they are the best hunters and can find Andie and Charlie first. Nick visits Andie’s house in talks with her father. He didn’t know that they were involved romantically and sees that Andie has not been taking her medication. He tells Nick that if they don’t get to him soon, Andie is going to kill him. Claire visits Peg and she tells that she knows this spell but she didn’t write it. However, she tells that her daughter Mia wrote the spell. Leigh calls up Nick and tells that they have a trace on Charlie’s phone and that they are in the woods. As for the other matter, she tells the Devon is inside “The Gates” still. Claire sits down with Mia and she admits to bringing Devon the ingredients that she needed. She tells that she knows where Devon is and that she is in her secret room in the back of the Spa. Meanwhile in the forest, Charlie and Andie are sitting in a cabin and she tells that she is almost out of medicine and Charlie tells that he didn’t plan so well. Andie doesn’t care and says she is happy to be with him.

Brett and Lexi we’re still trying to find Charlie and Andie and so is Nick and Andie’s father. Inside the cabin, Andie’s Succubus side takes over. Lexi admits that she likes Brett and they hear a scream. They run inside and they see Andie sitting over Charlie’s body. Andie’s dad tells that they need to get him and to Peg and that she will know what to do. The rush Charlie to Peg when she tries her remedy it doesn’t work. They tell that they need to get Charlie to a hospital and Andie’s dad tells that they are not going to want to do that and that they are going to only pump him with Adreniline and that will only kill him. They tell Andie and her dad to leave and ask Peg what they can do. Peg suggests that Devon work her magic. Nick tells that they don’t have any clue where Devon is, but Peg does. Marcus enters a home and we find out that it is Liegh’s home. He walks around looking at the old artifacts. Meanwhile Devon is in her secret room when Dylan kicks in the door. Devon warns him not to get closer, and Claire enters and points a gun. Nick walks in and tells that he needs her alive, but when they leave, they are surrounded by vampires. They start fighting and eventually Nick and Devon get away. Claire tells it isn’t over and that Nick is going to have to hand Devon over to them. Back at Leigh’s, Marcus gets drawn to the box in the case and opens it. In a car outside, Leigh’s nose starts to bleed.

Nick enters with Devon and she tells that she will do everything she can. Peg watches as Devon prepares everything for the spell. She warns that it is dark magic and Peg tells that she has to pay attention. Devon tells that she is going to have to kill Charlie in order to save him. They don’t have any other choice. Devon places her hand over his mouth and Charlie dies. Suddenly he comes back to life and his normal. Back at Leigh’s, Marcus has the box open and Leigh enters with her gun drawn. She orders Marcus to close the box and he does so. She tells the story of a guy that she loved and then stopped loving. He was into Vudon, the ancient magic, any took away her heart so that no one will ever love her again. She tells that “The Gates” are a haven for people who have special powers and Marcus is shocked. Dylan gets off the phone and tells that the Tribunal will hear a plea of the leniency if they can only deliver Devon. He tells Claire that they have to make arrangements for Emily and Dylan suggests Aunt Nancy.

In the morning, Charlie receives a message from Andie. She tells that she needs to leave and get away from him in order to save him. She tells that she loves some very much. Downstairs, Sara and Devon the drinking coffee and she says that she is grateful for Devon. There’s a knock on the door and it is Claire and Dylan. They say it is time and that they need to take Devon. Nick tries to protest, but suddenly Dana comes downstairs and says something is wrong with Charlie. Nick gets up and sees Charlie stumbling in the kitchen. He goes up to him and he is pushed back by a wind force. Charlie’s eyes are red and Sara asks what Devon did to Charlie. Devon tells that she is able to bring back Charlie, but she never said that he was going to be the same afterward.