A Perfect Storm - Recap

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The scene opens with people are getting ready for the Hurricane. A boy grabs duct tape and walks out the store. The clerk notices it and tells the security guard to go get the kid. The security guard runs after him and the kid hides behind a tree. The kid walks with his spoils and stops and drops the tape when he sees the body of a woman. She is dead. Jim arrives with Carlos on scene and they see that her ID and Credit Card was stolen. Jim starts to look at the sky and tells that he never saw a hurricane. Carlos tells that you don’t see hurricanes, you hold on for dear life and hope that your house is still there in the morning. A Category Two hurricane is on its way and Carlos tells that a Category One will uproot a tree and run it through a house so they are in trouble.

At the hospital, Jim is on the phone and tells that he is on it. Callie and tells that he left a woman with the last name Raines in her morgue. She tells that the hurricane has been upgraded to a four and she doesn’t have time to get Jeff. Jim tells that he will go get him. At the station, Colleen is trying to run the station. Daniel Green enters and helps out and Colleen tells him to start wherever he wants. Back at the hospital, Jeff is there with Jim and they have Jeff’s pet iguana with them. Callie asks if the name of the body was Valerie Reins. Jim tells that it was. She tells that a homeless woman is trying to use her insurance card. Hospital Administrator, Carol Watkins, meets Jim and tells that she was trying to help because she is really sick. Carol refuses to treat her and Jim tells to treat her and send him the bill. Carol tells that she should go to the County Hospital for that charity. Back at the station, Colleen is having a hard time controlling things and Daniel tells that there was another body found shot.

Carlos and Jim arrive at the crime scene and it is in the middle of the hurricane. They enter a limo where the victim was shot. It is Dennis Petterson, a motivational speaker. Jim tells that it is the same bullet that killed Valerie that killed Dennis. Jim goes to see the limo driver is in the back of the patrol car and he asks if he is under arrest for anything. Jim asks if he saw anything but he tells he did not. Jim walks in the coffee shop that the limo driver got a cup and asks if the guy was in an hour ago. They confirm the story and Jim gets himself a cup of coffee too. Back at the hospital, Callie tells that the patients are going to be moved to the lower two floors and Carlos asks if they have a spectrometer to do a bullet analysis. Carlos takes Evelyn and she wants to know where he is from and he tells that he is a coroner.

Jim visits the hotel that Dennis was staying at and the manager tells that he was for a speaking engagement. But that was not the case this time. The manager tells that a doctor visited Dennis and that he scheduled SPA treatments afterwards. In his car, he leaves a message for Callie and Colleen calls and tells the details on Valerie Reins and she tells that she worked as a Human Resources Director. The same gun killed both Valerie and Dennis. Jim is headed over to Dennis’s last engagement. It is a High School reunion of 1990. A lady mistakes Jim for a Bill Taylor and says that she is going home before the hurricane. Becky also mistakes him and Eddie tries to get in without a name tag. Jim asks if Dennis is going to show up and Eddie tells that it is unlikely because of the storm. Jim enters and asks Eddie why he is so sure that Dennis won’t show up. Jim calls Callie up and asks her to get medical records. She tells that it is privilaged information but that she will get the information to him. Ray, Callie’s husband, calls and talks to Jeff.

Back at the party Jim is looking through a yearbook and picks out a guy. Nicole stops him and tells that she had a crush on him in High School. Jim goes up to Jason the doctor and tells that he was in social studies together. Jason tells that Dennis had a „silver tongue and was a thing with the ladies. Jim gets a call and it is Colleen with bad news. There is a third victim. Bank loan officer Charles Kendrick was killed and Colleen tells that Kendrick’s time of death puts him as the first. Jim sees Eddie go to the bathroom and follows him. In the bathroom, Jim talks about how Eddie was a quarterback and that the only reason why he is smoking is that his life is horrible because quarterbacks never smoke. He doesn’t want to talk and tells that he only came to the reunion because he wanted to see how many people turned out to be jerks. Back at the Hospital, Carlos goes up to Evelyn and she tells that she feels bad that she thought that he was going to kill her. She tells that Carlos missed his calling as a real doctor in the hospital. She has a heart attack and Carlos starts to save her life. The power goes out and Callie tells that was their last one. Carlos tells Callie to keep giving oxygen and he will be right back.

FEMA is working to go to send help to Miami and Fort Lauderdale and Carlos tells that he needs a generator. He tells that they are loaded on trucks heading somewhere else. He tells that he needs to requisition one. Carlos calls and tells that it is time for his intern to earn his stripes. Colleen calls Jim and she tells that Jim needs to get on with the case and tells that he needs to not get himself shot. Back with FEMA, Carlos talks with the manager and distracts him while Daniel gets the keys for the truck. Daniel is happy that they stole something but Carlos reminds that it is not stealing, just requisitioning. Back at the party Jim meets Stephanie and she slaps him. A drunk Al tells Jim that he is not Bill and Eddie asks who he is. Jim shows him his badge and Jim tells Becky and Eddie were an item until Dennis moved in on her. He tells that Dennis and Valerie and a loan officer were murdered. He puts Eddie in a holding cell until the weather dies down.

Back at the hospital and Carlos has the generator. Carol Watkins enters and tells that she did not authorize them to steal a generator from FEMA. Carlos tells that requisition it. She attempts to block Carlos but he tells her to get out of her way. She backs off. Back at the dance, Nichole tells Jim that she knew he wasn’t Bill and Jim finds out that she is the girl that knows everything about the of the High School graduates. She tells that Tommy Owens was betrayed by Dennis. Jim gets a call and it is Callie. She tells that Dennis was donating bone marrow for his son. Jim makes the connection and finds out that Tommy’s son was really Dennis’s and that Tommy is the shooter.

Colleen calls and Jim tells about his information. The storm has passed and Colleen tells that Valerie worked at the same place that Tommy worked until being laid off, Charles was a bank loan manager that denied Tommy the loan and Dennis was his son’s father. Tommy suffers from bi-polar disease and that his insurance was canceled. Tanya Owens might be the next target and Colleen is going to her home. In the parking lot, Jim sees the parking space of Carol Watkins the Insurance Administrator. Carol gets home and meets Tommy in her house. Jim walks in and has medicine in his hand. Jim tells that he can go ahead and shoot her or he can take his medicine.

Carol thanks Jim and wonders why Jim was going to let Tommy shoot her. He tells that she needs to think about on how she treats people. Jim helps Callie and Jeff clean up and Callie tells that Ray called and that she got off the phone quickly and let Jeff talk to him. They see a palm tree and Jim is going to lift the heavy end and give Callie the light end but Callie thinks that he is trying to trick her. She tries to lift is and realizes that it was the heavy end that Jim had. They continue the cleanup and the episode ends.