Mucked Up - Recap

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The scene opens with 5 boys riding on the back of a truck. They get out and walk through a sugarcane field. They start chasing rabbits. One kid finds a dead body instead. Lt. Manus and Jim arrive on scene and Jim goes up to Declan and asks about the body. He tells that he doesn’t know who the guy is and tells that he was chasing rabbits so that they can clear them from the sugarcane fields. He tells that he is getting ready for the Mud Bowl and Jim gets chastised for not knowing what that is and Declan sells a rabbit to Jim, who then sets the rabbit free upon buying it. Carlos arrives on scene and has a Yamaca on his head. He takes it off and tells that he was at a Bar Mitzvah in North Dade County for a friend. He examines the body and they find out that it is Curtis Taylor. Manus tells Jim that the fields are owned by the Okeechobee Sugar Company who is known by the town as “Big Sugar”. Curtis was a real estate developer and Carlos tells that the company was in the market to sell. He tells that they were selling for $1.3 Billion. They also notice that Curtis is missing a ring.

Jim visits Shannon Simpson, Vice President to the Okeechobee Sugar Company and she tells that she is sorry to hear that someone was found in their sugarcane fields. She gives Jim a list of disgruntled employees and Jim stops at Ron Anderson, and ignitions expert. Ron has a record of violence and vandalizing cars. Shannon tells that Ron’s recent job was supposed to happen exactly where they found the body of Curtis Taylor, but the wind redirected it. Shannon tells Jim to be discrete so that he doesn’t scare away potential buyers to the Sugarcane Plant. Jim visits Ron and parks his car in front of his tractor. Ron Anderson recognizes the Curtis as someone that hung around the football field during practice. He brags that the King Snakes are going to beat the Panthers in the Mud Bowl.

Callie comes into her home and her bills are pilling up and her mother-in-law Jody is no help at all to her dilemma. Jeff’s 13th birthday is coming up and he is bummed that his father Ray is in prison because he offered to take him shooting when he was 13. Jody attempts to offer to take him and he is not at all thrilled. Callie tells that she will just take him and he is not thrilled with that request either and walks out. In the autopsy room, Daniel is trying to compare rope with others to see what kind of rope choked the victim. They find out that Curtis was former football player himself and would explain his interest in the team. Carlos tells that they found lye on Curtis and tells that he died from drowning in soapy water.

Jim and Carlos go to the football practice and Jim sees legendary Florida State coach Bobby Bowden and asks him to say his famous catch phrase. Bobby leaves offended and Jim sees Ron and gives up a thumbs up. Daniel arrives and Carlos tells Jim that there were a bunch of fingerprints that are unrecognizable in Curtis’s hotel room but still no missing ring yet. Jim tells Daniel to get the phone records for Curtis’s phone, but he is too distracted at the cheerleaders dancing around. One cheerleader Crystal kisses a football player DeAndre Mathews. Seeing that DeAndre is getting the attention of the press, Jim asks if there is any video of DeAndre before. Jim sees Coach Ward arguing with Rita Mathews, DeAndre’s mother and Jim goes up to the coach and asks what the deal is. He ignores Jim and tells that he has a game to coach. Jim asks if he has seen Curtis before and Ward claims that when he is coaching, his head is in the game. Jim watches the video footage of DeAndre and Curtis and notices that there is tension between the two.

Jim goes up to a Rita Mathews’s home and no one is at home. Declan comes up and asks about the cottontail he gave him. He tells that it was delicious. He gives him a rabbit’s foot and tells that it is for luck. Jim notices three women: Vivian, Remelle, and Minnie. He walks up to them and starts small talk about DeAndre. They have nothing but kind words to say and they think that Jim is a recruiter. When he switches the subject to Rita and Coach Ward, the ladies clam up. Jim can tell that they are hiding something. Jim takes Jeff shooting and they bond and Jim teaches Jeff how to hold the gun. Jeff hits the jug in the river. Jim calls it beginners luck and has him shoot some more. Manus goes up to Carlos and demands that he pay for the charge of a limo service that he tried to have the state pay for. He gives her his credit card. Jim comes in with a file and announces that Curtis was married and that Jim wants to push Coach Ward a little harder but Manus tells that the town is focused on football and it is all they have.

Jim and a team arrest DeAndre and everyone is surprised. Jim takes him to a ice-cream stand and DeAndre is very nervous and irritated. Jim shows him the video of him and Curtis meeting and Curtis gives DeAndre a ring and DeAndre throws it on the ground. The ring that Curtis was trying to give was a championship football ring. Jim also pulls out a restraining order against Curtis filed by Rita Taylor and that Jim knows that he and his mother moved to Pahokee using his mother’s maiden name, Mathews. DeAndre admits that he saw Curtis and that Curtis tried to give him the ring as a peace offering to get him back to Texas, but DeAndre told him no. He tells that he wanted to kill Curtis but he didn’t act on it. Jim gets a call. Rita, DeAndre’s mother, just confessed to the murder. Back at the station Rita tells that it was her that killed her ex-husband because she didn’t want him to take DeAndre. Jim asked if Coach Ward helped move the body and she tells that she acted alone. Jim doesn’t agree and he tells that she is free to go. He tells DeAndre and Crystal that Rita didn’t kill her ex-husband and that he feels that DeAndre did it and takes him into custody.

Jim visits Minnie’s hair salon and tries to get the ladies to talk. Knowing that he is not getting anywhere with that tactic, he asks for a haircut. He talks about Callie and compares it with Rita and Coach Ward’s issue. The ladies help out and tell that if Callie’s husband is in prison, then she is available and the man has not ties to her. But Jim tells that Rita confessed and Minnie tells Jim to get out with only half the haircut. Jim visits Callie at the hospital and asks about abuse because of the fact that Rita says that she was abused when being married to Curtis. Callie tells that if any man abused her then he would be dead. But if there was a support system, then it would be different. Jim discovers that his car has been surrounded with toilet paper. Manus tells that it is his consequence for arresting DeAndre. Looking through a file that Manus hands him, Jim finds out that Curtis had legal rights to take DeAndre with him back to Texas.

On the football field, Jim uses DeAndre’s phone and texts Crystal that the cops are searching the lockers. After receiving the text, she runs off. She opens the locker and takes out the championship ring that Curtis gave DeAndre. Jim is right there to stop her. She is taken to the interrogation room and she tells that Curtis gave it to her to convince DeAndre to go to Texas. Jim tells that she has motive to kill Curtis because DeAndre is Crystal’s ticket out of the town. She tells that DeAndre doesn’t need Curtis’s help to get into Austin University and that Coach Ward could help him get anywhere and tells that Ward helped Rita and DeAndre move from Texas to Florida. Jim runs out to make a call. Jim finds out that Coach Ward and Curtis Taylor went to Austin University together.

Jim goes to Ward’s home and tells that he knows about the attraction with Rita and the fact that the football star, Curtis, stole her away before Ward could make his move. They find the same ring in Wards shelf to prove that he went to the same school. They have a warrant to search his home. Outside the home, Jim sees a truck and finds out that it belongs to Ron Anderson. Jim finds a winch and sees that it is probable that Curtis’s body was tied in the winch and he sees that Ron’s truck has a Sugarcane fields parking permit. Jim and Carlos find lye and skin traces on the winch and match them to the marks on Curtis’s neck. Jim is back at the station and questions Anderson. He tells that he has been having sex with his ex-wife and tells that he is not going to give up the name. But Jim has an idea who it is. Jim goes back to Minnie’s salon and tells that the three ladies Vivian, Remelle, and Minnie are the killers. TO illustrate his point, he uses a black like and finds the traces of blood that were not cleaned up well. He tells that they drowned Curtis in the sink and that is why the lye and soap were found on him.

At the football game, Jim gives Declan a hard time that he is riding a girl’s bike and Declan tells that the girls love the rabbit pattern. Jim tells that Declan knew who Curtis was and Declan tells that he did not want Jim to arrest DeAndre right away. It’s Jeff’s party and Jeff bought him an Xbox 360 and Jim arrives. Callie tells that it is awkward that he is there and Ray calls. Jody tells Jeff and Callie to take the call upstairs for more privacy and gives Jim the look of death for trying to interfere with Ray’s wife.