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Marriage is Murder - Recap

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The scene opens with a couple having sex. The girl walks out to get a soda and she stumbles upon a dead man. Meanwhile, Jeff and Jim are talking about a man looking at him through the window. Callie gets home and tells Jeff that he should have called her instead of Jim and that he has homework to do. She tells Jim that Jeff is crying wolf and that it happens whenever he misses his dad. She invites Jim in for a beer and he gets a call. He tells the person to wait a little bit but then tells that he is on it. He tells Callie that he has a date with a dead guy and leaves. As Jim leaves, he sees suspicious foot prints into the mud by the window just like Jeff said.

Jim arrives on scene and Carlos is there inspecting the body. He was stabbed several times and Carlos tells that the victim wasn’t a guest at the hotel. Jim questions the couple that found the body and they tell that they are married to other people and that they would like to keep their names out of the police reports. Jim tells that their identity is secured. Jim asks where they were earlier and they tell that they were at “Cancun’s” across the street. Jim tells Carlos that the couple was too busy cheating on their spouses to hear anything and tells that they were at “Cancun’s” to which Carlos tells that it is nicknamed “Cheaters”. They walk over to the bar and the bartender recognizes him as a jerk that was not friends with anyone at the bar. She tells that the guy yelled at his friend and another guy told him that he was not going to live to see the daylight. Jim sees motorcycles outside and investigates. Carlos tells that Jim can’t have one. Jim tells that a man with a flat-top and a scar was threatening to kill the victim all night. Two girls walk by in bikinis and Carlos drools. He tells that he has a wife to get home to. Daniel pulls up and is going to take over Carlos’s spot.

Back at the station, Jim is practicing his putting skills and Daniel tells that the security tape shows the victim and sees that he was picking fights with everyone. Jim tells that something is bothering him. In the autopsy room, we find out that Jim is wondering about the $2,500 leather biker jacket. Carlos tells that it doesn’t mean that he is a biker, but an ignorant rich guy. Manus comes in and tells that they got a hit and tells that the victim is Alan Slater, divorce attorney. Jim knows why so many people would want him dead. Jim visits Mrs. Slater and she is not that emotionally distraught as he would have thought. She tells that Alan had a lot of different enemies because it was his job to rip families apart. Jim tells that he suspects her and she tells that she has an alibi and knows how cops think because she was a Crime reporter. Jim finds testosterone and Mrs. Slater tells that Alan wanted to feel strong all the time.

Jim visits Callie and asks what “Chasteberry” is. It is a supplement to help get you pregnant. Callie tells that she is tired of dealing with Jeff’s drama and that he is scared to be alone at home now. Jim offers to allow Jeff to go to the police station after school. Callie is hesitant and Jim tells that he is not going to get into any trouble at the police station. She agrees. Jim gets a call from Daniel and he tells that Craig Daniels is the friend that Alan fought with. Jim visits with Craig, Alan’s trainer, and he is very argumentative about what Jim has to say. He asks what he wants and Jim tells Craig to lower his tone. Jim tells that he knows about the fight between Alan and him. He tells that Alan was murdered and asks about the motorcycle he owned. Craig says that he built the motorcycle. Craig tells that Alan and him were like brothers and the argument was to tell Jim to stop drinking. Jim asked if it wasn’t over the motorcycle and accuses Craig of stealing it. Craig tells that he would never steal “Baby”. Jim calls Daniel and tells that the password in Alan’s computer is probably “Baby”. A profile of Wade Conners is on Alan’s laptop and Jim tells Manus that he is going to pay Mrs. Conners a visit.

Jim visits the residence of Wade Conners and sees someone under a truck. He reaches for his gun but finds out that it is not Wade under the car. It is Shane, Wade’s son. Jim asks where Wade is and Shane tells that he is not allowed to go to the house because he came by while Shane was at school and got into a fight with his mom and broke a window. Shane tells that his mom is with her “boyfriend” and Jim compliments his car. Shane tells that the truck was a bribe to allow his mom’s soon-to-be husband to take them to Los Angeles. Jim asks for his mom’s number but tells that he has no bars and asks to use Shane’s phone. Jim calls Wade up with Shane’s phone and tells that he has his $20 that he gave him and wants to pay him back. He tells that he is at Cancun’s and Jim tells him to raise his hand. Jim tells the police on his phone that Wade is the guy with his hand in the air. They arrest Wade. Jim thanks Shane for the phone and tells that he left a message.

At the station, Jeff is going through the database of tattooed criminals and cannot find his “peeping tom”. Jim walks into a room where Wade is being held and asks about the treat that he was telling Alan. He talks about how Alan ruined his life but he didn’t kill him. He tells that he was in town because he and his son had an idea “Super Muffler” that would cut emissions in half. He was looking for investors but he saw Alan and followed him. He ran his mouth and got drunk and passed out in his van. Jeff is still looking through the data base and decides to attempt to look up his dad’s criminal record. It is blocked. This doesn’t stop him and he looks at the History and pulls up the profile. Later in the car with Callie, Jeff is watching a home video of him and his dad. Callie tries to spark up a conversation and Jeff tells that he knows about his dad’s arrest report and Callie asks if Jim showed him his arrest record. Callie tells that his dad is going to get out but Jeff calls Callie a liar.

Back at the lab, Carlos still doesn’t know anything about the time of death and cause of death. Daniel tells that it is possibly a stabbing and Jim tells that he is going to return to the bar. He checks out the area and sees that a van is there with parking violations. “Super Muffler” is written on it. Jim looks at the porta-potties and sees that the line is outrageous. Jim says that is why people probably when by the dumpster instead. The find blood on the wall and Jim tells Daniel to get his blood kit out. A girl from a balcony at the Iguana Café yells down at them and tells them to come up. Jim tells that they are unfortunately working. Jim asks if Daniel has the surveillance tapes and Daniel is distracted from her. Back at the station, Carlos comes back with the lab report and tells that Alan was poisoned with Antifreeze. Jim sees that Alan had a vasectomy and that Alan was taking testosterone to prove that he was on board but he wasn’t. Daniel tells that Antifreeze is the best poison because it is sweet and that it can be mixed into anything. Jim thinks that is possible to mix it with Revital-aide. Daniel shows the video from the Iguana Café and Jim sees that Mrs. Slater is spotted on the balcony.

Jim visits her and tells that Alan was poisoned and that the suspect is someone who is close to him. He tells that she was seen on the tape at the Iguana Café and that it sets her at the murder scene. She tells that she wanted to show that she had a carefree beach bunny attitude. But Jim tells that she wanted to have a baby to protect her from not getting anything in a divorce. She asks if she was trying to have his child, then she can’t see why she would kill him. Jim tells that it is because she found out that Alan got a vasectomy. She tells that she went there to confront him but tells that she and him had great make-up sex. She tells Jim that Alan never put anything in his body that his trainer, Craig, didn’t provide. Jim visits Craig and sees that he got the loan for his own gym. He starts to uncover things and is about to uncover one last blanket and Craig grabs his arm. Jim twists it and brings Craig to his knees. He uncovers the blanket and it is “Baby”, Alan’s motorcycle. Jim pulls out a bottle of Revital-Aide and tells that he can test it for Antifreeze and it will point to Craig. He gets a call from Carlos and he tells that Antifreeze is not the cause of death. Jim tells that Craig didn’t kill him. But, Jim arrests him for attempted murder.

Back at the station, Carlos tells that the holes in his chest are what killed him. He tells that he has the murderer in custody and Jim tells that he doesn’t think so because Wade had a plan to make a fresh start. Callie enters the station and asks to talk to Jim. She tells that Jeff looked up his father’s criminal record and Jim assures that it is blocked and she tells that Jeff is thirteen and that he figured it out and now is mad at her for lying. Jim tells that he is sorry. Callie tells him to stop looking for the Phantom Peeping Tom. Mrs. Slater comes in to sign off the body and Jim tells that they have the killer in custody but Jim tells that Mrs. Slater has just as much motive to have him killed or kill him herself too. Derek is looking through a database of violent killers because Jim was told not to.

Jim sits down with Wade again and tells that he knows his pain about the divorce lawyer and that there is one person that he would not give up. His son. Jim tells that they got his blood type at the crime scene and tells that he could get a test to find out exactly who killed Alan Slater. He tells that he can’t take it anymore and Wade confesses to the murder. Manus comes in and compliments Jim about the confession but Jim is not done. He visits Shane and he tells that Wade is not there. Jim tells that his dad confessed. But when Jim takes off Shane’s hat, he sees the bump on his head. He tells that he got a call from Wade and told that he is going to fix things. Wade went to the bar and that Alan threatened to arrest his dad and he pushed him. Jim tells that it was an accident and the judge will see in his favor. He tells that he will be able to start a new life with the invention. Daniel tells that he came up with an address and that it belongs to a William Cobb, a registered sex offender. At Callie’s house, William is trying to break into the house with a screwdriver and Jim is there and points his gun on him and tells him to not move. Jim throws him on the ground and tells that he has the suspect in custody. They arrest him and Jim tells that he will check on the occupants to make sure everyone is alright. Jim walks up to the house and walks away.