Honey - Recap

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The scene opens with people gambling at a local casino. A group of people go to a Roulette table and a body falls in the ceiling. Jim walks up to the scene and meets Detective Josie from the Tribal Police. The victim was Tribal Elder Sally Bird. Josie tells that he is there because they have better forensic science. Carlos Sanchez is there on scene as well and Jim sees that the victim is moving and has a weak pulse. However, it was just a ploy to get the case. Carlos finds a suicide note on the victim and Jim goes to investigate. Josie pulls up and asks for Jim. Cassie tells that she doesn’t know where Jim went off to. Jim is driving and suddenly Detective Josie pulls up behind him and tells that if he doesn’t cooperate with them, you won’t get very far. She tosses his keys into the grass field and he has to follow her.

They arrive at the casino and the other tribal Police are questioning the band about a guitar. The band manager comes over and tells that the guitar is hers and no one else’s. Josie tells her officers that Jim is FDLE and to let him through. They go up to the crime scene and Jim gives Josie the suicide note of Sally Bird. Josie tells that Sally had a penthouse suite and that she can’t believe that she jumped. They enter the suite of Sally and Jim sees that there is nail polish on the door and that her nails had just been done. Then nail polish bottle doesn’t have the cap on correctly. Peter Lang, Vice President to Acquisitions of the Blues Rock Café and was helping Sally learn the business. Peter tells that Sally was in charge of giving out money to the tribes. Jim tells that is the motive. Peter also tells that Sally has a son that is a thorn in her side.

In the examination room, Carlos tells that suicide is not true because of the blunt trauma and lacerations on her face. Jim lifts up the blanket and Josie gets a little sick. Jim tells her to come closer and she tells that she is ok. Jim tells that she is going to have to toughen up and Josie tells that Jim is a man without a tribe and that he has one friend that will listen to him. She leaves and Carlos tells Jim that she’s got him pegged. Jim goes to the hospital and meets Callie. He asks her to lunch and she tells that she can’t because she has a meeting with Carlos. He is going to show her an autopsy. Jim is insulted that she would rather hang out with a stiff then him. Callie laughs but then turns back and tells that she doesn’t want to play the games anymore and tells Jim that they are going to have a professional relationship. She is serious and walks away.

Josie meets with Carlos and is impressed with all the forensic tools that the FDLE have versus the Tribal Police. Carlos tells that he found a person at the tables and Jim tells it is the same person. The computer takes off the wig and facial hair and Josie recognizes him. They go out to the swamp and there is an alligator show that Billy Bird, Sally Bird’s son, is running. They stop the show to ask Billy questions about his mother and he tells that he doesn’t know anything. Billy tells that he was at the show when his mother died. Jim tells that he doesn’t have enough to try him for murder but Josie tells that she can try him for stealing money from the tribe. Back at the station, Carlos tells that he wasn’t able to find any DNA of Billy but found that there was a finger print of Peter Lang. There was a document deleted that they recovered a memo that tells that Peter to reappraise the memorabilia. They visit Peter and he tells that Sally was scamming the casino. Josie doesn’t believe him and says that she was a good member of the tribe. Peter tells that he won’t talk to them unless he is with his lawyer. Jim walks up to the station and Jeff comes up and Josie uses fowl language to which Jim covers Jeff’s ears. She apologizes and asks if Jeff is Jim’s son. Jim tells her that he isn’t and Jeff gets a phone call and tells that he has to take it.

Jim is sitting in his office when Josie comes in and tells that latex was found underneath Sally’s nails and it was also found in Billy’s house. She tells that Billy did it because of bad blood. Jim is watching the surveillance videos and sees people looting. Josie asks what the video has to do with Sally’s murder and Jim tells that they have to go to the casino to find out. Blues Rock Boogie talk with Jim and Josie again and asks if they saw anyone stealing things and Michael tells that “Honey” a guitar belonging to his grandfather Gregory “Stovepipe” Richmond. He tells that he didn’t see anyone takes it from the wall and that the casino made him less important. Michael calls the tribe “Drug Gangsters” and Josie gets upset. Jim follows her and she tells “Honey” needed to have the lock busted as well. Later that evening, Callie comes into Jim’s house and he is listening to music. Josie is there without her uniform and says that they are working by listening to CDs. Callie tells that she had some “Stovepipe” CDs for Jim too. As Callie leaves, Jim sees her and gets up. She tells that she has to go and Jim makes sure that Josie told that we were only working. Josie asks why that should matter. Jim gets an idea.

The next day, Jim gets an idea to go visit “Stovepipe” himself in town and sits down with him. He tells that he hasn’t played in years and that the Tribe took it from him from his record company and that his father had always said that he had honey with the blue. He tells that his dad got it from Robert Johnson, the greatest Blues Player ever born. He tells that Peter Lang has “Honey’s” Providence and got paid $500 for signing the Pedigree. Jim is curious to why Peter has the providence to “Honey”. Meanwhile, Callie is at home with Jeff and she tells that he needs to do his homework. Jeff tells that he want to invite Jim and his new girlfriend Josie over. Callie tells that Jim doesn’t have a girlfriend and Jeff tells that he still wants to invite them over. She agrees.

The next morning, Jim comes up to Josie and tells her that he visited Gregory “Stovepippe” Richmond and she is upset that they didn’t go together. He tells that he knows where “Honey” is hiding. They visit Peter Lang’s home and he is about to go out of his driveway. Jim opens the back seat of the car and finds “Honey”. Peter tells that someone left it on his doorstep and that he was taking it back. Jim takes “Honey” to the lab. At the lab, Carlos is a fan of the guitar and tells that it is amazing. Jim notices that the guitar case is heavy and durable. Josie tells that Carlos makes it sound beautiful. They interview Peter Lang and they tell that he stole the guitar and that he has been stealing from the tribe. He tells that he appraised the items lower then they were worth. Jim tells Josie that he doesn’t have enough evidence to arrest him.

Jim sees a poster of the Blues Rock Boogie and notices something. Jim and Josie go up to the casino and question Michael and Angie about the guitar and Angie cracks and tells that she stole “Honey”. Jim tells Michael that they found the suicide note on his computer two days before Sally supposedly committed suicide. Michael tries to cover it up and Angie gives him up and says that he was only supposed to be creating a diversion so that she could steal “Honey”. They arrest Michael for the murder of Sally Bird. Jim takes “Honey” to Gregory and shows that he found a birth certificate claiming his heritage as part of the tribe. Josie is going to sponsor. Josie tells that she wants to get his recommendation to work for the FDLE. He tells her to come by later and pick it up. They listen to “Stovepipe” play the blues. Later that night, Callie comes up and tells that she doesn’t know what she wants and tells that she does and kisses him. They kiss passionately and Cassie tells afterward that that is what she wants and walks away.