Second Chance - Recap

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The scene opens with a woman smoking marijuana. She gets out of her truck and grabs her pool cleaning equipment. She puts it down and jumps into the pool. She finds that a man is in the pool too, but he is dead. Jim is working on a car when Carlos calls and says that there is a dead body for him to get to. Jim says that he is changing his oil. Carlos says that he didn’t pick Jim to be a handyman. Callie comes up and tells that Jim is not the handy type. Callie says that they kissed and asks if he finds it distracting. She asks when he planned to call her and Jim says that he was waiting for her. She tells that she doesn’t need drama and wants to focus. She kisses Jim and says that now they can focus. Jim gets to the scene of the crime and Carlos tells him that Gabby, the woman from the beginning, saw the victim in the pool. Jim talks to Gabby and she says that the victim is Kevin. She says that he worked for the owner of the house, Patricia Dixon. Daniel comes over and says that he found horse hair in the skimmer of the pool.

Jim and Carlos go inside and Jim sees that the clocks all have been reset. Jim asks Carlos if electrocution could be mistaken as cardiac arrest. He says that it could. Jim sees a shop vac and opens it up to find that there is water inside. Carlos says that Patricia told that the victim is Kevin Kohoe and says that she owns a breading farm where she owns a horse named Second Chance, a Thoroughbred horse. Jim tries to start his car, but it won’t start. Daniel says that he has a screw loose in his oil can. Callie picks him up and Callie tells that she never gets out there anymore. She says that she used to come out there and Jim asks how a Thoroughbred becomes such. Callie says that they have to have sex naturally and not through artificial insemination. They get to Glade’s Ranch and Callie walks up to Darcy Owens, an old friend. They reminisce and Jim walks up. He asks about Kevin and she says that he was fired by Patricia. He asks why and Darcy says that Patricia is in the breeding barn and that Jim can ask her. Jim does just that and talks to she introduces her vet, William Meadows. He says that he has to go. She tells that she didn’t want to fire Kevin, but he couldn’t deal with the fame.

Callie and Jim get up to the station and she thanks Jim for inviting her. They kiss and Jim gets out of the car to find Carlos there. He smiles and says that while he was out with his “consultant”, he says that Kevin was electrocuted. He also says that the horsehair that they found in the pool was from a horse that was juice with Winstol, a steroid that is used by bottle feeders. Daniel plays voicemails from Kevin’s phone. He got three voicemails demanding money. They are from William Meadows, the vet. Jim tells that Carlos needs to drive him because his car is in the shop. They drive up to William’s office and Jim arrests him. Carlos pretends to have a gun with his fingers. They take him to the station and he says that he had no reason to kill him. William says that Kevin liked to party and that he thought that Kevin stole his medical supplies. Jim tells Daniel to look over the financials of Dosher Farms and the suspected drug scandal. Daniel tells that he is trying to get the skimmer to go, but it is jammed. Jim smashes it was a hammer and gets the necklace that was inside. It is the necklace that matches the burn mark on Kevin’s shoulder. It is a sobriety pendant and that proves that Kevin was sober. Kevin had debts though. Jim sees that Kevin was running tests. The tests could have gotten him killed.

Jim goes with Callie and asks how to fix a horse. She says that they would have to inject it with steroids. Jim asks what would happen if someone found out that Second Chance was juicing. Callie tells that Meadows would loose his license and Patricia would loose a $1 Million purse. They go into Kevin’s place and find a picture of him and Darcy. Jim asks if they were dating and Callie says that she doesn’t think so. Jim finds dry ice in the freezer and Styrofoam as well. Jim finds two tickets to the auction with a note from W.D. Jim finds out that it stands for Wallace Dosher. He visits him and Dosher admits that he gave Kevin the tickets, but doesn’t disclose the reason why he wanted to meet with him. Jim asks if he made all he has and Dosher says that the horse Kingmaker did. He made a lot of money and that is why Dosher has made a lot. Dosher tries to scare Jim that he knows about him in Chicago and Jim says that he is going to find the right information that he needs.

Jim goes back out to Callie and tells that he has to leave. Jim asks Callie if people kill their own horses for insurance money. Callie refuses to believe it. Later, Carlos and his medical team come out gagging and he tells Jim that the horse from Dosher’s farm was electrocuted just like Kevin. Jim brings in Dosher and tells that his horses are no good anymore and are worthless. However, sees that they are insured. Jim says that Dosher killed Kevin because he was trying to blackmail him. Dosher says that an expert would take his theory and dismiss it. He says that Kevin was shaking down Patricia. Dosher says that he turned down Patricia’s offer of $1 Million to sire with Kingmaker. Jim goes to Patricia and says that she wants to get Second Chance to sire another horse so that Patricia can make millions off Stud Fees. Patricia says that she didn’t kill Kevin for ego and Jim says that he will find out and get proof. Meanwhile, Darcy asks how it ended with Callie and Ray and Callie says that she needed to do something with her life. She says that she doesn’t really know what is going on with her and Jim. She asks Darcy if she was dating Kevin. She tells that they were just friends.

Daniel says that Kevin’s DVDs show that Kingmaker and Second Chance are identical in style. Jim realizes that the tests that Kevin was running paternity test on Miami Joe and Second Chance. Kingmaker is Second Chances’s father by Meadows taking a sample and artificially inseminating. Later, Jim takes Callie to the horse auction and Jim says that he has the police just in case. He tells that he is not going to ruin their date. They get inside and Jim goes over to Patricia and tells her that he is there and that he is there to see Dosher’s face when she breaks his record. The auction begins and Jim asks Callie if she could wind the clock back. She says that she doesn’t. However, when Second Chance comes up, Jim arrests Meadows, Patricia and Dosher. Callie warns Jim that if Second Chance hurts himself, Jim is looking at a $30 Million lawsuit. Jim tells Darcy to calm down the horse. Callie asks if Dosher really killed the horses. Jim says that he is trying to figure it out. Jim puts Kingmaker’s bit on Daniel’s shoulder and tells him to walk past the cop car with it. Jim and Carlos watch the surveillance video of Dosher, Patricia and Meadows in the cop car talking about how Dosher killed the horses, but there are no confessions. Jim says that they need to look at the horse hair found in the pool again.

Later, Jim goes to Callie’s and she says that she is studying for her tests. Jim asks for Darcy’s number so that he can apologize to her. Jim sees a sweater from Arkan Ranch. Callie says that Darcy and her were riding earlier. Jim offers to take it back to her and Callie gives him her number. Jim goes over to Darcy’s and gives her the sweater. However, she is not letting Jim in for a glass of water. Jim says that he came to apologize. She lets him in and Jim talks about the case with her and how Darcy was riding Claims races. Jim says that they found dry ice in Kevin’s freezer and says that the horse semen is in Darcy’s freezer. Darcy points the finger to Patricia, but Jim says that the horse hair that was found on the hooded sweatshirt and will match it to the horse hair found in the pool. She tells that Jim just ruined Second Chance, but Jim says that Darcy did and says that she is under arrest. Later, Callie comes over to jumpstart Jim’s car, but she is upset with Jim. She tells that Jim took advantage of her friendship with Darcy. He says that he didn’t tell her for her own good. She doesn’t want to be with Jim anymore and says that it is over with her and him. The episode ends.