Addicted To Love - Recap

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The scene opens with a woman doing a striptease. A waitress serving drinks finds a man dead in his chair. Meanwhile, Jim and Sam are on the beach and she tells that she hasn’t heard anything from Sugarloaf yet. Suddenly her phone rings. It is Sugarloaf. She is strait-faced and thanks then for the quick answer and hangs up the phone. She says that she got the job. Carlos calls Jim about a murder. Jim arrives on scene and Carlos says that the victim is Pier Tusant, a native to Haiti and doctor. He was killed with a needle that broke off. Carlos tells that he heard that Sam is moving to Sugarloaf. Callie overhears them and says that she thought that Sam was moving back to Chicago. She walks off. Jim finds a key and they go to the Pier’s car and find a new gun and a luggage full of cash. They go back inside and the waitress looks at the surveillance footage with them and point out the killer. However, the guy is hiding his face.

Daniel comes in and Carlos says that he told him to search the car. He says that he found something and gives it to Jim. He doesn’t pay attention because he is distracted by the women. Jim gets Daniel’s attention and tells him to download the video footage and take it back to the station. Callie comes up and says that there is no sign of drug use, but found a bunch of business cards in the trash. She is snippy with Jim and walks away. Back at the station, Jim tells Lt. Manus that they found a large amount of money and a gun. Callie says that there is a clinic that Pier could have been paid from there and Callie is sent with Jim on the case too. In the car, Jim and Callie talk and Jim says that their working together is not a good idea, but she tells him that she makes good money at FDLE and he is just going to have to deal with it. They get to the clinic that Pier worked at and the owner of the clinic, Dr. Grant, is there. He says that he can’t believe that Pier is dead and that he ran the clinic for him. They ask to see the records and he says that they are privileged. Jim shows that they have a warrant and Callie has her own password to get into the system.

Afterward, they go outside and Callie tells that the clinic has a history of prescribing Oxicodine to people without any reason and the pharmacy doesn’t care to fill it. They see that there is an ATM outside the pharmacy and Jim tells Daniel to run the video footage. Jim and Callie go to Pier’s place and find that he doesn’t have anything inside the place, but one picture. Jim gets a call and they are sent to the same pharmacy next to the clinic. They go in to find a woman named Laurie Fisher. She tells that she doesn’t understand because she was just filling a prescription. Jim tells that Pier is dead. Laurie runs and knocks Callie over. Jim runs and catches her. At the station, Jim takes her in and Sam is there too. She tells that she is going over the business cards that have a bulldog on it and Jim picks one up and calls it. He manages to get the work of Mike Caldwell who says that he hasn’t shown up for a couple of days. Daniel says that he is still working on getting Pier’s financials.

Jim talks to Laurie and says that she has an addiction that Pier was weaning her off and tells that she didn’t kill Pier and that Dr. Grant, the pain doctor, got her hooked on Oxicodine. She tells that she had a setback and says that she wouldn’t kill Pier. She tells that she works for a bank as a financial advisor. Carlos tells that Pier was on a watch list and that he was making $50,000 a day. Jim says that Grant probably knew about the $50,000 and killed Pier for skimming off the top. Jim visits Grant and he says that he didn’t know anything because he doesn’t see that side of the business. Daniel calls Jim and tells that they have footage from the ATM. Jim gets back to the station and Lt. Manus and Daniel watch the footage with Jim and see that Mike Caldwell was the one who broke into the clinic. Lt. Manus sees that he didn’t take anything out and Jim says that the clinic doesn’t have Oxicodine. He realizes that he is going after bigger places.

Jim goes to a retirement home and walks up to a lady who tells that Mike is inside. Jim finds Mike trying to get Oxicodine from his “aunt” and tells her that he needs it. She tells that it will cost him. Jim reveals that he is a police officer and he holds her hostage with a comb. Jim laughs and says that he can wait. Mike runs and is arrested. Jim arrests Regina, the lady trying to sell the Oxicodine as well. Jim talks to Mike at the station and he says that he didn’t kill Pier and that he needs water. Jim tells that he doesn’t believe his story and Mike falls on the ground. They rush him to the hospital and Callie tells that he is going through withdrawals of the Oxicodine. Daniel comes up to Jim and says that Pier was paying out more to hide the fact that he was rich. Jim realizes that a financial person would know all about that and realizes that Laurie is the one he needs to talk to. He goes to see her and she tells that she doesn’t know too much. She shows that Pier’s finances were fine. However, Jim finds that there is a service charge for a lock box at the bank.

Jim takes the disc that was in the lock box and puts it in the computer. It is a DVD of Laurie and Grant having an affair and Grant giving her Oxicodine. Jim meets with Grant and tells him about the DVD. He says that he didn’t kill Pier and admits that he was having an affair with Laurie. He says that he has to go. Jim talks to Laurie about the affair and she tells that she needed it at the time and that Pier wanted to help her and make sure that she was getting a small dose each time. Jim goes to the hospital and Callie tells that Mike is not coherent enough for Jim to talk to him. Callie says that all Mike cares about is Pier because Oxi-Addicts rely on their dealers and create a false bond. Jim sees a surgeon recording procedures through an iPad. Now there is an app for the Surgeons. Daniel tells that Grant lied about his alibi and Daniel tells that only one of the back doors alarms work and that anyone could have snuck in. He also says that Grant was watched as well 3 years ago for prescribing too much Oxicodine too. Jim realizes that is the same time Grant financed Pier’s trip to America.

Jim has Grant come into the station and he says that he was at a patient’s home of a famous husband and that he didn’t need to drag her into it. Jim tells that he knows about the Pill-Mill and says that he uses people who are in pain and says that Pier had character and he says that he is going to get him for something. Carlos tells Jim that the photo that they found and the girl in the photo is Pier’s daughter. Daniel comes up and tells that Pier spent $300,000 on baby supplies. They go to the docks and talk to Pier’s friend, a ship boat captain. He says that he has medical supplies on the boat headed to Haiti and Jim and Carlos pretend that there is not ship there and lets him go. Jim has an idea and meets with Laurie. He says that she killed Pier because she was in love with Pier, but Pier didn’t return the love. Callie goes in and says that she was the victim and can get her help if she agrees to take down Grant. They go out of the room and Sam comes up to Jim and says that she got a promotion in Chicago as Chief of Homicide. She tells Jim to come with her and he tells that his life is in Florida, but says that they have time. She kisses him and tells him that she will see him later. The episode ends.