Iron Pipeline - Recap

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The scene opens with Callie and Jeff arriving at Jeff’s school for the last day of Soccer Camp. She acts if he is excited to be starting Freshman Year and he laughs about it. She gives him a check to give to the coach and he says that she can give it to him. As they walk up, two joggers come up yelling for someone to help. They say that Coach Ryan has been shot. Callie runs over to them and sees the coach. She tries to give him CPR, but it is too late. He is dead. Jim and the rest of the FDLE arrive and Jim asks how Callie is doing with this. She tells that Coach Ryan was friends with them since Jeff was 8 years old. Carlos comes up and says that the Coach died from the gun shot wound. Callie tells Jim that she heard some parents talking about how students are talking about how a student named Shane Wyatt brought a gun to school.

Jim and Carlos go to the home of Shane’s mother and talk to Shane. They ask about him bringing the gun to school and Shane says that he brought a pellet gun to school. Jim has Carlos do a GSR Test to test if he fired a gun recently. They come back with a positive on the gun residue. Lt. Manus says that will give them enough to get a warrant to search his locker. Jim goes in to speak to Shane and asks where the gun is. He says that he threw it in the Canal. Jim sees a bruise on Shane’s arm and asks if it was because of bullying that he brought the gun to school. Shane says that he was stopped by Coach Ryan and was told that he knew about the gun and said that he knows what he was going through. They found for the backpack and that is when the gun went off. He asks where Shane got the gun and he says that he got it from a Flee Market.

Jim goes to the stand at the Flee Market and talks to a man named Clay Malone and tells that he is looking for a big gun and Clay shows him an assault rifle and Jim shows that he is a police detective. Jim asks why he sold a firearm to a minor and Clay denies selling it to him. Jim says that he is lying and that he is going to prove it. Back at the station, Daniel shows that the bullets were purchased by Blake, Shan’s cousin. Jim and Carlos get to Blake’s place and find that there is a hole in the door. They walk in to find Blake dead. Meanwhile, Callie asks if Jeff wants to take a day off of school and says that she wants to know that he is alright. Jeff says that he is fine. Back at the crime scene, Daniel says that he found $60,000 and Jim suspects that Clay had a hand in it. Manus calls and says that Blake has over 100 guns, but Jim says that there are no guns there. She tells that she talked to her contact in the ATF and says that Blake has a record as an upcoming runner in the Black Market in the gun trade.

Jim goes to the Sporting Goods store where Blake bought the guns and bullets and talks to the owner, Jerry Witlock. Jim asks about the 100 guns he sold to Blake and Jerry says that he wanted them, so he sold them to him. Jim calls Daniel to run financials on Jerry’s store and tells Jerry that if one of the guns was the one that killed Coach Ryan, he is going to make sure that Jerry is held responsible. Jim gets to the station and asks Manus if Shane has changed his story now that Blake is dead. She says that he hasn’t. Daniel says that the $60,000 had Clay’s fingerprints on it. Carlos says that explains that Clay was working with Blake and Jim goes to the evidence room and talks to Ed, the evidence locker officer. Jim says that he needs check out some guns and he says that they don’t leave his possession. Jim has an idea and has Ed take the illegal guns to Clay and convinces him to want to buy them, but his badge falls out. Ed aims a gun on him, but Clay grabs it from him. Jim comes in and arrests Clay for drawing a gun on an officer. He goes out to Ed and tells him not to breathe.

Jim goes back to the station and asks Jim why he used Ed to go undercover. Jim says that he did fine, but it is clear that he is not fine with it. Jim asks if the FDLE find the gun that Shane tossed into the Canal. She says that they haven’t yet. Jim goes into talk to Clay and tells him that he did a crazy thing, but Clay says that Ed drew first and that he was only protecting himself. Jim says that Clay killed Blake because he was making money on the side and Jim says that he is going to prove it so that he can charge put him away. However, Clay sticks to his story that he didn’t kill anyone. Carlos goes out to the lobby to find Callie there. She tells that she is filing paperwork. Carlos asks how Jeff is taking the transision to Jr. High to High School. Callie tells that he doesn’t know any Sophmores or Juniors at school so it is hard. However, Carlos tells that he does.

Later that night, Jim goes to Shane’s house and his mother answers that door. She tells that Shane is in his room. Jim tells her that he is on their side and just wants to bring Blake’s killer to justice. She goes up to his room, but tells that he is gone. Jim goes to the soccer field and finds Shane on top of the bleachers putting a rope around his neck. Jim tells him that Coach Ryan would not want him to do that. He says that he doesn’t care. However, Jim tells that Coach Ryan felt that Shane had something to live for and he convinces Shane not to kill himself. Jim goes to Jerry’s Sporting Goods Store and he is in the middle of a sell. Jim tells that he just convinced Shane not to kill himself and says that he is going to prove that the gun was purchased from his store and put him away. He says that he also looked into Jerry’s finances and saw that he is not as broke as he reports. Jerry admits to cooking the books on his finances only to protect his store from being bought out.

Meanwhile, Callie tells Jeff that Carlos is coming for dinner. Jeff invites Carlos in and he has his daughter, Maddie with him. Back at the station, Jim has Daniel look up any suspicious vehicles in Blake’s neighborhood and he pulls up a Black van. He says that Clay has a junk yard off the books and Jim thinks that he is built the van. Callie, Carlos, Jeff and Maddie enjoy dinner and try to get Jeff and Maddie to talk, but they are silent. When Callie and Carlos leave, they start talking and Maddie takes an interested in the video game. Callie and Carlos come with cake to find Jeff and Maddie talking. Meanwhile, Jim gets to the junk yard and has poor reception. He jumps over the fence and finds that Clay has a shed full of assault rifles and other artillery. He goes outside and Clay tries to shoot Jim. He manages to get the upper hand and shoots Clay in the shoulder. After the ambulance comes, Clay admits to the drug running, but he says that he didn’t kill Blake. Jim goes over to Shane’s and tells him that he needs to know where the gun is so that he can put away the right person for murder. He agrees to help.

Jim and Carlos go up to Ed in the Evidence property and tells him that he knows about the gun being back in the Evidence Locker. Carlos shows the .38 that was there and says that Ed was the one who filed them off so that he could make a profit. However, when Blake gave the gun to Shane, Ed had to kill Blake to hide his tracks. He says that he was tired of making a small salary. Jim arrests him and tells the officers to get him out of there. He goes out into the lobby and says that Shane is free to go because it was accidental, he is a minor, and he helped catch a killer. Callie comes up and Jim asks how Jeff is doing in High School. She tells that thanks to Maddie, he has someone he can reach out to. Jim asks Callie out for a beer and she accepts. The episode ends with Jeff hanging out with Maddie and her friends and Shane walking through the hangout with everyone looking at him, judging him. The episode ends.