Beached - Recap

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The scene opens with a woman finding a necklace in the sand. She pulls it and uncovers a dead body in the sand. Jim and Carlos arrive on the scene and Jim is upset that his game of golf was interrupted. Daniel says that the victim is Josh Richardson and he works for Herington Group working on Concept and Development. Jim tells Daniel to look up the company to make sure that it is a company. Jim and Carlos admire the beach and Jim asks where Callie is. Carlos says that she isn’t answering her phone. Carlos asks what he needs and he says that he was just wondering. They go back to Josh’s body and Jim finds a 3-carrott diamond ring in a pouch. Jim goes up to the woman who found the body and gives her his card to call if there is anything important. She tells that she will call even if there isn’t. Jim is not surprised that she is dumb. Carlos comes up and says that God doesn’t give from both hands.

They walk down the beach and Carlos asks what Jim found out. Jim says that Josh was a popular person and that he was really known. Carlos says that Josh’s job was to mix it up with the locals to find out what they like so that he can change the bars on the beach to give them better profits. There are a lot of people who hate him because he is trying to change all their favorite restaurants. Carlos says that he found a matchbook to “Dwight’s Dockside”. They feel that it is his next restaurant. They go up to the place and meet Dwight Stewart, the owner of the restaurant. He rings a bell and has everyone welcome Carlos and Jim. He says that once they are there one time, they are family. Jim sees a fish tank and asks about the fish. Dwight says that they cost him $1,000 for them. Jim shows a picture of Josh and Dwight says that he knows him. Jim asks if Josh was flashing around the diamond ring that they found. Dwight says that he wasn’t, but says that Josh has many enemies for changing places around. Dwight says that Maggie, his bartender, was closing last night.

Jim and Carlos go to the hotel room where Josh was staying at and find a picture of Maggie and Josh getting intimate. They find a cigarette butt that Jim thinks is Maggie’s. Jim finds a picture that is a concept drawing of “Maggie’s place”. They find woman’s sunglasses. At the station, Callie is having Daniel install Skype on her computer. He says that she and Ray can Skype one another now. Callie tells him that it is more for Jeff though. Jim gets into the medical room and Carlos says that Josh was killed with a .38. Daniel comes in and tells that Josh was calling Roger Brumfield a lot. Daniel tells that Callie came in and he installed Skype on her laptop for her. Jim goes back to the bar and is welcomed by Dwight. Jim meets Maggie and starts to talk to her about Josh. She tells that she was just friends with him. Jim pretends to almost sit on sunglasses and Maggie says that they are hers. Jim tells that she has to come down to the station now for lying. Jim goes up to Callie at the station and asks how she is doing. She tells that she is fine and goes inside to swab the inside of Maggie’s mouth. She gets inside and Maggie tells that she is innocent and Callie tells her that is not her area. Callie tells that Maggie can take care of herself.

Daniel tells that Maggie has a registered .38. Callie comes out and says that Maggie is manipulative and tells Jim to be careful. Jim gets into the room and tells that she has been lying to him all the time. Maggie says that she bought the gun for protection at the bar. Jim shows the picture of the concept drawing for “Maggie’s Place”. She tells that she hasn’t even seen that drawing and neither the ring either. She tells that Josh stood her up at the hotel. Carlos comes in and says that they have a situation. Kyle Wheeler, Maggie’s boyfriend, is out there and Jim finds a .38 in Kyle’s car. He talks to him and asks about the gun. Kyle says that he took the bar from the bar because he was afraid that Maggie was going to use it on Josh because he took her for all that he had. Kyle says that Josh was promising everything. Jim tells that Maggie is not Kyle’s boyfriend because she doesn’t do that. Jim shows that he knows that Kyle is a pro surfer until he pulled his ACL and lost Maggie as a girlfriend.

Daniel comes up to Carlos and says that both Kyle and Maggie’s prints are on the gun and they have to wait for ballistics to come back. Daniel tells Jim that he still can’t get a hold of Roger and Jim says that he needs him to trace the ring to a location. Daniel says that the address that is on the registration is Dwight’s. Jim meets Dwight on the beach and asks why the address is his on Maggie’s registration. Dwight says that they had a thing 5 years ago and that it ended. He says that he loves his bar, but Maggie was obsessed with the bar. Jim shows the concept drawing to Dwight and he can’t believe that Maggie would do this. Jim gets his sandwich and looks at the fish tank. Daniel tells Jim that the diamond ring was stolen in a burglary. He also shows a picture of Kyle hanging out with Mexican gang members. Jim and the team go into Kyle’s place and round up the gang members. Kyle runs for it and after jumping over a drawbridge opening, Jim catches him and places him under arrest.

Callie goes into see Jeff and asks how it went with the Skype. Jeff breaks down and cries. He says that he is trying and says that he is not trying to make her feel bad. He says that he misses his dad. Meanwhile, Jim talks to Kyle and Jim says that it must have been a post payment for a hit. Kyle says that he wanted to buy the bar for Maggie. He says that he didn’t killed Josh and says that he took Maggie for everything. Daniel tries to look into Josh’s finances and they don’t find where Josh took a large amount of money. Jim calls Roger up with Josh’s phone and they pick up. They are a Private Investigator. Jim goes back to Dwight’s to find his chair on the beach empty. He sits down and sees that the chair is looking at the hotels behind “Dwight’s Dockside”. He goes to Dwight, who is bringing in his boat. Jim asks where Maggie is and he shows him to the beach where Maggie is sunbathing. She talks to him and tells that Josh told her that they would buy the bar from Dwight and she should reap the benefits. Josh told her that he had a plan to wear Dwight down.

At the station, Jim gets the information that he needs. He goes back to the restaurant and sees Dwight about to take the boat out. Callie calls and Jim ignores it. Callie at the hospital asks Carlos where Jim is and he tells that she shouldn’t worry. Callie finds the fax that Jim got detailing an article about a Jewelry thief who got away with $2 Million worth of diamonds. Dwight goes to an island and pulls out of the ground a bag of money. Jim aims a gun Dwight and tells that it is over and that he knows about him. He admits to killing Josh for finding out and says that Jim got him. Suddenly, Dwight throws dirt in Jim’s eyes. They fight and Dwight knocks Jim unconscious. Meanwhile, Callie goes to the restaurant and finds Maggie there. She is in tears and says that Dwight is gone and that he left money for her. Callie sees a picture of Maggie and Dwight and asks where that is. Back at the island, Dwight comes to and fights with Dwight again. Jim is put in the water and goes limp. He then gets up and manages to get the upper hand. The Coast Guard comes and arrests Dwight. Callie tells Jim that he needs to go to the hospital and do what the doctors say. As he is getting put into the ambulance, Callie tells that she filed for divorce. The episode ends.