Shine - Recap

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The scene opens with an Ernest Hemingway special booze cruise on the move, when one of the waitresses complains about the men trying to grab her. When she spills her drink overboard and tries to see the mess she has created, she finds a dead body underneath the deck. When Detective Jim and Dr. Carlos arrive at the scene, they find the man was shot in the head. Although he looks grey haired, Carlos points out most of it is white dye. Callie arrives, and it doesn’t take long for Jim to get distracted. She wants to know what samples to take, and Jim isn’t able to think perfectly rational. All he can say is ‘good question’. When they enquire the waitresses, they say the other cruisers look just like the victim. And all of them look the same – white hair and beard – and similar to Hemingway.

Jim questions the captain of the boat, Frank. He tries to explain a Hemingway boat cruise is all about boozing, looking alike and they do have story writing competitions as well. And he doesn’t want to be held up for too long. The Hemingway fest is underway, and he doesn’t want to keep his boat stalled. There are arm-wrestling competitions and a whole lot to these fests, but he is just a businessman trying to make a living. He is making good money with this one, and he has a week full of bookings already. However Jim is not letting him go anywhere unless he can give a course map. He is not interested in where he will be headed, but where he has been. When Frank says he doesn’t have a course map, he will have to draw one. The sooner he does that, the sooner he gets his boat back.

Before long, Callie arrives, with whom Frank starts getting flirty. Next, Jim and Callie visit the victim’s wife. Is she Shelby Adams, married to Gordon Adams? Shelby thinks Jim and Callie are a couple, and Gordon has been doing her. When they reveal about Gordon’s death, she seems rather happy because she had just filed for divorce. Wasn’t that enough motive. No, she was home last night with her ferocious pet dog. When Callie wants to check her hands for gunshot residue, she knows what it’s for, but she also knows Callie needs a warrant for that. She remains stern spoken and gets back to her place with the dog. Jim gets a call from Carlos, who wants to see him at the hospital. He has found some clues for the investigation from the victim’s body. The man was only 26, and consumed about 13-14 drinks everyday. His liver was in a poor condition – first stages of cirrhosis. And the readings are way beyond imagination. Blood alcohol levels were off the charts on the day he was murdered. Double of what Jim imagines to be off the charts!

Later, when Jim takes Daniel to what he thinks is a stakeout, he is fidgety and uses binoculars when in visible range from their target. It is Captain Frank from the booze cruise, who is at a gas station. Jim sends Daniel off with 20 bucks for a can of premium oil. Daniel does his bit, and Jim rolls up his car to Frank. They have found out Gordon and Frank had a fall out. Gordon assaulted him, didn’t he? So he lied to them earlier saying he had nothing to do with him. Jim lets on Frank was taken down for his moonshine business some time earlier. And besides, Gordon had an exceptionally strong alcohol in his system – which can only be either the premium he has just pulled out for Daniel, or moonshine. So did he get him drunk, and put a bullet in his head? Frank says no, he didn’t even get him drunk! When Jim can hardly gulp the ethanol from the can, Frank tells him he should put some hair on his chest. But it’s not as bad as what Jim is about to put on Frank. Handcuffs, says Jim, still choking, as he mentions the name Frank Ford.

At interrogation, Frank explains Gordon assaulted him, but they were friends. Besides, he doesn’t remember what they fought over. He does not sell moonshine illegally, and gets it from a distillery – his man is Andrew Bailey. He just pretends he is doing it illegal because people like it that way – moonshine tastes better when it is illegal. No he didn’t kill Gordon Adams. Jim should talk to Andrew. That, he will.
When Jim goes to Andrew’s bar, he claims not to be selling moonshine there, but Jim talks him into it, and before long, Andrew fetches a little jar. When Jim reveals he is a cop, Andrew wants to be pulled aside as if he is a big suspect, because that will hike his sales. Jim is only too glad to do that. Andrew tells him he should go after Gordon’s mad wife – she is the one to be suspected because Gordon betrayed her over the family moonshine recipe. Meanwhile, Callie meets Dr. Ben, who may have had a number of reunions today, but this is definitely the one he was waiting for.

Later that night, when Jim visits Shelby, she is getting drunk at her backyard. She is no mood to talk, and is almost in tears over Gordon’s death. Before long, she reveals she is not upset, but angry. And Jim can tell Andrew Bailey he can go to hell. When Jim leaves, he goes to Callie’s place, but she is not there. Meanwhile, Shelby is lighting up a bottle – the dangerous Molotov Cocktail weapon in front of Bailey’s bar. The crowd stands in awe, when Jimmy pulls up at the bar. Just as he approaches to stop Shelby, she sets the bar’s title board on fire. While Jimmy calls for fire help, Shelby sits down on the street and rests her head on her knee. A few minutes later, she is being taken away in a police car. Jim and Carlos arrive in a bar, and check out the old photographs with hooch sellers, a family tradition of moonshine making, and a possible murder that turns out took place decades ago at the place. However, it clearly happened in another era – not something related to Gordon’s case. The detectives decide they should check out Frank Ford’s boat. They find it at the distillery from which he gets his procurements. However, there is no one on it.

Before long, they find the distillery machines. The place looks unusually deserted and wild plants growing all around. Carlos doesn’t take long to spot the dry blood on the leaves, and the bullet residue that matches Gordon’s shot in the head. While they head out after collecting the samples, they notice a sportscar take off abruptly. Jim and Carlos give chase, as a worried Carlos somehow manages to call for backup. However, it is not their prime suspect – it is Shelby. She arrives at the police station and makes her case. Her story leads the detectives to Frank Ford – yet again. When he claims his tanks are empty, it doesn’t take long for Jim to axe out the ethanol from it. Okay fine, but he did not kill Gordon Adams. Jim receives a text, and tells him may be he didn’t, but he is not going anywhere.

Next, Jim arrives at the bar where Andrew Bailey has been acting smart all this time. Besides, he still claims all the evidence they have against him is only for his moonshine business. However, when Jim lets on about the fingerprint, Andrew gets visibly nervous. Before long, he is being shoved into the police car. Callie and Jim enjoy drinking moonshine at Shelby’s bar, but for Callie it is time to go have dinner with Dr. Ben. However, she kisses Jim on the lips on the way out. When she gets to dinner, she learns that Ben has decided to shut down the hospital, but he has a new job for her in Atlanta.