Breakout - Recap

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The scene opens with two boys venturing in the woods discovering stuff they don’t like – things like tools and hammer. But they are happy to find a discarded bicycle. They decide to do a little pool dragging, and find something exceptionally heavy. They hope it’s another bicycle, but no it’s a dead guy. Back at the detective squad, Detective Jim and Regional Director Colleen Manus discuss why he isn’t near the corpse as yet. And Colleen is taking a prisoner, but no she is not alone – Agent Dan Ranson is going with her. It turns out the prisoner is acting funny saying he is sick etcetera, but Colleen isn’t taking any of the bullshit. When Jim gets to the woods, Carlos tells him how the injury might have happened. And they discover the body face down – visible is the man’s uniform with a security guard tag on it.

The victim, Sullivan, was found with a bullet shot to the side of his head, and an injury caused by something like a hammer. Back at Callie’s hospital, she attends to an old heart patient who shares friendly terms with her. Just as she finishes with him, Dr. Ben is egging on Callie to go for the offer he has reserved in Atlanta. Meanwhile, as Colleen and Ranson take their prisoner in a car, he never stops acting funny. Daniel has found out where Sullivan worked as a security guard. It was nowhere but Callie’s hospital. Detective Jim gets there, and asks Callie about the man in the ID copy. It turns out his ID was stolen. Before long, Colleen arrives wondering what Jim is doing at the hospital. He could ask her the same question. Turns out her prisoner wasn’t faking illness after all – he started having a seizure. So they had to bring him for emergency treatment to the hospital.

He is in the CAT scan, and his handcuffs had to be taken off because no metals are allowed in the CAT scan. Jim has a hunch that Sullivan’s ID wasn’t stolen to get in, it could have been stolen to get out. When they rush to the CAT scan facility, Ranson is sitting holding his head, and the prisoner has escaped with his gun and cell phone. Jim rushes to the security room and asks for the surveillance cameras. He asks the man to activate security guard access to the door which the prisoner might use. When Jim gets to the door, he discovers the prisoner has company – his brother. He tries to trick them by asking them to keep trying the door, which is when the access activation takes place. On the other side of the door are two cops trying to grab the prisoner and his brother. However, they escape through a passage between Jim and the door, grab one of the women hostage and take over the emergency room.

The detectives manage to evacuate the hospital, but the fugitives are able to take 13 patients hostage and lock themselves up in the emergency room. Cops storm the premises, but nothing can be done as yet. Daniel arrives with information on the fugitives. The escaped prisoner is Greg Wheeler, and the other one his brother Vince. They were taken from their mom when they were very young, because she was jailed for manslaughter. Vince has a murder record since he was a juvenile. From the mortuary, Carlos informs the fingerprints on the hammer belongs to Vince, and that Dan has to fetch the evidence as soon as possible. Next, Jim goes in to negotiate with the Wheeler brothers. They are fierce, and hardly talking, but Jim keeps his cool and offers them cash and a helicopter. They like the offer, and make a deal to release 5 of the 13 hostages.

Dan’s head injury kicks in – he loses muscle control, and cannot move his jaws – his speech becomes unclear. Jim helps Colleen sit him down. They call Callie, who immediately figures Dan’s been hit on his head. And it is not looking good. Dan tries to stand up, but collapses. When put on the stretcher, he begins having seizure. They have to take him into the hospital – they only have seven to eight minutes to start operating on him. The hostage takers won’t allow them in, but Jim manages to convince them, and see this is not a trick. Meanwhile, the old heart patient, who is one of the hostages, needs emergency care as well. Seeing that, Callie leaves Dr. Ben with Dan. When she tries to enter the emergency room, the criminals are making it difficult. However, after they allow her in and let the old man go, they take her hostage. Dr. Ben in the meanwhile, has failed to save Dan, and tweeted to the world about his death.

Daniel reports he has found out that the two brothers might have a family connection with some kind of ranch owner. However, he died four months ago. Meanwhile, Callie and another hostage are whispering to each other. Her name is Joliene, and she has a mark on her neck that suggests she has been through violence. Callie tells her she always has an option. Abuse is inexcusable, and she should not be tolerating it. The hostages spot they are having a conversation, but do not bother. Meanwhile Carlos arrives outside the hospital, and reports that Sullivan’s partner was killed for the key to the cargo hold. The fingerprints found on the hammer are the same as the ones found on Sullivan’s gun, as well as the one that belonged to his partner. Carlos’ report has primary suspects – none but the two hostage takers.

Before long, the choppers arrive and Colleen hands over the 50 grand cash bag to Jim – go get Callie back. When he goes in, the brothers push Joliene to get the bag, and they are not letting Callie go. The helicopter is headed to the swamps with Callie, and two others, who are most likely the suspects. However, it soon turns out that the suspects went up to the roof, swapped clothes with two hostages, and let them fly. Later, as Jim wonders where to head next, he finds out about Joliene, and the details from Carlos. He gets to the ranch, and soon finds Greg Wheeler digging out a bag from a pit. He has him at gun point, but Vince steps out from the bushes holding a gun to Joliene’s head. Jim now lets on he knows that girl is not any hostage – she is Vince’s girlfriend. Isn’t she the one who killed Sullivan? Now that the cat is out of the bag, Joliene has Jim at gun point. Jim tells them hiding in the bushes are snipers ready to take them down if they make a wrong move. However, Joliene doesn’t believe that. What does she think? Is Jim stupid enough to come without any backup?

He manages to snatch the gun out of her hand in a split second, as the police sirens start approaching. Nabbed! Later, Jim finds out from Dr. Ben the truth about downsizing. He lets on Callie has a new job in Atlanta. Heartbroken about the distance between him and Callie, Jim returns home and plunges himself in drinking. He is more disappointed that she never even told him about this. However, Callie passes through the airport gates, after which she cabs it down to Jim’s place. He thinks she missed the flight, but she is here for a bigger reason. She wanted to get it right, and with her life here, Jeff here, and Jim here… as Callie chokes with emotion, Jim looks on and wants to know did she say she wants to get it right? They kiss each other, after which they walk into Jim’s place. The episode ends.