Close Encounters - Recap

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The episode begins with a crocodile slowly crawling back into a lake. A couple is seen making out in a sports car, near the lake. Suddenly they see bright lights outside, and assume it’s the cops. The boy is worried as he would be in trouble if his dad finds out. The two, then step out of the car and see a ball of light floating in the air. The light then disappears. Just then, the girl stumbles upon the dead body of an old man lying on the ground and becomes frantic. Jim, Jeff and Callie meanwhile decide to go for pancakes. Jim just then receives a call from Carlos. Later, he is shown talking to the guy and the girl in the woods. Turns out, the victim is in his 60’s and his body has been there for nearly a day.

Carlos finds the UFO story ridiculous, Jim in the meanwhile isn’t ready to discount it so easily. Then, much to Carlos’s and Jim’s surprise they find red spots on the victim’s stomach, which Carlos can’t explain. Jim feels the victim has been probed by aliens. Colleen later tells the guys that FDLE received a record number of UFO sightings the previous night, which means alien enthusiasts will be all over this case. Colleen hence wants the guys to take special care in handling this case. Daniel tells the guys and Colleen that, the wounds on the victim’s body is similar to the ones found on another victim’s body earlier. The previous victim was also believed to have been abducted by aliens. According to Daniel, both victims’ wounds had minimal blood loss; hence the wounds were made using laser or some sharp surgical device that hasn’t been invented yet.

The previous case was 70 years ago; hence Carlos argues that, forensic science hadn’t advanced enough then to give a conclusive answer. Later, Jim meets the owner of a bar adorned with UFO decorations. The bar is near the lagoon where the incident took place. Jim asks him if he has seen anything unusual lately. The bar owner named Richard also heads an organization named FETA (Federation of Extraterrestrial Abductees), and Richard says he was attending a seminar of his organization in Colorado, when the incident took place. Richard tells Jim that he had been abducted by aliens. Jim shows him the photo of the victim, who Richard recognizes as Derek Adams a fellow traveler. Jim then gets Adam’s address which is Jupiter, Florida. In Florida, he meets Adam’s young wife Stella, strutting around in a bikini and hardly grieving.

Turns out, Adams was worth $60 million and till recently was a confirmed bachelor. That is until he met Stella, a nurse at the office of his dermatologist. Stella tells Jim about Derek’s 2 year old relationship with FETA. It started after Derek’s car had hit a tree, just after he had seen a bright light. He later claimed that aliens healed him, in their spaceship. Stella then tells Jim that Richard is a conman, who convinced Derek that the abduction was real. She tells Jim that Derek’s obsession with FETA was so strong that, he lost all interest in her. Later at the station, Carlos informs Jim that Derek died of a heart attack, and also he did not bleed is because he was frozen. Colleen then sends Carlos and Jim to check out something that, an FDLE chopper just discovered.

At the scene, they see huge crop circles. Later, Jim finds out that there were kids near where the crop circles were discovered. Also Derek had donated $100,000 to FETA two years in a row, and then has suddenly stopped. They then see the office of FETA closed, and proceed to find Richard instead. They then find Richard at the crime scene with FETA officials, doing investigations of their own. Carlos drives them away; Richard meanwhile tells Jim that the law is trying to hide proof of Derek’s alien abduction. He tells Carlos that FETA won’t rest till it finds out what they are hiding. Later Carlos tells Jim that Derek had lesions in his brain from the accident, which might have impaired his decision making abilities.

He also had pain in his spine due to which he had opted for cryogenic physical therapy, which involved treating the pain with extreme cold. But Derek had suddenly stopped 4 months ago. Later they talk to a therapist at the cryogenic therapy spa. He tells them that Derek was a little “out there”. Jim feels that the therapist might have had an illicit relationship with Derek’s hot wife. The therapist denies this, telling Jim he liked Derek. Later, Daniel informs Jim that Derek willed his entire wealth to FETA, the whole $60 million. Derek did not leave his wife anything, not even the house. Later Jim comes to know from Stella that, Derek was going to change his will and name Stella the heir, but he died before he could do so. Later Jim and Carlos are on the way to the crime scene when Jim’s car, goes dead.

Both of their cell phone are dead too. Later Daniel tells Jim that, such a phenomenon as they experienced has been experienced by others, while passing through that area. Jim is later informed by Colleen that, Sean the massage therapist had a complaint filed against him for beating up his girlfriend. Later Jim questions Sean about his relationship with Stella and he reveals that, it was Stella who insisted he have sex with her. He tells Jim that Stella might have killed Derek, and that she did not need his help to do it. Jim later questions Stella about Sean. She admits she was seeing Sean, but ended their relationship long before Derek died. She tells Jim that she did what was good for Derek and also tried to show him that, Richard was fraud and a liar.

Daniel meanwhile checks out the place where Jim’s car had broken down. Nearby he finds a huge EMP device which could actually stop, even a car. Jim later takes out a few moments to make out with Callie at her work place, and leaves his phone in another room. Daniel meanwhile tries to get in touch with him over the phone, but to no avail. Daniel then tells Carlos what he has found out, and also based on the serial number on the EMP device he has found out that Richard was the one who ordered it. The two then enter a shed near which the EMP device was found. Inside they find dummy alien bodies, and other UFO related stuff. An alien autopsy prop is also found on a table. They then find a soil core with blood on it. Jim later tells Richard that the fingerprints on the core match Richard’s.

The tip of the core matches with the diameter on the victim’s body. Richard says he is innocent, as he was in Colorado all week, when the incident took place. Carlos then informs Jim about the time of death, and turns out; Richard was actually in Colorado at that time. Also the blood on the soil core is of a chicken’s. Someone might be trying to set Richard up, from the look of things. Later, while sampling cheese at a store, Jim comes across a device used to cut cheese into a circular shape. Wine and cheese enthusiasts mostly own such a device. Daniel later informs Jim that, Stella had a few drinks with Sean the night before Derek died. Carlos then tells Jim and Daniel that Derek owned a cheese shaping device and it had human DNA on it, when he checked.

Turns out, the DNA was Derek’s. Daniel thus concludes that Stella edited Derek’s will and faxed it to her attorney, she then tried to frame Richard so that in the end, Derek’s wealth would fall into her lap. Later it is found out that all their assumptions were true, except one. Stella isn’t the one who killed Derek. Turns out it was Sean who did it, and it was Richard who prompted him to do it, for money. The two are shown leaving town. On the way Sean’s truck dies. Jim then comes in and arrests the two. Later, Jim sees something unidentified in the night sky, but as he tries to look closer it suddenly disappears. He is visibly baffled by what he has just seen. The episode ends at this point.