Longworth's Anatomy - Recap

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The episode begins with Jim helping Callie set up her house in Atlanta. Daniel meanwhile introduces Carlos to one of his classmates Erica. Carlos is at Daniel’s school to give a demonstration on how the cause of death can be determined by dissecting a human body. He then proceeds to perform an autopsy on a donated cadaver. The cadaver is of a man named Jonathon, who was killed in a road accident. Suddenly Carlos finds something amiss with the cadaver and dismisses the class. He later tells Daniel that Jonathon did not die of a car accident. Based on the forensic evidence at hand, Carlos has discovered that Jonathon was murdered. Later, Carlos gets the cadaver taken away for further examination.

Later, Colleen introduces Carlos to the beautiful bureau chief, Jennifer Stark, who Carlos seems visibly enamored by. Carlos then tells Colleen about the marks and clues he has found on Jonathon’s body. Carlos later tells Jim that the victim was strangled to death, as per the evidence at hand. Later at Tampa Tech, Daniel’s school, Jim is informed by Erica that things can get chaotic there, and hence human body parts have been sometimes known to disappear, and at times even whole cadavers have gone missing. She assures him though that, everything is found in the end. Jim then asks to see all the donor cards, to find out who donated Jonathon’s body. Later Daniel informs Colleen that the next of kin for Jonathon hasn’t been found as yet, as there doesn’t seem to be any information regarding Jonathon on the systems.

He hence concludes that the victim’s name might be fictitious. But there was a pin found in the victim’s ankle which has a serial number on it, and Daniel plans to track that down. He later finds out that the pin is from a surgical center, which gives the victim’s real name as Peter Osborne, and also the victim’s real address. Daniel communicates the two, to Jim. Jim is also informed that Peter is being sued in small claims court for $3000. Jim later arrives at the address given by Daniel. There he finds a guy called Sam who he had seen before working at Tampa Tech, and wheeling a cadaver. Turns out, Peter was Sam’s roommate. Sam tells Jim he did not know the cadaver was Peter’s as his face was covered, also he did not find anything amiss with Peter missing, as Peter had a tendency of taking off for weeks at a time, without telling anyone.

Jim also finds out that it was Sam, who had sued Peter for the $3000, as Sam had no other way of recovering the rent from Peter. Sam tells Jim that he also has an alibi in the form of guest lecturers that he was attending all week. Carlos later tells Jim that Peter had a substance abuse problem. Colleen comes in and informs the guys that, Peter also had an impulse control disorder, which can cause agitation and mood swings. Peter’s mother has informed Colleen that right before Peter died he was distraught about something. Later Erica confesses to Daniel that she had dated Peter last semester, but she had later lost touch with him, hence she did not know what had happened to him. She also tells Daniel that Peter was always trying to make extra cash. Daniel then tells Jim that he has found out, Peter used to donate blood and urine on campus for money. Daniel hides from Jim the part about Erica and Peter having dated.

Callie later informs Jim that pharmaceutical companies test on campus all the time, and students on campus volunteer for the tests, purely for the extra cash. Thus they are ready to be human guinea pigs. She gives Jim this information, as he is curious about a drug found in Peter’s urine. She then tells Jim that the tests might also have serious health implications, both physical and mental. Later Carlos and Jim meet with a man called Seth, who performs such trials on campus. Seth admits to them that Peter did participate in the first phase of testing for a particular drug, but dropped out in the second week. Seth also tells them that he wasn’t aware of the fact that Peter was suffering from an impulse control disorder, when asked by Jim. Seth even assures them that, Peter did not have any adverse reaction to the drug that he knows of.

If Peter has completed the clinical trials, he would have been paid $3000, but would have to be confined to a room for 30 days. Carlos and Jim then check out Peter’s car, in which Peter was assumed to have met with an accident. Inside the car they find a t-shirt of Tampa Teach with weird stains on it, and a credit card bill which shows Peter purchased a guitar worth nearly $3000, a day before he died. Later, Sam tells Jim that he and Peter had a little argument about the guitar, and nothing more. Jim meanwhile feels that, Sam had all the resources to murder Peter and make it look like an accident. He also had a motive. Jim also tells Sam that no one at the guest lectures can remember seeing Sam there.

Daniel meanwhile tells Jim that another cadaver of a homeless man named Jesse Horowitz was donated to Tampa Tech, and strangely the paperwork for the body was done on the same day, which is unusual. Jim feels that they could be looking at another murder. Later Carlos and Jim find bits of Jesse’s cadaver at Tampa Tech, as the rest of him has been used up by students for dissection. From Jesse’s remains, Carlos has found out that Jesse was either strangled or smothered. Jim then proceeds to find the link between Jesse and Peter. Erica in the meanwhile is informed by Daniel that the cops don’t know about her and Peter having dated. Carlos meanwhile informs Jim that the t-shirt found in Peter’s car contains DNA from the second victim Jesse Horowitz, which means both the cases are linked.

Carlos then tells Jim about a bite mark found on Peter’s arm which corresponds to the mark on the t-shirt found in Peter’s car, the mark on the t-shirt contains saliva and stuff which is spewed when someone is being strangled. This means Peter tried to strangle Jesse Horowitz, and he fought back by biting Peter in the arm. Later Daniel tells Jim that Erica had dated Peter, and also a drummer guy in high school who disappeared mysteriously. Police had suspected foul play even in the earlier case. Erica is later brought in for questioning. Erica tells Jim that her high school boyfriend ran away to escape his step father who used to beat him up. She then tells Jim that she found the guy three years later in Alaska.

She then tells Jim that anybody could log into the university system files, even an ex-student with a student ID. Jim on hearing this decides to check the files for clinical trials and finds out, both Peter and Jesse were undergoing clinical trials for the same drug. Carlos then informs Jim that, both body donor cards for Peter and Jesse were filled up and signed by the same person. Jim then arrests Seth on campus, where he is fishing for possible guinea pigs. Turns out, Peter killed Jesse because of the effect the clinical trials had on him, and to keep Peter’s mouth shut Seth drugged him, and also bribed him.

But when the effect of the drugs wore off, Peter’s guilt got the better of him, and Seth had to kill Peter as he couldn’t keep him quite anymore. Later Daniel apologizes to Erica for doubting her. Callie meanwhile tells Jim how much she misses him. Callie later goes to sleep with Jim’s t-shirt under her head. The episode ends at this point.