The Naked Truth - Recap

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The episode begins with a man finding a woman’s body under an upturned boat, placed on a river bank. Callie and Jim are meanwhile busy spending a few hours alone with each other, in bed. Later Carlos and Jim check out the victim’s body. The girl is found nude, as she seems to be a part of a nearby nudist colony. It also turns out that, the place Swan Lake where the girl’s body was found, is owned by a nudist community. Later they meet a woman called Leslie who is on the board of directors at Swan Lake. Leslie immediately recognizes the victim as Maggie, when she sees her photo. Leslie tells them that Maggie was one of the most well liked residents of the community, and hence had no enemies.

She also tells them that there is a thorough background check done, before anyone is allowed to be a part of the community. She then tells them that Maggie was last seen with a man called Phil, at lunch yesterday. Later, Phil tells Jim that Maggie went for sunbathing by the lake alone, after she had lunch. He also tells Jim what a sweet person Maggie was, and how quickly she was inducted into the community, by the selection board. He then tells Jim that Maggie helped out with the legal matters concerning a land dispute, where a condo developer wants to encroach into the community land. Maggie negotiated with the developers on behalf of the community. Some people in the community it turns out were ready to sell the land, and some weren’t, and there was a heated argument regarding this matter at a community board meeting. Daniel and Jim later scan Maggie’s house for clues.

Later Carlos tells Jim that the victim died between 2 and 4 pm, and also the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head. There was also alcohol found in her system. Carlos also tells Jim that she fought back when attacked, and as evidence there is skin tissue under her fingernails. Jim concludes that they would need the DNA of everyone from the colony, to match with the skin tissue. Daniel and Jim also find out that, Leslie had sent Maggie flowers apologizing for the argument at the board meeting. Later Leslie tells Jim that Maggie was acting as a negotiator between the community and the developer named Donald Glandon, who wants to build the condos next-door. Turns out, Leslie didn’t want a part of the community land sold, and Maggie on the other hand wanted what was in the best interests of the board, which meant selling the land.

Leslie also tells Jim that Maggie believed she could get both sides to come to some sort of a compromise. She tells Jim that she is very passionate about her community and hence she got enraged, but she did make up with Maggie later. She also reveals to Jim that the talks with Donald were stopped as it was decided that, selling the land wasn’t in the best interests of the community. Later Donald tells Jim that he needs a part of the community land to build a sewage system. Donald tells Jim that Maggie was a great negotiator. Jennifer the bureau chief in the meanwhile, is busy acquainting herself with how the precinct works, and what are the reasons that have lead to Colleen and her team’s success. Jim meanwhile questions Phil about his relationship with Donald, after he finds a photo of Phil with Donald in Donald’s office.

Phil on seeing the photo makes a run for it, and Jim gives him a chase; in the end Jim manages to wrestle Phil to the ground and handcuffs him. Later at the precinct Jim tells Phil that, the DNA found under Maggie’s fingernails is his. He in turn tells Jim that he didn’t kill Maggie, and ran only because he panicked. He also tells Jim that the DNA might have gotten under Maggie’s nails when she was scratching his back, as he had bug bites, and he had asked her to help him. Phil also admits that he was in love with Maggie and was planning to propose. Jim tells Phil that a polymer was found in Maggie’s injury to her head, and could have very well come from the wine bottle sleeve in which a broken wine bottle was found, in Phil’s freezer. Later Colleen informs Jim that Maggie was keeping files on the board members of Swan Lake, and hands him the files.

Jim observes that there are files on everyone except Leslie. Daniel just then comes in and informs Jim that Leslie has a prior drug conviction from when she was 19. Later, Jim places Leslie under arrest, telling her that she might have killed Maggie because she wanted the fact about her conviction hidden. At the precinct Leslie tells Jim that she did not kill Maggie. She then tells Jim that the drug conviction was a mistake on her part, as she was 19 and had left the colony and gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd. Turns out, Leslie’s parents had covered it up, so she could come back into the colony. Leslie then tells Jim that Maggie did found out about her conviction, but she wasn’t going to expose Leslie. It was Maggie who gave Leslie her file, and that is the reason why Leslie sent Maggie the flowers.

Leslie also tells Jim that Maggie too didn’t want the deal to go through, when she realized it would compromise their way of life. Leslie claims that whoever killed Maggie did not like her change of heart. Later Carlos tells Jim that the polymer on Phil’s wine sleeve does not match with the one on the wound. Daniel then informs Jim that there were large deposits made by Donald’s firm into Maggie’s bank account, and also a transit card for a subway found in her apartment, is from near Donald’s office in New York. Jim also fishes out a broken piece of a hockey stick from the Swan Lake, near which Maggie’s body was found. Jim recollects that he had seen a broken hockey stick in Donald’s office, when he had paid him a visit. Donald is later taken to the precinct by Jim and questioned about his visits to a strip club, right about the time when Maggie was working there.

Turns out, Maggie was later hired as an intern by Donald at his firm. Jim also concludes that it was Donald who placed Maggie in the nudist colony, in order to negotiate the land deal. Although Donald did not count on the fact that Maggie would grow close to the people in the community and go against him. Hence Donald killed her. Donald admits to everything else, but reiterates to Jim that he did not kill Maggie. Jim believes Donald and pays Phil a visit, with the broken piece of wood he found in the lake. In Phil’s front yard he finds a burnt piece of canoe oar, that is broken, and it joins perfectly with the broken piece of wood Jim has found. Later Phil tells Jim that Maggie had told him she didn’t love him anymore.

Phil assumed that it was because she had fallen for Donald. Jim on the other hand tells Phil the truth that, Maggie wasn’t leaving him for someone else, but she was just leaving because she didn’t want to cheat the community she had begun to care for. Phil is distraught when he realizes that, he killed Maggie for nothing. Later Jennifer flirts with Jim, while telling him that she has to keep her eyes on him. The episode ends at this point.