Food Fight - Recap

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The episode begins with Jim being informed by Daniel about a hit and run case. He and Carlos then head for lunch, the bureau chief Jennifer asks to accompany them. They arrive at the food truck recommended by Jim. Oddly they find the food truck shut, and when Jim looks inside he finds the owner Tony lying on floor of the truck, dead. Turns out he has been shot. Carlos informs Jim that Tony’s time of death would have been around 4am. Jim feels the murderer made the whole thing look like a robbery although the murderer’s intentions were probably something else. Jim then leaves to question a rival food truck owner, who had a problem with Tony. Jim then questions Lana the owner of the other food truck.

She tells Jim that chefs are competitive people but at the end of the day she and Tony respected each other. Later Daniel informs Jim that there is nasty fight going on between the food truck chefs and the boardwalk restaurant owners. Jim is also informed that the city councilman named Ducet is also a part of this whole issue, and is siding with the restaurant owners. Later Jim pays Ducet a visit and asks him about Tony. Jim then shows Ducet the video of the council meeting, where Tony and Ducet went at each other’s necks. Tony is then shown throwing his shoes at Ducet. Jim feels that this incident gave Ducet a motive to kill Tony. Ducet tells Jim that Tony apologized to him later, and they made peace. Ducet then tells Jim that Tony and he shared stories about their time in the service. Jim finds it odd that Ducet makes it a point to brag about his military career, but Tony although he was a Navy SEAL never mentioned it once.

Jim then reminds Ducet how members of the restaurant association are supporting him in his endeavor to become a governor. Ducet in turn tells Jim that, being ambitious doesn’t make him a murderer. Jim feels Ducet has to pay back his donors, who in this case are restaurant owners, and the best way to do it is to make the food trucks go away. Jim in the end asks Ducet where he was at 4am on the day of the incident. He tells Jim that he was on the treadmill, and also tells him that he is an early riser. Daniel later tells Jim that Tony had a 9mm, which couldn’t be recovered from his apartment, and incidentally the bullet found in his body is from a 9mm. Carlos then tells Tony that there was some kind of mud like substance found at the door of the truck, and it wasn’t from Tony’s shoes therefore it could possibly be from the shoes of the killer.

Jim is also informed that Tony had some Italian food right after he shut shop. Jim assumes it could from the Italian restaurant where he met Ducet earlier. He then questions the restaurant owner, who admits Tony did eat dinner there. She tells Jim that Tony and she weren’t on the best of terms, and hence he had come to smooth things over. She also tells Jim that the food trucks have it easy, because they don’t have to worry about the overheads. She then tells Jim that Lana was the one who brought Tony into the food truck business. Later Daniel shows Jim some racy photographs from Tony’s cell phone, which proves that Lana was more than just Tony’s mentor. Jennifer in the meanwhile is observing Jim and Carlos work. Later Jim questions Lana about the angry texts that she sent Tony, which clearly points out that she wasn’t happy Tony called off their relationship.

She admits she was upset because she made Tony who he was, in the business, but also adds that she wasn’t upset enough to kill Tony. She then tells Jim that she loved Tony, and when asked about Tony’s gun she informs Jim that he kept it on his truck. Carlos then tells Lana that he needs her shoes for examination. Later Jim tells Jennifer that passion is a very strong motive for murder, when she questions his judgment about looking at Lana as a possible suspect. Colleen meanwhile informs Jim that according to Tony’s phone records he called Greg Ducet at 3.57am. It has also been discovered that the mud like substance Carlos found earlier in Tony’s truck, is a match from the place where Ducet had gone for a ribbon cutting ceremony a day before the incident.

Colleen asks Jim to bring in the Councilman for questioning. Jim later enters Ducet’s office and takes a 9mm framed on Ducet’s wall as evidence. Later Jim tells Ducet who is brought for questioning that, Ducet was the one who orchestrated the murder and made it look like a robbery in order to prove that, the food trucks attract unsavory elements. He then informs Ducet about the evidence they have found. Jim asks Ducet what he and Tony were doing in Tony’s truck at 4am in the morning. He only tells Jim that he and Tony were doing something only a military man can understand. He then reiterates that he did not kill Tony. Jim meanwhile finds out that, Lana might not have been happy about Tony’s growing closeness to the owner named Vanessa who is the owner of the nearby Italian restaurant Café Russo and who Jim had questioned earlier.

He then questions Lana about it, but she reiterates that she was angry but not enough to kill Tony for it. Lana then tells Jim that Tony used to stop by to meet Vanessa every morning. She also tells him that Vanessa used to be up really early in order to sell baked bread which is Café Russo’s specialty. Carlos later informs Jim that Ducet’s 9mm isn’t their murder weapon, and looks like it hasn’t been fired in a long time. Jim also discovers that, Ducet is no was hero and also lied about his war exploits. Jim assumes Tony might have found this out, and therefore Ducet wanted to shut him up. Jim later arrests Ducet for lying about being a war hero. Jim then tells Ducet at the station that, Tony couldn’t take it that Ducet was basing his whole political career on a lie and fooling people, hence he had possibly decided to go to the papers.

Jim also states that the papers come out at 4am, hence Ducet decided to pay Tony a visit right around that time to stop him. Ducet then admits that he begged Tony not to tell, but Tony had decided to go viral with it. He then swears to Jim that Tony was alive when he left Tony’s truck. He tells Jim that doesn’t have it in him to kill anyone; in fact he has never even shot a gun. He then tells Jim that he was just trying to broker a peace between the food truck owners and the traditional restaurant owners, before something terrible happened. Jim then pays Vanessa a visit. He shows Vanessa a search warrant, and Daniel gets a man to tear down a part of her kitchen wall, behind which are pipes which she recently got replaced.

Also behind the wall Daniel finds the 9mm hidden. Jim concludes that Vanessa killed Tony because she saw Ducet come out of Tony’s truck at 4am and assumed that, Ducet and Tony were cooking the demise of the restaurants. Hence she decided to get Tony out of the way to clear the impasse between the food truck owners and the restaurants. Jim later pays Callie a surprise visit, in order to lift her spirits. Callie then pours her heart out to Jim. The episode ends at this point.