Old Times - Recap

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The episode begins with a man and a woman finding the dead body of a woman lying in the woods, while jogging through it. Callie and Jim in the meanwhile are enjoying a few moments together, in bed. Just then Carlos gives Jim a call and informs him about the dead body. Callie too gets a call from work. Later Carlos informs Jim that the woman’s body was stabbed eight times, and that she was killed somewhere else and then dumped in the woods. Colleen then comes in with Jennifer and tells Jim that the woman who is killed is Bree Michaels, who is connected with something called as the ‘innocence project’.

Bree had called up Colleen telling her that she had evidence regarding the innocence of Logan Barrett who has been accused of killing his wife Susan. Turns out, Logan was going to be executed in 3 days. Logan was arrested based on overwhelming forensic evidence, although his wife’s body was never found. Colleen then tells Jim to find Susan’s body or the connection between Susan and Bree’s murder. She then gives Jim the name of the detective who worked the case. Later, Jim meets Mike the detective, who it turns out, is in jail because Jim testified against him in a murder trial. Mike agrees to help Jim, but in return wants to see his dog, which he is missing. Later Jim meets Logan who claims he did not kill Susan.

He then tells Jim that he doesn’t know what happened, as he got blind drunk at a bar, and when he woke up at home he had blood all over his body and the cops pounded his door when Susan went missing. He then tells Jim that Susan he were happy till she started working at a plastic surgery clinic, and saw how rich people lived. She then began calling him a loser for not earning enough money. She then filed for divorce and asked for half his salary, as support payment. Then the day before she disappeared, she showed Logan an engagement ring and told him that she was getting remarried. He then tells Jim that he was off the hook, so why would he kill her. Jim then agrees that it disputes the prosecution’s case that Logan killed Susan, as she had asked for the support payment. Jim then asks Logan why there is no mention of Susan’s plan to get remarried in the police files.

Logan tells Jim that he had mentioned it to the investigating office, but he mustn’t have paid any heed to it. Jim later gets Mike out on remand, in order to assist him on the case. Mike then tells him that Logan was chatting up Bree in a bar the night before Susan disappeared. Mike then tells Jim that, he did not talk to Bree, as he did not see the point. They also find out that Mike had a car towed from the crime scene, without it being investigated by the forensics team. Jim is meanwhile told by Daniel over the phone that, finding Mike’s dog is proving to be a bit of a challenge. Later, in a police impound they find Logan’s car, and in the boot they find Susan’s decrepit body. Then on Susan’s finger they find a huge engagement ring. Thus it turns out, Logan was telling the truth.

Jim later tells Colleen that it’s been discovered, Logan just had 5 beers, which is not enough for a man to pass out, and hence something might have been mixed in his drink that night, resulting in him passing out. Daniel then comes in and tells them that, Susan got her breast implants from the doctor she was working for named Bret Denning. He also tells them that, the doctor helped her get the implants despite her insurance not covering the procedure. Jim then tells Daniel to find out where the diamond engagement ring was bought and by whom. Later Jim meets Bret, who tells him that the signature on the insurance form isn’t his, and that Susan might have forged the signature. He then tells Jim that, Susan did rub one of his patients named Alexis Kane the wrong way. Alexis constantly harassed Susan about billing.

Jim later meets Alexis, who tells Jim how Susan had double billed her in the past. Mike and Jim then find a knife on her boat with a serrated edge, like the one used to kill Bree. There is blood on the knife, which Carlos says might be fish blood, and he is running tests to find out if it truly is that. Daniel meanwhile informs Jim that the ring on Susan’s finger was bought by Alexis 10 years ago, and that Logan was actually drugged that night. Jim later questions Alexis about the fact that it was probably her boy-toy Ryan who stole the ring and gave it Susan, as he loved her. She denies this, but Jim shows her Ryan’s phone records, where Ryan has called up Susan numerous times. Just then Alexis’s attorney arrives. Jim is later informed by Carlos that, Bree too had breast implants put in by Dr. Bret Denning.

Jim later meets Bret to ask him as to why he denied knowing Bree, when shown her photograph earlier. He tells Jim that he performs thousands of surgeries and doesn’t remember all his patients. He then recollects that Bree had modeled for his brochure. Mike later takes Jim to the bar where Bree worked, and Logan frequented. Inside Jim finds a photo which proves Ryan knew Bree. Just then Mike points a gun at Jim and tells him to come out back and remove the tracking device from his ankle. Outside Mike taunts Jim telling him “didn’t see that coming did you”. Jim shocks him by telling him he did, and just then the cops arrive and arrest Mike. Later in jail Mike admits to Jim that Logan might be innocent, and he is really feeling awful about it.

Colleen later informs Jim that the blood found on the knife recovered from Ryan’s boat that was gifted to him by Alexis, matches Bree’s. Ryan later tells Jim that he did not kill Susan or Bree, and also that he loved Susan. Ryan then tells Jim that he has never seen the knife in question, ever before in his life. Ryan also tells Jim that the engine of his boat was down, so he was tending to it the night of the incident. Jim later finds out that the engine of Ryan’s boat was sabotaged. Jim then comes to the conclusion that it was Alexis who might have sabotaged the engine in order to stop Ryan’s infidelity. Jim meanwhile asks Colleen to stay Logan’s execution, as he has found Bree’s and Susan’s actual murderer. Later Mike and Jim pay Dr. Bret Denning a visit.

Turns out, Bret used industrial grade silicone implants instead of clinical grade implants with Susan the first time, and then they leaked. Then in order to keep her quite about it, and so she doesn’t go to the authorities he replaced them for free with clinical grade implants. He then got Bree to drug Logan, so Bret could pin the murder on him, and Bret did so by luring Bree with free silicone implants. Bree later felt guilty and wanted to reveal this to the cops, and hence Bret stabbed Bree. Bret then planted the knife in Ryan’s boat.

He did all this while he sneaked out of a medical convention that night, which is seen on security footage, and there were teak stains on his clinic floor from the boat, as Ryan had freshly painted it on the day of the incident. Mike is later untied with his dog. Later Logan is set free, and forgives Mike for not getting it right the first time. Jim and Jennifer then proceed to grab dinner. The episode ends at this point.