Public Enemy - Recap

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The episode begins with three boys playing with a football on the road. The boys then throw the ball across the fence of a house as an excuse to check out the house from the inside. While they are about to enter the house, one of the boys finds a dead body lying covered on a bench right outside the house. They recognize the body as being of the woman who owns the house. Meanwhile, Colleen tells Jim that the DA’s office is worried that his methods might not stand up to the scrutiny of a jury, hence Jennifer was sent to look into his unconventional investigative methods. Colleen then tells Jim that Jennifer is going to be driving with him from today, so she can better understand his methods.

Later, Carlos informs Jim that the victim is Connie Simpson, and she used to live alone. Carlos also tells Jim that Connie was moved to the spot where she was found, after she was killed. Carlos, then from the evidence at hand informs Jennifer that Connie was run over intentionally, and that too multiple times. The car that ran Connie over is also parked outside her house. Later inside Connie’s house they find a boatload of legal documents in boxes. Daniel then comes in and hands Jim Connie’s purse wedged in her car seat, and he ID which shows she used to work at the county recorder’s office. They also discover that Connie was about to go on a vacation. Jim also discovers that Connie had complained against one of her coworkers named Willow Danson.

Later Willow tells Jim that Connie used to make other people angry, and had done the same with her. She then tells Jim that Connie had once mentioned that, she was married to some guy from Alabama, although she doesn’t know his name. Later Carlos informs Jim that, the killer used Connie’s car to transport her body back to her house. He also informs Jim that the driver’s seat in her car was moved to adjust longer legs than Connie’s, and that there is a fingerprint found on the lever to adjust the seat. Colleen meanwhile informs Jim that there is no record of Connie for 5 years in between. It’s basically like she fell of the radar. Daniel meanwhile has found a video in Connie’s house. The man on the video goes by the name Shamalamadingdong, and is a self declared financial guru.

Jim then decides to pay the man a visit, at one of his seminars later that night. Later, outside the seminar hall they meet Wayne Ebay, who is the same guy who put a lean on Connie’s house. Jim then decides to arrest Wayne under the suspicion of Connie’s murder, but Jennifer reminds him that he doesn’t have a probable cause. Jennifer then firmly tells a resistant Jim to step away from the scene. Later Jennifer and Jim along with Colleen and the rest of the team discuss the fact that Wayne Ebay and Shamalamadingdong are part of a radical anti-government group called the Sovereign. They believe that the law doesn’t apply to them as they are above the law. They basically believe that if they change their name on any government given ID card the law consequently doesn’t apply to them.

The lean put on Connie’s house including all the legal documents in her house, was a way of this group trying to harass Connie, by it filing frivolous lawsuits against her. Jim then concludes along with Carlos that, Connie because she worked for the government, must have done something to anger this group. Later Willow tells Jim that she recognizes Wayne, and also that he had come in for a name change, but Connie didn’t entertain him as she thought the name was ridiculous. Willow then tells Jim that his real name is Wayne Balldinger. Daniel meanwhile informs Jim that Shamalamadingdong took down all his websites, probably because he is aware that Jim is onto him. Later Jennifer and Jim meet Wayne at his workplace and ask him about Connie. Jim then through his guile gets Wayne to give him Shamalamadingdong’s address, simply by convincing Wayne that he is on Wayne’s side.

Daniel meanwhile informs Jim that he has found an alimony settlement, from the documents in Connie’s house, and it’s in the name of Crackalacka. Daniel then tells Jim that Shamalamadingdong’s real name is Steve Lemming. Jim and Jennifer later attend Steve’s seminar. Jim then in the middle of Steve’s seminar arrests him, in front of his audience. Turns out, Steve’s fingerprints have been found in Connie’s car. Colleen later informs Jim that, the 5 years Connie had disappeared, she had changed her name to Crackalacka and moved to Alabama with Steve, after joining the Sovereign. Then after spending 5 years with Steve she wanted out, and hence she came back to Florida. Jim then questions Steve about his marriage to Connie. Steve then tells Jim that he used to drive Connie’s car when they were together.

He tells Jim that he isn’t in this business to kill people, but to make money. He also tells Jim that, there are plenty more violent Sovereigns out there. Jim later tells Daniel to find out the Sovereigns Connie was in touch with, and if any of them were violent. Colleen meanwhile calls Jim and informs him that Carlos has been suspended. Later Carlos and Jim discuss the fact that, there are 77 complaints that have been filed against Carlos. The two conclude that, the whole thing is a mischief perpetrated by the Sovereign. Colleen later tells Jim and a distraught Daniel that, Carlos cannot be reinstated till the accusations against him are investigated, and till he is found innocent. Jennifer confirms Jim’s doubts that, all the people who have complained against Carlos are Sovereigns.

Colleen then is shocked to know that the Sovereigns have filed complaints against her too and therefore she is on paid leave until further notice. Jennifer presumes that Jim hasn’t been taken down yet, only because word probably got out that he is sympathetic to the cause of the Sovereigns. Jim then finds out that Wayne tried to file his ownership on a number of foreclosure properties by claiming his ownership on them, by filing bogus paperwork. But Connie rejected them all. Carlos meanwhile calls Jim and tells him that the pesticides found in Connie’s wounds are used in crop dusting, just as Jim and Jennifer step into one of the foreclosure properties in question. Later Connie’s blood is found on the road near the property.

Jim then concludes that whoever filed Connie’s paperwork must have killed her, as he finds evidence to that effect. Later Jim pays Willow a visit. Turns out, Willow was taking bribes from the Sovereigns and every case from the Sovereigns that Connie rejected, Willow accepted. Connie it turns out also found out that, Willow was filing the Sovereign’s bogus paper work, and hence she murdered Connie. She did this by following Connie to the foreclosure property that Connie had gone to check out. At the scene was found a strand from Willow’s handbag, which confirmed Jim’s suspicions.

Jim later tells Jennifer that it was Willow who filed the bogus complaints against Colleen and Carlos. She did so, just so they would suspect the Sovereigns of the murder. Callie later finds out that, she is in a soup with her tax case when her recording sounds like entrapment. Jim promises to help her out, and stand by her all the way. The episode ends at this point.