Fountain Of Youth - Recap

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The episode begins at a spa, where a man dressed like a musketeer, explains its wonders to its clients. Suddenly, they are all shocked to see the dead body of a woman floating in a small pool nearby. Later at the scene Jennifer meets up with Jim. Carlos tells the two that the victim is Brandy Philips a retired supermodel. Turns out, Brandy bought the spa a few years ago. Carlos also informs them that, her husband Bruce is flying in as he has been informed of the murder. Jim then finds a diamond watch in the pool, with a brown hair stuck to it. Engraved behind the watch are the words “B and B forever”. Jim assumes the watch was gifted to Brandy by her husband Bruce.

Daniel meanwhile informs Jim from Brandy’s cell phone records that, she made 2 calls the morning of her death. One was to her husband Bruce and the other was to someone called Tara. Later Jim and Jennifer pay Tara a visit. Turns out, Tara is the spa’s medical director. Tara tells them that Brandy was like a sister to her. Jennifer then sees another phone owned by Brandy lying on a nearby table. She sees a message on it from someone called Chris, and it says “I am sorry. Please give me another chance”. Tara informs her that it’s Brandy’s work phone. Later Jim and Jennifer meet up with Bruce, who tells them that he was attending to his auto-leasing business in Georgia, and just flew up there yesterday to check it. They then tell Bruce about the second cell phone and the text on it from someone called Chris.

Bruce tells them that he has no idea about the second cell phone or about anyone called Chris. Bruce then tells them that he was Tara’s first patient in the US, and also that her anti aging treatment works and he is a living proof of that. They then show Bruce the watch they found, and Bruce identifies it as his wife’s watch. They also tell him about the brown hair they found stuck to it, and ask for a sample of Bruce’s hair, as his hair too is brown. Daniel later informs Jim and Jennifer that, Brandy failed a physical and was rejected by an insurance company. This is odd as Brandy was just 34 years old and also a supermodel. Carlos then informs them that although Brandy was a supermodel from the outside, from the inside she is more like 90. She has an enlarged heart and liver, along with arthritic joints.

Carlos also tells them that she was mega-dosing HGH, the drug that was used at her spa for anti aging. The HGH it turns out made Brandy’s organs grow out of control. Carlos in the end tells them that with the large doses of HGH that Brandy was taking, she would have died within a year. Jim and Jennifer then pay Tara a visit. Then while questioning her, Jim receives a call from Daniel informing him that, Chris is actually Christa. Tara tells him that Krista is her receptionist. Jim then interjects about how Krista hasn’t shown up for work, the last 2 days. They then arrive at Krista’s house but don’t find her there. In the house they find an empty box of really expensive diamond earrings. Daniel later informs Jim and Jennifer that, Bruce is a regular at the store where the earrings were bought, and also that he is the one who bought them.

They also find out that Brandy was Bruce’s sixth wife. Jim then concludes that the 18 year old Krista can possibly be Bruce’s 7th. Later, Bruce tells the two that he bought the earrings as an anniversary gift for Brandy, and Krista must have stolen them from Brandy. Later Carlos informs Jim that Brandy didn’t drown, but it was possibly a wound on her head that lead her to convulse and asphyxiate. The other possibility he states is that, Brandy was drugged and that he is running tests to confirm that. Colleen meanwhile informs the two that Krista has a juvenile crime record, and also that the earrings are being pawned. She gives them the address and the name of the pawn shop. Krista is then arrested at the pawn shop. She later tells the two that Brandy fired her for her inefficiency, hence she send her the text. Krista then tells them that Bruce hit on her but she turned him down.

She also tells them that Bruce gifted her, the earrings. Later Daniel informs the two that Bruce lost out on a lot of money, when he was edged out of his own company by the junior management. He was then living it up on Brandy’s corporate credit card, which got cancelled the morning Brandy was killed. The two conclude that Brandy cancelled it, when she found out Bruce was having an affair with Krista. Later Bruce informs the two that there was an agreement in place which stated that, if Brandy dies the deal with Tara was off, and that she couldn’t take her treatment anywhere else. He also then tells them, now that Brandy is gone Tara calls all the shots, and her first short was cutting Bruce off. Bruce therefore argues that, he had no reason to kill Brandy.

Carlos later informs the two that Brandy did not die of a head injury, but was administered something that caused her asphyxiation, but quickly disappeared from her system. Later, the two arrest Tara, and Carlos finds a drug in her purse, which can cause asphyxiation, if administered by a trained anesthesiologist, like Tara is. Later Tara tells the two that, Bruce would have inherited all of Brandy’s shares. She also tells the two that she wanted to sell off all her shares before Bruce ran the company to the ground. Hence Bruce lied that Tara ran the spa. Later Carlos informs the two after running his tests that, Krista is Brandy’s daughter. Also, the hair stuck on the watch band is Krista’s.

Later Jim questions Krista about Brandy being her birth mom and giving her up when she was 16. Jim then concludes that Krista somehow found out where Brandy was, and got the job at spa, which she found out was owned by Brandy. Krista then tells them that she never wanted Brandy’s money. She only wanted to change Brandy’s mind. Krista thought if Brandy knew her as a person, she would accept Krista as her daughter. She then tells them how Brandy was really nice to her in the beginning. Hence one day after work, she admitted to Brandy who she really was. Brandy though wasn’t happy with the revelation and fired Krista, telling her to never come back. She then reveals how she went back to Brandy the next morning, but Brandy tried to pay her off. She then called security.

Krista meanwhile grabbed her but the floor was wet and Brandy slipped and hit her head on the side of the fountain, where she was found. Krista meanwhile panicked and ran from the scene. She then tells them that she never meant to hurt Brandy; she only wanted Brandy to know her. Later Carlos informs the two that Brandy’s cause of death was the asphyxiation caused by the anesthetic. Later Jim gets some information from Daniel, and the two pay Bruce a visit. Turns out, Bruce’s trip to Georgia was just o establish an alibi, and his Porsche was actually seen driving into Florida a little before Brandy’s death. Also it was Bruce who injected Brandy with the anesthetic that he stole from the spa’s medical store room, right after he saw Krista run from the crime scene and knew he could pin the murder on her.

Later the two inform Krista that, Brandy had written over the spa in her name. Jim tells her that Brandy was nasty to her only because she knew she was dying, and didn’t want Krista to lose her the second time. Callie later informs Jim that her tax issues have cleared up. The two then confess their love for each other, before Callie leaves for Georgia. The episode ends at this point.