Endless Summer - Recap

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The episode begins on the beach with the dead body of a woman being found entangled in a sand-sifter. Jim and Jennifer later arrive at the scene. Carlos informs two that the woman was already dead when she was dragged by the sand sifter. Jim then finds a bloodied towel, buried in the sand, and concludes that it belongs to the victim. Written on the towel is ‘Windermere Grand Resorts’, which is possibly the hotel at which the woman was staying. Also there are cuts and bruises on the victim’s body; hence Jennifer concludes that this is probably a robbery, where the victim tried to resist the thief. Later Jim is informed that the hotel manager informed the victim as Brenda Jackson, from Denver, Colorado.

Brenda it turns out, was staying in the hotel alone, had checked in two weeks ago and “was due to check out tomorrow”. Jim and Jennifer do not find a cell phone or a wallet in her room, and assume that the killer made out with those. Carlos later informs the two that the victim died due to her femoral artery being severed. Carlos also tells them “based on the wound, the weapon was a slightly curved serrated blade”. Daniel just then informs the two that, someone was caught using Brenda’s credit card at the beach. At the scene the two are shocked to find that the person using the credit card is a little kid. The kid claims that the card is his mother’s, and she had told him he could use it. He then informed by Jim that the owner of the credit card is dead, and therefore he is the number one suspect. On hearing this, the kid comes clean and tells them that, he found the card lying on the street, near the hotel. Jim then asks to take a locket hanging from the kid’s neck to check if it’s stolen. The kid though is adamant that he can’t give the locket, as his dad gave it to him for luck. Jim though escorts the boy for questioning. Outside they encounter the boy’s elder brother Dane Weston. Dane is informed by them about what his little brother has done, and is also dragged in for questioning. He then recognizes the victim and tells them that she came for a few surfing lessons to her dad Eddie, who is a surfing instructor. Jim then catches hold of Eddie. Eddie later tells the two that Blake the little kid caught using the credit card, is his only biological kid, and rest of the kids who he calls his children are all “emancipated minors”.

He further explains that all 15 kids he has taken under his wing are minors, and are from troubled homes. He then tells the two how all these kids love to surf, and some of them are rather good at it. Later the two question Katy, who is one of Eddie’s instructors and also one of his so-called kids. Katy was the last person who had seen Brenda alive on the beach, as she was her surf instructor. Katy tells the two that she did not kill Brenda, and in fact barely knew her. Coleen later informs Jim that Dane has a juvenile police record, and also that he earns big money through surfing and all of this money is handled by Eddie, as he is his legal guardian. Coleen later informs Jim that Dane was arrested earlier for assault. Daniel also shows him a video of Dane attacking a co-competitor, which shows how volatile Dane can be.

Carlos later informs Jim that there were some granules found in Brenda’s nasal track, which he has found out is Styrofoam fiberglass, normally used to make surfboards. Dane is later questioned and tells Jim and Jennifer that, Brenda didn’t want any lessons from him, but instead wanted them from Katy. He also elaborates that, Brenda and Katy would spend hours together, talking with each other. Later Daniel informs Jim that, the snowboard apparel company that Brenda owned, was soon going to launch a surf division. Daniel later informs the two that, Eddie actually has trust funds put in place for Katy and Dane, and all the money that they earn is put into those, and turns out even Eddie doesn’t have access to those trust funds. This in other words means that Eddie’s intentions are actually noble.

He also shows them, photographs of Katy and Brenda together, which proves that the two were a lot chummier than, Katy had lead them to believe. Also, it turns out the photographs are from more than a year ago, which means the two knew each other for a long time, unlike what Katy had claimed. Later when Katy is questioned, she tells Jim that she was at a nearby cyber café with Blake, when the murder took place. Daniel later confirms this to be true. He also shows Jim security footage of the café, where Katy is shown crying probably because Brenda had chosen someone else to model for her surfing line instead of her, which apparently gets Blake really mad, and he storms out of the café in anger.

Later, they question Blake about it, and he tells them that he was angry for the very reason they are assuming, but he walked around the beach till he calmed down, and did nothing about it. He also admits to Jim that, it’s during this walking around that he found Brenda’s credit card on the beach, and not near the hotel, like he had said earlier. Jim then asks him to show them, where exactly on the beach he found it. Blake later shows them the spot, and buried in the sand there, they find Brenda’s belongings, including her wallet. He also finds a locket nearby, similar to the one he had seen on Blake earlier, and given by Eddie to all his kids. Attached to the locket is a birthstone, in this case a sapphire, just like Blake’s locket has his birthstone, a pearl.

Jim tells Jennifer, he might know whose locket it is. Later the two confront Dane, with the locket, which he had earlier claimed, he had lost. Dane on seeing the locket tries to make a run for it, but is apprehended by Jim, who then reads him his rights. Callie meanwhile is overjoyed to find out that, she has managed to pass her boards. She then calls Jim to give him the good news, but finds his voicemail, and decides “it’s not the sort of thing you leave on voicemail” and instead hangs up. Dane meanwhile admits to Jim that he got into an argument with Brenda, and in the process killed her, he also adds that there is no need for them to waste their time doing a DNA test, as he is admitting his crime.

Jim then finding something fishy with his confession manages to discover through questioning him that, Dane probably isn’t the killer, and is possibly trying to protect someone. Jim later meets Eddie and tells him how Dane has been arrested and has confessed to the murder. Jim then makes Eddie, feel guilty enough for him to confess to the truth that, he is the actual murderer. Eddie tells Jim how he never meant to hurt Brenda and simply wanted to let her know how she had broken Katy’s heart.

Brenda it turns out had threatened Eddie with calling child services and telling them that Eddie was controlling his kids. He was hence afraid that his kids would get taken away from him. She then shoved him and walked away, and then in a fit of anger Eddie grabbed her and attacked her with the knife, he uses for carving surfboards. The locket as it turns out is his, as he shares his birthday with Dane, and therefore Dane had given Eddie his locket, as he had said he lost his.

Jim later confesses to Jennifer how he is finding it difficult to continue his relationship with Callie, who doesn’t seem to have any time for him. Jennifer then confesses to Jim that she has feelings for him, and asks him if he does too. Later, Jennifer is shown completing her assignment, handing it to Coleen and deciding to leave town earlier than planned. Jim pays Callie a visit and surprises her by proposing to her. The episode ends at this point.