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Season 7

The Golden Girls: Their Greatest Moments

A 90-minute special airing on Lifetime, which at the time of airing was the only place the series could be seen in America. Bea Arthur, Betty White, and Rue McClanahan all served as hosts for this episode, with Estelle Getty having been too ill to participate. Featured: interviews with the cast and crew, bloopers and outtakes, and never-before-seen footage from England.
Guest Stars: Tony Thomas as Himself | Paul Junger Witt as Himself | Estelle Getty as Flashbacks only as Sophia Petrillo | Betty White as Host/Flashbacks as Rose Nylund | Beatrice Arthur as Host/Flashbacks as Dorothy Zbornak | Rue McClanahan as Host/Flashbacks as Blanche Devereaux | Susan Harris as Herself
Writer: Marc Sotkin

155 :07x01 - Hey, Look Me Over

While going through some of her old belongings, Rose discovers a camera that once belonged to her late husband Charlie. The camera contains undeveloped film, which she soon has developed, and while looking through the pictures makes a shocking discovery: Charlie, it seems, slept with Blanche.

Meanwhile, Dorothy becomes concerned about Sophia's hearing.
Director: Lex Passaris

156 :07x02 - The Case of the Libertine Belle

Blanche invites the other three to attend a "Murder Mystery Weekend" up at a hotel, where Dorothy, a self-admitted mystery novel fanatic, soon proves herself to be quite a keen detective when she solves the supposed murder mystery. However, a man appears to have been actually murdered soon after, and Blanche is the prime suspect.
Guest Stars: Todd Susman as Marlowe | Margery Nelson as Woman | Tim Haldeman as Man | Gloria Cromwell as Gloria | Leland Orser as Waiter | Zach Grenier as Vaczy | Nicholas Kepros as Maitre d' | Claudette Sutherland as Posey MaGlinn | Richard Roat as Kendall Nezbit | Tony Plana as Alvarez
Director: Lex Passaris
Writer: Tom Whedon

157 :07x03 - Beauty and the Beast

Blanche's granddaughter Melissa comes to town for a visit, and Blanche soon gets ideas of entering her into the Little Miss Beauty Pageant, which Melissa secretly doesn't take to very well. Meanwhile, Dorothy hires a nurse to take care of Sophia, one who soon makes the other girls' lives a living hell.
Guest Stars: Robert Gould as Stage Manager | Barbara Alyn Woods as Woman | Alisan Porter as Melissa | Edie McClurg as Nurse DeFarge
Director: Lex Passaris

158 :07x04 - That's For Me to Know

Looking through a box of Sophia's old belongings, Dorothy finds an old picture of her mother as a young bride... with someone different than her father as the groom. Meanwhile, Blanche has to bend over backwards to get a hot tub installed, which could mean losing one of the others as a renter.
Guest Stars: Richard Stahl as Don
Director: Lex Passaris
Writer: Kevin Abbott

159 :07x05 - Where's Charlie?

Miles gives Rose a "friendship ring" as a symbol of their relationship. Soon after, however, something happens that makes Rose think her late husband Charlie is trying to contact her from beyond the grave about the ring, a situation that Sophia soon takes advantage of.

Meanwhile, Blanche dates a baseball player, whom she "coaches" by having him wear her underwear while playing.
Guest Stars: Harold Gould as Miles Webber | Tim Thomerson as Stevie
Director: Lex Passaris

160 :07x06 - Mother Load

Blanche begins dating Jerry Kennedy, a local newscaster, but soon finds herself having to deal with his overprotective mother. Meanwhile, Stan comes by and announces he's seeing a psychiatrist, and invites Dorothy to one of his sessions, where she learns that Stan may actually want her back -- but there may be something else he wants.
Guest Stars: Meg Wyllie as Mrs. Scott | Peter Graves (1) as Jerry Scott | Herb Edelman as Stanley Zbornak | Steve Landesberg as Dr. Halperin
Director: Lex Passaris

161 :07x07 - Dateline: Miami

It's Saturday night and the normally-dateless Dorothy appears to be the only one with a date. While she gloats and goes off and has a wonderful time, the other three recount the worst romantic experiences they've ever had.
Guest Stars: Lynnie Greene as Young Dorothy Zbornak | Nick Ullett as Waiter | Stan Roth as Police Officer | May Quigley as Woman | Margaret Reed as Pregnant Woman | Richard Tanner as Young Stan | Jesse Dabson as Myron | Pat Harrington, Jr. as John | Lenny Wolpe as Arnie | Fred Willard as Bob
Director: Peter Beyt

162 :07x08 - The Monkey Show (1)

On the eve of a hurricane, Dorothy's sister Gloria drops by for a visit, newly-flat broke. At the same time, Stan reappears to announce to Dorothy that thanks to his therapy sessions, he's moved on from her with a makeshift monkey (read: a traffic cone covered with a sock puppet), but Dorothy soon discovers that Stan's even moved on from the monkey...

Meanwhile, Blanche and Rose hold a telethon to save an old lighthouse.
Guest Stars: Richard Reicheg as Man | Ed Hooks as Stage Manager | Dinah Manoff as Carol Weston | Bryan Norcross as Himself | Matthew Saks as Cop #2 | Kay St. Germain Wells as Woman | Don Seigel as Davy Crickett | Dena Dietrich as Gloria Petrillo | Jonathan Schmock as Cop #1 | Bill Dana as Uncle Angelo | Herb Edelman as Stanley Zbornak | Steve Landesberg as Dr. Halperin
Director: Lex Passaris

163 :07x09 - The Monkey Show (2)

Dorothy is outraged when she finds Stan in bed with her sister Gloria, but is even more steamed when she finds out that Sophia is the one who pushed the two together. She gets into a heated argument with Sophia, who storms off into the storm as a result.

Meanwhile, Blanche and Rose's telethon to save the McKinley Lighthouse proves to be a failure.
Guest Stars: Dena Dietrich as Gloria Petrillo | Jonathan Schmock as Cop #1 | Bill Dana as Uncle Angelo | Herb Edelman as Stanley Zbornak | Steve Landesberg as Dr. Halperin
Director: Lex Passaris

164 :07x10 - Ro$e Love$ Mile$

Fed up with Miles and his frugality, Rose decides to act on the advice of Blanche and cheats on him, going out on a double date with her and some big spenders. Trouble soon arises, however, when Miles spots her on their date.

Meanwhile, Dorothy goes on a cruise, leaving Blanche in charge of Sophia, who sneaks out behind Blanche's back and travels to Sicily to make amends with Guido Spirelli, the man whom she stood up at the alter several years prior.
Guest Stars: David Pressman as Waiter | Phil Leeds as Guido Spirelli | Joe Mays as Maitre d' | Harvey Vernon as Barry | John P. Connolly as Mort | Bill Dana as Uncle Angelo | Harold Gould as Miles Webber
Director: Lex Passaris

165 :07x11 - Room 7

Blanche is in shock after learning her grammy's plantation is scheduled for demolition, leading to her and the others making a trip to Georgia to pay the building one last visit -- during which, Blanche handcuffs herself to the building's radiator, claiming they'll have to blow the house up with her in it.

Meanwhile, an afterlife experience has Sophia "living for the moment," doing some truly outlandish things.
Guest Stars: Sid Melton as Salvadore Petrillo | Roy Brocksmith as William | Gibby Brand as Man in Heaven | Don Stark as Sheriff
Director: Peter Beyt

166 :07x12 - From Here to the Pharmacy

A solder returning from the Persian Gulf finds Blanche and tries to reconnect with her, hoping that she will be his and only his, which she apparently promised him she would before she left. One problem: Blanche has no recollection whatsoever of this man or his promise. Meanwhile, Sophia decides to write her will, and enlists Rose as her lawyer.
Guest Stars: Bruce Kirby as Bill | Ed Call as Security Guard | Sergia Simone as Woman
Director: Lex Passaris

167 :07x13 - The Pope's Ring

The pope is in town, and Sophia intends to get him to bless her dear friend Agnes in the hospital. When she bends down to kiss his ring, however, it slips off, and he accidentally leaves it with her. Meanwhile, Blanche tries to one-up Dorothy's birthday gift to Rose by giving her a detective to spy on Miles.
Guest Stars: Fred McCarren as Detective | Eugene Greytak as The Pope | Harold Gould as Miles Webber | Steven Gilborn as Priest
Director: Lex Passaris
Writer: Kevin Abbott

168 :07x14 - Old Boyfriends

While shopping through the personals column, Sophia finds someone she believes to be quite a catch. Things get complicated, however, when he arrives, bringing along someone whom he claims to be his sister, who accompanies them on all of their dates.

Meanwhile, an old boyfriend of Rose's, Thor Anderson, visits from St. Olaf, but Rose cannot remember who he is.
Guest Stars: Louis Guss as Marvin | Betty Garrett as Sarah | Ken Berry as Thor Anderson
Director: Peter Beyt

169 :07x15 - Goodbye, Mr. Gordon

An old high school teacher of Dorothy's, Mr. Gordon, gets in touch with her again. Dorothy had an incredible crush on him in the past, and the two of them soon begin seeing each other. Meanwhile, Rose is named executive producer of the locally-produced Wake Up, Miami! talk show, and books Dorothy and Blanche for an appearance on one episode -- unbeknownst to them, one that deals with lesbian lovers of Miami.
Guest Stars: Kent Zbornak as Kent | Jana Arnold as Pat | Jack Bannon (1) as Chuck | James T. Callahan as Mr. Gordon | Phil Proctor as Ron
Director: Lex Passaris

170 :07x16 - The Commitments

The Broadway show Beatlemania! reaches Miami, and Dorothy, having missed out on seeing the actual Beatles, gets wrapped up in the craze all over again, even going so far as to date a Beatle impersonator. Meanwhile, Blanche's attempts to get a man into bed prove to be in vain, which prompts her to wonder if she's losing her looks.
Guest Stars: Ken Howard as Jerry | Terry Kiser as Don | Biff Yeager as Bellboy
Director: Lex Passaris

171 :07x17 - Questions and Answers

The TV game show Jeopardy! is holding auditions in Miami, and Dorothy starts studying her heart out to try and make it, leading to her having a dream where she appears on the show. Meanwhile, she and Blanche give Rose a dog to cheer her up.
Guest Stars: Raymond Forchion as Professor Bradly | Johnny Gilbert as Himself | Camilla Ashland as Mrs. Hubbard | Bill Erwin as Mr. Hubbard | David Leisure as Charlie Dietz | Merv Griffin as Himself | Alex Trebek as Himself | Derek McGrath as Coordinator
Director: Lex Passaris

172 :07x18 - Ebbtide VI: The Wrath of Stan

Rose does a television news report on the horrible, bug-infested living conditions of Dorothy's Uncle Angelo's apartment, which spells bad news for Dorothy and Stan, who serve as Angelo's landlady and lord, and are ordered to spend one night in the building.

Meanwhile, Sophia makes her annual trip to buy shoes.
Guest Stars: David Doty as Police Officer | Art Metrano as Judge | Jackie Swanson as Tracy | Lane Davies as Peterson | Bill Dana as Uncle Angelo | Herb Edelman as Stanley Zbornak
Director: Lex Passaris
Writer: Marc Sotkin

173 :07x19 - Journey to the Center of Attention

Blanche drags a lonely Dorothy down to her usual hangout spot, the Rusty Anchor, for a night of excitement. This ends up having some unforeseen consequences, however: namely, the fact that Dorothy and her singing soon become a bigger hit with the boys than Blanche.
Guest Stars: Gregory White as Bartender | Kevin Brief as Roger | Warren Munson as Frank | Don Mirault as Ron | Ann Nelson as Eva | Jane Dulo as Myrtle
Director: Lex Passaris

174 :07x20 - A Midwinter Night's Dream (1)

A full moon falls upon the household, and a leap year's full moon at that, leading Blanche to host a Moonlight Madness party at the house. True to its name, strange happenings abound: all the men are attracted to Dorothy while none are attracted to Blanche, Sophia believes a curse has been placed on Dorothy and goes through all the necessary steps to try and release her from it, and Rose wins a honeymoon vacation to Paris, France, leading Miles to propose.
Guest Stars: Harold Gould as Miles Webber | Neal Lerner as Rabbi | Dinah Manoff as Carol Weston | Hank Brandt as Brent
Director: Lex Passaris

175 :07x21 - A Midwinter Night's Dream (2)

Things keep getting stranger and stranger: Blanche falls in love with a former thief who she later suspects of stealing her jewelry, Dorothy tries to break the news of her and Miles' accidental kiss to Rose, and Sophia continues to try to break the "curse" over Dorothy, possibly getting herself into trouble while doing so.
Guest Stars: Marius Weyers as Derek | Doug Ballard as Police Officer | Dinah Manoff as Carol Weston | Kristy McNichol as Barbara | Harold Gould as Miles Webber
Director: Lex Passaris
Writer: Kevin Abbott

176 :07x22 - Rose: Portrait of a Woman

Rose plans to get Miles a golf club for his birthday, but Blanche, being Blanche, suggests she give him naughty pictures instead. When she gives the gift to Miles, he inadvertently opens it in front of attendees at his party, and an embarrassed Rose storms out.

Meanwhile, Dorothy speaks at the school's Career Day event, leading her to land a new job.
Guest Stars: Robert Yacko as Don | Dylan Lawrence as Student | Glen Vernon as Charles | Gloria Dorson as Lillian | Angelo Tiffe as Harry | Tom Villard as Randy Beder | Harold Gould as Miles Webber | Keone Young as Mr. Tanaka
Director: Lex Passaris
Writer: Robert Spina

177 :07x23 - Home Again, Rose (1)

Feeling down about having missed her high school reunion, Rose is soon recruited by Blanche, along with Dorothy and Sophia, to crash a reunion being held at a local high school. There, Blanche keeps getting rejected by the local graduates and Dorothy is mistakenly elected Queen of the reunion, but Rose soon suffers a heart attack.
Guest Stars: Cynthia Lea Clark as Court Reporter | Audree Chapman as Nurse | Paul Solomon as Man #3 | Mario Roccuzzo as Man #1 | Robyn Faye Bookland as Sarah | Linden Chiles as Dr. Thompson | Kevin Cooney as Man #2 | Rudolph Willrich as Pete | Lou Wagner as Harry | Jessica Lundy as Janet
Director: Peter Beyt
Writer: Gail Parent

178 :07x24 - Home Again, Rose (2)

The girls fear for Rose's life after they learn she must have open heart surgery. They're not the only ones worried sick: Kirsten, Rose's daughter, comes down to see her mother, and actively voices her dislike of the girls.
Guest Stars: Robyn Faye Bookland as Sarah | Audree Chapman as Nurse | Paul Collins as Dr. Shrewsbury | Jessica Lundy as Janet | Lee Garlington as Kirsten
Director: Peter Beyt

179 :07x25 - One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest (1)

Blanche, going on another one of her dates, learns her uncle Lucas is dropping by for a visit, and cons Dorothy into going out to dinner with him. At the restaurant, Dorothy and Lucas find out about Blanche's scheme, and vow revenge by planning to make her think they're getting married. However, Lucas's fake marriage proposal may turn out to be real.
Guest Stars: Leslie Nielsen as Lucas Hollingsworth
Director: Lex Passaris

180 :07x26 - One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest (2)

Six months later, Dorothy and Lucas go ahead with their nuptials. Rose plans to move in with her daughter after Dorothy and Lucas leave for Atlanta, while Sophia plans to go with them, leaving Blanche alone. But can they really plan to stay apart for very long?
Guest Stars: Earl Boen as Minister | Leslie Nielsen as Lucas Hollingsworth | Herb Edelman as Stanley Zbornak
Director: Lex Passaris
Warning: The Golden Girls guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 14, 1985
Ended: September 12, 1992
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