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The Golden Girls: Blanche and the Younger Man

Rose's mother Alma visits from St. Olaf and rapidly proves herself as an energetic woman, which doesn't sit well with Rose. Meanwhile, Blanche goes all-out to make herself look more youthful for a date with her much-younger aerobics instructor.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x9
Production Number: 011
Airdate: Saturday November 16th, 1985

Guest Stars
Jeanette NolanJeanette Nolan
As Alma Lindstrom
Main Cast
Beatrice ArthurBeatrice Arthur
As Dorothy Zbornak
Betty WhiteBetty White
As Rose Nylund
Rue McClanahanRue McClanahan
As Blanche Devereaux
Estelle GettyEstelle Getty
As Sophia Petrillo
Episode Notes
The screencap above is the background shot for the closing credits.

This episode is also known as "Rose's Mother."

This is the only appearance of Rose's mother, Alma Lindstrom. In real life, her actress, Jeanette Nolan, was only ten years older than Betty White.

Blanche is revealed to be over 50 years old in this episode.

Episode Quotes
Blanche: Why, Dirk! Did I just hear you ask me for a date?
Sophia: Are you deaf? I heard him from here.

Blanche: Mrs. Lindstrom, how would you like a little tour of our home while Rose is fixing that snack?
Rose: Oh -- I don't think this is a good time for that, Blanche. Mother's had a big day and I don't want her to get over-tired.
Dorothy: Well, she can skip the east wing, Rose.

Blanche: You know what I think? I think I can handle this relationship with Dirk. I'm going out with him Saturday night.
Dorothy: Was there ever any doubt?
Blanche: Momentarily. This is strictly off the record, but Dirk's nearly five years younger than I am.
Dorothy: (beat) In what, Blanche, dog years?
Blanche: (ignoring her) However, I have decided to overlook that minor detail and succumb from the Vesuvius of passion that is about to erupt from me!
Sophia: Stand back, we're gonna get something on us.

Rose: Oh hi, Blanche, you look terrific!
Blanche: Thanks! (runs out door)
Rose: (to Dorothy) Blanche looks terrible.
Dorothy: She looks terrible because all she eats is bee pollen.
Rose: I know! Isn't it ironic that the bees look so good?

Dorothy: Rose, what are you doing home?
Rose: I came home early to be with Mother.
Dorothy: Oh, my mother took her to the track.
Rose: (alarmed) You let her out of the house?
Dorothy: No, she dug a tunnel out of her bedroom with a dessert spoon.

Dorothy: Blanche, age is just a state of mind.
Blanche: Tell that to my thighs.

Episode Goofs
Sophia describes herself as having been a "tall, voluptuous blonde with a butt like granite," yet in later episodes she says she used to have red hair and weigh over 200 pounds.

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