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The Golden Girls: Nice and Easy

Blanche's niece Lucy comes for a visit and disappears just as quickly, having met a doctor on her flight. Then when she later interviews for a nearby college, it is discovered that she dropped her doctor friend for the interviewer, who wants to fly her to the Bahamas. Later, at the airport, the interviewer is arrested by a policeman named Ed, and... well, so on. Blanche soon decides to take it upon herself to lecture her niece about the meaning of relationships.

Meanwhile, Dorothy tries to get rid of a mouse.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x17
Production Number: 018
Airdate: Saturday February 01st, 1986

Guest Stars
Main Cast
Beatrice ArthurBeatrice Arthur
As Dorothy Zbornak
Betty WhiteBetty White
As Rose Nylund
Rue McClanahanRue McClanahan
As Blanche Devereaux
Estelle GettyEstelle Getty
As Sophia Petrillo
Episode Notes
The background shot during the closing credits features Blanche, Rose and Dorothy huddled together by the kitchen door, with Dorothy's arm around Rose's neck, after the girls become scared by the mouse.

Hallie Todd, who plays Lucy, would later go on to play Joanne "Jo" McGuire, the mother of the main character on Disney's hit TV series Lizzie McGuire.

Episode Quotes
Rose: Sophia, do you think it's right for a girl to sleep with a man on their first date?
Sophia: It's a sin.
Rose: (to the others) See? Sophia agrees with me.
Sophia: All I said was, "It's a sin." Personally, I'd go back to eating fish on Friday if His Holiness gave that one the green light.

Blanche: (to Lucy) Let me get a look at you, girl. Ooh! Terrific little figure, gorgeous hair, perfect skin! Just like looking in a mirror!
Sophia: Get some Windex!

Rose: I cringe at some of the stunts I pulled when I was going through my rebellious stage.
Dorothy: Like what, Rose? Squeezing the cows too hard?

(Sophia and Dorothy are playing checkers.)
Sophia: King me!
Dorothy: Ma, you can't do that!
Sophia: What are you talking about? It's a perfectly legal double-jump!
Dorothy: Yes, but I'm black, you're red!
Sophia: Hey, it's supposed to be a friendly game, all of a sudden you're playing Vegas rules?

Dorothy: The rat is back.
Rose: He's not a rat, he's a mouse!
Dorothy: He is history. I'm calling the exterminator.
Rose: Oh, no, Dorothy, don't do that! I'll talk to him.
Dorothy: What, you'll talk to the exterminator?
Rose: No, the mouse! I can communicate with animals! He's just a little field mouse who's lost his way. He'll listen to me. Mice always have.
(Dorothy just stands there holding a very strange look at Rose.)
Dorothy: Rose, do you have any idea how weird you are?

Blanche: Oh, I'm calling the exterminator!
Rose: Oh, no, don't! A mouse saved my life, once! His name was Larry. Larry the mouse! Oh, I loved Larry! He used to walk with me to school every day on a little leash I made out of kite string! Well, one day we were about to cross the bridge down near the schoolhouse, and Larry stopped dead in his tracks. No matter how I yanked on that leash he just wouldn't move! Suddenly I heard this loud noise. The dam upstream had broken, and this rush of water swept the bridge away! Larry saved my life! If it weren't for a mouse just like that little one in the kitchen, I wouldn't be sitting here today telling you this story!
(The others just hold a look at her for several seconds, until:)
Sophia/Dorothy: (to Blanche) Call the exterminator.

Cultural References
Dorothy: My God! My God, I can't believe it, I can't believe it!
Blanche: What?
Sophia: What?
Dorothy: A rat!
Blanche: A rat?!
Rose: (comes in from kitchen) It wasn't a rat! It was a cute little mouse!
Dorothy: Rose, it doesn't wear white gloves and work at Disneyland! We're talking about a rodent!

Dorothy is referring, of course, to Mickey Mouse, the famous Disney cartoon character who wears white gloves and -- of course -- can be seen at the Disney theme park Disneyland.

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