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The Golden Girls: Mister Terrific

Rose's newest boyfriend turns out to be an actor who plays "Mr. Terrific," the superhero host of a television show. When she brings him over one evening to meet the girls, he actually manages to help Dorothy find a summertime job, as a consultant on the show. Dorothy makes suggestions for changes to the show that are so well-received by the producers that when Mr. Terrific tries to fight them, he ends up being fired, creating animosity between him and Dorothy.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x24
Production Number: 074
Airdate: Saturday April 30th, 1988

Guest Stars
Don WoodardDon Woodard
As Kolak
Jody PriceJody Price
As Jody
Bob DishyBob Dishy
As Mr. Terrific
Jim HudsonJim Hudson
As Freddy
John WheelerJohn Wheeler
As Patron
Lonny PriceLonny Price
As Mr. Hastings
Raf MauroRaf Mauro
As Bartender
Ron KapraRon Kapra
As Stage Manager
Main Cast
Beatrice ArthurBeatrice Arthur
As Dorothy Zbornak
Betty WhiteBetty White
As Rose Nylund
Rue McClanahanRue McClanahan
As Blanche Devereaux
Estelle GettyEstelle Getty
As Sophia Petrillo
Episode Notes
The background shot during the closing credits features Rose, Mr. Terrific, Dorothy and Blanche in the living room, as Mr. Terrific points at Dorothy and accuses her of causing him to get fired.

This episode was taped on February 19, 1988.

Episode Quotes
Rose: Girls, you won't believe what happened to me this afternoon -- I met Mister Terrific!
Blanche: Rose, don't be so quick to judge. I thought I had met Mr. Terrific. Turned out there was also a Mrs. Terrific. I found myself ducking a Mr. Vase.

Mr. Hastings: [Mr. Mailman is] supposed to be our guest host, but he's disappeared.
Dorothy: Oh, uh, try the ladies room. Yeah, I found him there once when he was playing Mrs. Nurse.
Mr. Hastings: I didn't know we had a character "Mrs. Nurse."
Dorothy: We don't.

Rose: (showing off her outfit) How do I look?
Sophia: Not bad. You got another date with Captain Marvelous?
Rose: Mr. Terrific! I can see you didn't read many comic books when you were a child.
Sophia: Hey, we had comic books in Sicily. My favorite was Benito the Hood. He lived in the forest with his band of merry thugs. Benito was very popular.
Rose: You mean, because he stole from the rich and gave to the poor?
Sophia: ...I said Benito the Hood, not Benito the Idiot.

Mr. Hastings: Dorothy, I read your memo! I like the way you think!
Dorothy: Well, thank you, Mr. Hastings! Thank you very much!
Mr. Hastings: Boy, you've got a lot of modern ideas for a woman your age!
Dorothy: (laughs) Oh, you're just saying that.
Mr. Hastings: No, no, I mean it, I really think you're old!

Rose: (about Mr. Terrific) I'm nuts about that guy!
Dorothy: You'd have to be.

Rose: Oh -- Dorothy, I'm glad you're here! Meet Mr. Terrific!
Dorothy: Oh, Mr. Terrific, meet Mrs. Severely Depressed.

Episode Goofs
In one scene, Mr. Terrific says his show will have been on the air for 22 years starting the following September. However, in another, he calls out Freddy for mixing up his roles of Mr. Policeman and Mr. Mailman, saying, "Freddy, it's been 16 years, when are you going to learn?" Mr. Terrific is explicitly stated to have been dead set against any changes to his series, meaning he had to have hired Fred when the show started.

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