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The Golden Girls: Little Sister

Rose's younger sister Holly, whom she's never really cared for, comes for a visit and clicks instantly with Dorothy and Blanche, to the point where she excludes Rose from all of their activities. When Rose tries to point this out, however, neither of the girls believes her, causing a rift to form between them.

Meanwhile, Sophia looks after Dreyfuss, dog of Dr. Harry Weston (from Empty Nest), but he soon runs away.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x21
Production Number: 098
Airdate: Saturday April 01st, 1989

Guest Stars
Jerry HardinJerry Hardin
As Gary
Inga SwensonInga Swenson
As Holly
Main Cast
Beatrice ArthurBeatrice Arthur
As Dorothy Zbornak
Betty WhiteBetty White
As Rose Nylund
Rue McClanahanRue McClanahan
As Blanche Devereaux
Estelle GettyEstelle Getty
As Sophia Petrillo
Episode Notes
The background shot during the closing credits features Dorothy, Rose and Blanche on the couch, as Rose tells the others about Holly deliberately excluding her from their activities.

Inga Swenson, Rose's sister Holly, played Ingrid Swanson in Susan Harris' earlier sitcom Soap.

Episode Quotes
(Dorothy is asleep on the couch. Dreyfuss is right in her face.)
Dorothy: Ma, did you have a sardine sandwich again?

Blanche: Why is there a big hairy beast in my house?
Sophia: My guess is because he bought you dinner.

Holly: She's fiesty, zesty, and full of of old world charm, Sophia.
Sophia: She's mopey, dopey and full of crap, this must be Rose's sister.

Sophia: Dreyfuss is gone.
Blanche: He ran away?
Sophia: No, we had a falling out and agreed to a trial separation.

Rose: My sister's in town on business. She's a world renown flautist.
Dorothy: Oh, she plays the flute.
Rose: No, Dorothy, she plays the flaut. It looks like a tuba except there's hair on the bottom. Of course she plays the flute!

Gary: Rose, I find you very attractive. More attractive than most women I come into contact with.
Rose: Aren't most of the women you come in to contact with dead?

Sophia: My Uncle Carlo always used to say, "Honesty is the best policy." Of course, Uncle Carlo died a penniless drunk.

Sophia: Hold it, Rose. I need some advice, too.
Rose: You need advice from me?
Sophia: Yeah. Frightening, isn't it?

Episode Goofs
Rose claims to hate her sister Holly, but in the season one episode "Transplant", she says she is shocked at the idea of anyone hating their sister.

Cultural References
Blanche: You have no recollection of Dreyfuss since last Thursday?
Sophia: I have no recollection period since last Thursday. Anything could've happened in the last three days. I just hope I'm not carrying Steve Garvey's baby.

Steve Garvey is a retired American baseball player. Throughout the '80s, Garvey was known for being in relationships with several different women at the same time, and in 1988 one such woman became pregnant with his daughter, which he later claimed was done without his "consent".

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