The Good Guys (2010)

The Good Guys (2010)

A young, ambitious and by-the-book detective is paired with a drunken, unruly veteran who only manages to hang on to his job because of past heroics.

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Prev: 1x20 -- Partners (Dec/10/2010)

Jack and Dan investigate a simple dine-and-dash at a local restaurant, but things become complicated when Jack's former partner, who is now the assistant chief of the department, shows up after Liz's informant against a mafia kingpin is murdered. With a dirty cop behind the hit, and their lives on the line, everybody must learn that the only way to survive is to stay close to the ones they trust.

Colin HanksColin Hanks
As Det. Jack Bailey
Bradley WhitfordBradley Whitford
As Det. Dan Stark
Jenny WadeJenny Wade
As A.D.A. Liz Traynor
Diana-Maria RivaDiana-Maria Riva
As Lt. Ana Ruiz

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1x20: Partners recap: The scene opens with Dan and Jack catching lunch. Although they are at a place where one gets the best pancakes in Dallas, he is loving his chilies. For Jack, it is never a good day when Dan is eating chilies, and besides, they have to get back to office as they have paperwork on 6 arrest reports to do. Dan and desk work? Not happening. And before long, there is a man running out of the cafe having skipped his check. Dan has something interesting now. He gives chase, breaking through a glass wall, and before anyone knows it, Jack has to follow too. Dan is all enthusiastic, but Jack is running faster by leagues because Dan’s digestion is giving him grief. However, the check skipper has run a long way after Jack dashes into a man casually walking out of his door. Dan can hardly run any longer, and Jack is feeling partially dead... read more.

1x19: Cop Killer recap: The scene opens with Julius speeding down the road having fun as he overtakes all the cars. However, it doesn't take long for him to find danger. He has a car chasing him, and it's doing everything to keep up with his pace. So Julius, worried, calls up Dan, who suggests he calls a cop. But that's what he is doing. He has nabbed so many bad guys for Dan, that it could be any of them wanting to kill him. All Dan can tell him is to make a sharp turn and get on another road. He does, but it turns out to be a dead end. The car arrives, and out steps a man in a black suit. Julius is scared and tells him he's got friends in the police, and Dan could even break a few laws to bust his ass. However, this man is Internal Affairs Assistant Chief Guthrie. He is the one that will bust Dan's butt... read more.

1x18: Supercops recap: The episode begins in downtown Dallas where Dan and Jack are chasing an armed suspect who barricades himself inside a building with a steel door. Dan decides the only way to pursue the bad guy is to grease his body so that he can enter through a small panel on the door. As Jack is helping Dan apply motor oil to his upper torso, the Dallas Strike Force arrives and proceeds to knock the door down and arrest the suspect. Dan is furious with the Strike Force commander for horning in on their case. Back at the precinct, Lt. Ruiz tells Jack he needs to control his partner, and advises him that his application to join the Strike Force that was submitted months ago has been considered and they want to interview him for a position. Jack decides not to tell Dan about the interview since Dan doesn't consider them real cops... read more.

1x17: The Getaway recap: The scene opens with Dan and Jack punk hunting, when they drive into an alley. A young man is doing a graffiti on the wall, when Jack steps out and says ‘Freeze!’ The boy runs across the alley, jumps into a parking lot, and displaying excellent fitness, manages to stay out of Jack’s reach, who can do nothing but look. The boy has jumped across multiple levels of a parking lot, where Dan drives chasing the boy through the levels. However, he cannot get close without fretting, and when he does, the boy drops on his bonnet, and sprays the graffiti paint on the windscreen. Unable to see a thing, Dan continues his chase, but ends up crashing out of the parking lot – luckily out of the lowest level... read more.

1x16: Silence of the Dan recap: The scene opens with Dan and Jack catching a meal, when Jack finds Dan’s doughnut-gaucomonut habit weird. However, it charges up Dan with an irritant-like kick and he loves having it. Meanwhile, one of the young cops at the office is setting a new record for the highest number of push-ups. Just as Hodges announces the news, Dan is not game with anyone actually having broken his record. So he puts himself to the test. Dan is straining as soon as he starts, and Samantha points out how the veins on his head suggests he is straining beyond a healthy limit. Jack manages to pull him out of the record bout – they have a case to solve.
When they arrive at Dr. Morris’s house, who likes being called with his title and surname. He tells them about the theft at his place... read more.
Recurring Guests

Joel Spence as Det. Hodges (13 eps)
RonReaco Lee as Julius Grant (11 eps)
Angela Sarafyan as Samantha (7 eps)
Marcus M. Mauldin as Det. Lang (5 eps)
Gary Cole as Frank Savage (2 eps)
Clarice Tinsley as News Reporter (2 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Crime
Status: Canceled
Network: FOX ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: May 19, 2010
Ended: December 10, 2010
Slink by Locksley  
• Code 58 (Working title), (Used In USA)
• Code Fifty Eight (Alternate title), (Used In USA)
• Jack and Dan (Working title), (Used In USA)
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