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Broken Door Theory - Recap

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The episode begins with Detective Dan Stark and Jack Bailey are in a tub taking on gun fire from an unknown source. They flashback to one day earlier where Liz talks to Jack about finding him a date. A sneezing Dan enters and Jack insists that he take the day off from work. The scene cuts to a man who is clearly upset with the fact that a girl named Holly is trying to leave him. Back at the station, Dan gives Jack a hard time about Liz setting Jack up with a date. Jack tells Dan that they have another case. This one involves a vending machine vandal. Jack voices that he is tired of the small crimes and Dan tells that every crime starts off small and can go to a high profile crime quickly.

Holly is leaving and the man, who we find out is named Gemini, doesn’t want her to leave. His “associate” points out that she has $10,000 in her car. Gemini grabs Holly and tells that he doesn’t care about her problems and tells her to get back to work. She refuses and Gemini says that he is going to convince her. Meanwhile, Dan and Jack meet Monroe, the manager of the Lagato Hotel and he just wants to get the police report for the insurance purposes. Dan is making it seem like a high profile case as always and Jack is telling Monroe that it is not a big deal. Back with Holly and Gemini, he is setting an example for her and burns all the luggage that was in her car to leave.

In the hotel Lagato, Dan overflows the toilet on purpose to get a look at the guests list. His knowledge o lack thereof of computer shows as he tries to hit it with a stapler repeatedly. Jack pulls up the list. Dan attempts to memorize the list but Jack simply prints it out. They go through the list at the station and they stop at a Paul McIntire as the one to see. They visit Paul and he denies even being at the hotel. His wife Pam enters and Paul says that his credit card was charged at a hotel. Pam recognizes that Dan is sick and offers him something. This for Dan involves a screwdriver with lemon. Jack tells Pam that his partner is fine. Paul re-enters and says that his credit card was stolen. As they exit, Dan and Jack fell that Paul is hiding something. Their suspisions are right when Paul is seen talking to Gemini about the escort business he is running and Gemini apologizes but Paul tells that he is going to take his business elsewhere. Gemini gets off the phone and tells his “associate” that someone told the cops. He looks at a matchbook to the Lagato Hotel.

Jack and Dan arrive at the hotel to talk to Monroe again but he is not there. They see a man fall from the top of the building, it is Monroe. They flashback to 90 seconds earlier and we see Monroe on the roof with Gemini and his associate. It is clear that Dan passed on his sickness to the manager. He swears he did not go to the police but Gemini doesn’t believe him and they toss him over the roof. Dan and Jack run outside to see if they can catch the crook and they are too late. They cut to Gemini who is on the phone with Paul again and tells that he has taken care of the problem and offers him a free night with an escort. He coughs and it seems that the sickness has spread to him as well. Paul hangs up the phone and Pam is there. She is on to him. Meanwhile, back at the crime scene, Lt. Ruiz tells that the case has gotten bigger and Homicide will take over. The Homicide detectives give Dan and Jack a hard time and Jack wants to go home. But Dan doesn’t and as he coughs, he bends over and finds a watch in the grass. Jack is at a bar and gets a text from Liz asking if he has called Laura, the girl she set him up with.

At the station, Dan tells Jack of the watch he found. They go to Paul’s hous and he is jumping through the window. Flashback 10 seconds later, and Pam is there with a gun. She has found out of his “affairs”. Pam runs out with the gun aimed at her husband and Dan and Jack have their gun aimed at her. Dan tells that she doesn’t have to kill Paul but she can get everything in a divorce. They are going to set up Gemini with a sting operation. Paul calls him up and tells that he wants a freebie as he was offering. He tells that a friend is going to take it at the Caravan Hotel. Gemini notices that Paul went to the cops because of the change from a classy hotel to a dump. At the Caravan Hotel, Jack is the Jon and Dan is jealous that it was not him. Jack tells that he would only have sex with the prostitute to save face and then arrest her. Holly walks up and a nervous Jack answers the door. He stumbles and they sit on the bed. He starts talking about his ex-girlfriend and how she is setting him up with a date. They talk. An antsy Dan gets out of the car and Gemini is watching. Dan enters the hotel room and Holly doesn’t do groups. Dan and Jack tell that they are just trying to get to Gemini. Jack sees Gemini and his associate have machine guns. They all crawl through the hotel room and climb in the bathtub. Dan sneezes in Jack’s face. Thank goodness Jack got that flu shot!

After the incident and after Gemini fled, Lt. Ruiz yells at them for not filing the right authorizations before setting it up. They are officially off the case. Dan and Jack talk about the vending machine and Holly tells that Gemini owns vending machine companies that he inherited 30 years ago. Flashback! Eugene, a.k.a Gemini, is sitting listening to his father talk about how easy it is to get into the vending machine business. Jack and Dan talk to Liz to get them financial records to Gemini’s business. Dan tells that if she scratches their back and get them the records, Jack will scratch her back and go on the date with Laura. She gives the reports. Meanwhile, Homicide detectives are interrogating Holly and want to get the name to Gemini. Jack and Dan enter and reveal Gemini as Eugene. Stark pukes. Meanwhile, Eugene is puking as well. His associate tells that they are on the news. Time for plan B.

Ruiz tells Dan and Jack that they are not to go within a mile of Gemini’s home and that the Homicide detectives are taking over. Later at 1.01 miles from Gemini’s home at the Watsun Pharmacy, Jack and Dan are waiting for something to happen. Jack is against Dan’s plan. The Homicide detectives pull up and give them a hard time again. Jack tells Dan to go home but he tells about a partner he used to have and he took a day off work one day and his partner was shot. That is why he won’t take another sick day. Dan tells that he needs medicine and they go inside of the Pharmacy. Dan’s method of medicine is a six pack of beer. They see Gemini but both officers left their guns in the car. But Dan puts a toy gun, that he calls an orange gun to Gemini’s head. Gemini escapes and a very sick Dan runs after him. They meet up and Dan eventually gets the handcuffs on him. Back at the station, everyone is gone because of the spread of Dan’s flu. Liz tells that the report was from the blood belongs to Ryan Winkler. They visit him and he admits to breaking it and tells that his uncle owns the hotel. Knowing they can’t arrest him, Jack asks if he got a flu shot. He says no. Dan kisses him and Jack tells him to wait. Justice served!