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The Dim Knight - Recap

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The scene opens with Dan Stark talking about his old partner Frank to Jack Bailey and Dan remembers that he had a pit-bull even. As the two detectives exit a house, men in hazard suits run out of the house as it is smoking. As Dan and Jack get across the street, the inside of the house explodes. Flashback to one day earlier at the District Attorney’s Office where Jack is talking to Liz and tells that he has murder cases Kyle and Liz are going on a date and Jack is jealous they are going to see Ryan Adams. It is the same guy that him and Liz went to see when they were dating. Dog Poisoning case and Dan is upset more then usual. The dogs were killed and it was deliberate. Dan wants to start looking for dungeons and look for the serial killer. But Jack wants to collect evidence first. A man named Mr. Chen meets a translator named Lee Yau and they have business to discuss about the Chemicals. They meet with a gun dealer and they talk that they want ammunition and guns. They meet a man who has badmouthing their company. The supplier tells that the chemicals from Mr. Chen’s company blew up his Meth Lab. Mr. Chen shoots him and Lee Yau is devastated.

Jack and Dan canvass the neighborhood and talk to a neighbor and Dan spots an El Camino that has been sitting there for a while. Jack thinks Dan is crazy but as Dan sneaks up on it, the car takes off. Dan chases after it on foot and misses it by inches and lands on his stomach. Jack wrote down the license plate as Dan was running after it. They go to the house of the El Camino and no one is home. Dan wants to search the house and Jack reminds that they don’t have probable cause. Dan asks if a garage door is cracked or unlocked is it alright to search it. He then shoots the lock and apologizes for doing it. As Dan is opening the door, Jack see that there is a fire and the inside of the garage explodes as Jack pulls Dan out of the way. Back at the station, Lt. Ruiz wants to meet Jack and Dan. Lt. Ruiz pulls out a report that Dan wrote, that was a surprise to Jack. In the report, Dan wrote that they had probable cause to search the garage because of a “chemically” smell that turned out to be chemicals. Jack agrees with his partner and Ruiz buys it and asks what is next. Jack tells that they are going around the neighborhood and showing the picture of the El Camino. Ruiz compliments the police work Dan and Jack are doing.

The scene flashbacks to 3 hours earlier and the El Camino pulls up to his house and see Jack and Dan entering his garage. He goes to the Bayard chemical supply and he tells that his “supplies” have run low un-expectantly. He asks to where a hotel is and tells that he needs “privacy. In the next scene, he is making chemicals in the bathroom. Back at the station, Jack tells that he is upset that Dan lied in the police report. Dan tells him to relax. Liz stops Jack and tells that Kyle had to cancel their date and wanted to see if Jack would be interested in the tickets to Ryan Adams. Jack stumbles over who he is going to take and says that he will find someone. Lee Yau is on the phone with his cousin and tells that he is killing people. Mr. Chen enters the car and Lee Yau changes the conversation and tells that they are meeting with a client. He shows him an address of 1512 E. Palm Ave. Jack and Dan knock on the door of the same address that Mr. Chen showed Lee Yah. It belongs to Mr. Spivey the neighbor they questioned before. As Dan and Jack exit, Mr. Spivey goes in the back room where he has a team brewing chemicals. He has a Meth Lab in his house. But the chemicals go wacko just like the others and the men exit the house quick before it explodes. Mr. Chen and Lee Yau pull up and Mr. Chen tells that someone is tampering with their chemicals.

Stark is putting men in the police car and Ruiz tells Dan and Jack to hand the case over to Narcotics. But Jack fights for the case and Ruiz gives it to them for now. Meanwhile at the Elmwood Chemical Storage, the distributor of Mr. Chen’s chemicals, Mr. Chen is hitting a man named Joey and he claims that he doesn’t open the chemicals. But Lee Yau tells that he is in trouble and is scared to leave for fear that Mr. Chen will kill him. Mr. Chen picks up on Lee Yau’s muttering and wants to know what Lee Yau is telling Joey. Lee Yau covers himself and Mr. Chen wants a list of all the people he ships to or he will kill him. At M & P Chemical sales, Jack and Dan talk to the Secretary and Dan is doing his normal flirting. He gives her his phone number. Jack wants to know how Dan does it. Jack wants to know what he should do with Liz and Dan tells that he needs to do nothing but sit back and relax. They visit Bayard Chemical Supply and the girl recognizes the man in the El Canino and tells that he is staying at a motel. Meanwhile, Steve Maxson is crossing out names and numbers and packing the newly mixed chemicals in bags. Mr. Spivey knocks open a door and tells that a supplier messed up but he tells that all the Labs are blowing up. Dan and Jack are outside the room of Steve and they knock on the door to a Steve Maxson who is sitting in the motel eating cereal and watching cartoons.

At the station Steve is sobbing and tells that his daughter Emily was a good girl until she got hooked on Meth. Now she is dating a drummer. Jack and Dan tell that it is no excuse to blow up Meth Labs. But Steve didn’t know that they blew up. He only wanted to neutralize the chemical so they couldn’t make Meth. Dan and Jack tell Ruiz that the Kingpin taking down the Meth Labs is only a concerned father. At the question of how he got connection with the chemical supplies, the scene cuts to 8 months earlier at the Elmwood Chemical Supply where Steve applies for the job there are a truck driver. They go to get Joey, Steve’s boss. But, Meanwhile, Mr. Spivey and his supplier are pouring chemicals on Joey. He tells he never opened any barrels and tells that only he and his driver Maxson has access. Mr. Spivey opens Steve’s locker and finds a picture of him and his daughter. Mr. Spivey knows him and wants to know when he comes in for work. At the station Liz tells that she can lower Steve’s sentence down to 18 months and Dan tells that Steve shouldn’t go to jail at all and a couple days in jail will get him killed. But Steve tells that he broke the law and has to do the time. He tells Dan to wire him up. They leave and Jack talks to Liz about Kyle and he is blunt and tells that Kyle is not good for her. She tells that he is right and changes the subject to Steve.

At the Chemical Supply place, Mr. Spivey and his friends are getting ready for Steve to show up to work. Meanwhile, Mr. Chen and Lee Yau are at Big Rick’s Meth Lab that is exploded like the rest. He tells that his employer doesn’t wish to do business in Dallas anymore and they have to terminate the distributor. Steve is wired up and Jack tells Dan that Ruiz patted him on the back. Dan tells that he was going to be Lieutenant but in the morning they found Dan and Frank in a dumpster naked. But the meaning of it is that they need to focus on not getting Steve killed. They go to the job and Steve finds Joey with Mr. Spivey and his friends. He tells that all of the men have guns and Jack and Dan rush to the door. It is locked and they hear a gun shot. Flashback 20 seconds earlier and Joey is yelling at Steve. They are about to shoot Steve when Mr. Chen shoots the guy with the gun. It is a shoot out and Mr. Spivey and his friends run for cover. The bad guys start killing the bad guys and Jack and Dan see Steve behind the car crying. Dan places a bucket of chemicals in front of a door and shoots it. It explodes and they go inside and join the gun fight. Mr. Spivey gets shot by Mr. Chen and Mr. Chen gets shot in the foot. He tells Lee Yau to shoot the cops and Lee Yau drops his gun and it shoots Mr. Chen in the head. The gun fire stops and they look for Steve. But Joey is still there. He tells the two detectives to drop their guns and kicks them over to Steve who is hiding among the barrels. As Joey is about to shoot Dan and Jack, Steve shoots Joey. Dan doesn’t feel right sending Steve to jail. Jack gives money from Dan and him to Steve and Steve exits the back door.

Back at the station, Lt. Ruiz is wondering how Steve the crybaby overpowered the two cops. Dan and Jack say that he just did. Jack is at his desk and Liz walks up and thanks him for being honest with her about Kyle. She had a long talk with Kyle and date night is back on for them. Being the gentleman Jack is, he gives back the tickets to the Ryan Adams concert to Liz. She hugs him and kisses his cheek. Dan walks up and tells Jack to take the advice he gave him next time. Jack asks if there is bourbon in Dan’s coffee. He denies it and hands Jack the flask of bourbon. Jack and Dan swig down their beverages and end the episode.