$3.52 - Recap

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The episode begins with Dan Stark and Jack Bailey in a truck trailer, about to jump out and give “the element of surprise” as Dan puts it. They jump out and there are guys with guns shooting at them. Flashback to 45 hours earlier and Dan is on the stand at the trial of Wayne Young. Liz asks Dan if he sees the man that was driving the truck that was used for drug trafficking. Young’s lawyer then cross-examines Dan and asks him what methods he used to find out that Young’s plates were from Waco, Texas and thus giving him the right to pull him over. The whole time Dan keeps asking if he is still under oath. Flashback 3 months earlier, Dan is questioning Young’s business partner, Paco, about details of the truck. Dan tells him that he has a bomb and puts it down his pants. Back in the court room, Dan says that it wasn’t really a bomb and that it was really a transistor radio with the back removed. Young's lawyer moves for dismissal and it is granted. Outside the courtroom, Liz is upset that Jack didn’t control his partner and he tells her that he is hard to control. Dan blew the case and Jack is furious because it was the State’s case and that he filed paperwork for a week on it. He says that they need resources to try to get Young again but that the investigation is over and that means no resources. But Dan bets $3.52 to Jack that he can get Young back in jail.

Young gets out of jail and tells his associate that they have errands to run but needs to pick up a shotgun first. They visit Paco, the guy that told Dan the details of the truck, and point the shotgun at his face. Paco says that he knew that the case would get thrown out of court when the detective supposedly stuck a bomb in his pants. He says that he has something lined up that will make them rich. There is a brick of heroin to be sold that will give them a lot of money. Young asks about the cops and Paco says that the cops are going to be eating doughnuts. Meanwhile, Jack is eating a doughnut. Jack calls Dan and wants to know if he is serious about taking Young down. He says yes and tells him that he has to go, he is waiting for someone. He catches a guy running out of the parking lot, it turns out to be Julius. Dan says that the bond between a snitch and a cop is sacred. He wants to get information on Young in exchange to get rid of Julius’s warrants. After Julius writes down a name and address, he gives Dan a hug, which Dan feels is weird. At Liz's office, whose conviction rate has fallen from 75% to 69%, Jack apologizes and says he wants to go after Young again. She says that they need to catch Young in the act of a major felony.

Jack is reading the case file and Dan shows him the address that Julius gave him. Jack asks what are they going to bust Young for, and says he wants to do things by the book. Dan impresses him by saying that they are going to conduct a preliminary investigation. They arrive at G.T. Stone’s truck depot, actually owned by Wayne Young, but nobody is there. Dan is playing things “by the book” and wants to bust the owner for locking secondary entrances to the store, propane tanks, and other minor violations in order to get a better look. Jack calls Liz and says that he is going to be late to their meeting. They see a truck and climb inside. Julius calls Dan, but Dan tells Julius that he can’t talk because they are in the back of one of Young's trucks. Young and Paco walk in and close up the truck trailer with Jack and Dan inside.

Julius arrives at the truck depot at about the same time as his friend Skeeter. Julius asks Skeeter for help to find the truck with Dan and Jack in it. He offers his car to Skeeter to find the truck and Skeeter says that he will do it. Meanwhile in the truck, Paco tells Young his strategy is to transport one brick of heroin amongst 200 boxes of other stuff. They hear a blast and Young says it is only a backfire from the truck. Flashback 30 seconds earlier and we see that the blast was actually Dan shooting the trailer wall in order to create a hole for signals to reach their cell phones, but the truck is made of reinforced steel and the bullet just richochets. Dan then suggests jumping off the truck, but Jack disagrees, saying it is a bad idea to jump off a truck moving at 75 miles an hour. At the station, Liz is waiting for Jack who is 45 minutes late. Another detective asks if she is still waiting for her boyfriend to which she snaps back with a threat to make him write the reports in blue ink instead of black for calling Jack her boyfriend. Skeeter finds out that the truck is going west and that Young is doing a deal with a guy that is scary looking and from a different country. The scene cuts to Mikkel Anderson Imports Inc. (Dry Goods / Heroin) and we see the scary guy, who is from South Africa. Skeeter and Julius take off after the truck. Meanwhile, Dan is still trying to get a signal on his phone by attempting to cut a hole in the truck. Jack starts verifying Young’s inventory by opening the boxes labeled “scented candles”. Skeeter finds out that that the deal is going down in the morning at a trading post and that the South African bought a lot of guns. Julius says that they need to save Dan to keep himself out of jail.

Back in the truck, Dan stumbles across a 3 kilo brick of heroin. The truck stops at the drop site and Young and Paco meet Mikkel and his posse, all with automatic weapons. They tell Young to get on his knees. It turns out that Paco had a side deal with Mikkel. Flashback 28 hours earlier Paco is telling Mikkel to kill Young and they both win. But Young had the idea 26 hours earlier, telling Mikkel that he will get rid of Paco. But the joke’s on both when Mikkel, 25.5 hours ago said that he wanted to kill them both. One of the guys opens the truck and Dan and Jack jump out. Realizing that it is just not Young and Paco, Dan and Jack take cover. A gun fight ensues and Paco takes a gun and fires on a car, which catches fire and explodes. Meanwhile, at the station, Liz goes up to Lt. Ruiz and asks where Dan and Jack are. She calls and finds out they have not checked in. She then gets a call from Jack and he says that they need back up. The gunfire continues and Julius is on his way to the Trading Post. Dan and Jack decide to take the brick of heroin and drive towards the back up, knowing the criminals will follow. The car they chose turns out to have a bad transmission. When the bad guys close in, Jack slams on the brakes and the other two cars swerve off the road. Jack sees in the rear view mirror that Paco is coming in the semi truck, burning from a fire started by the lighted scented candles. He crashes into the car but Jack and Dan manage to get out, dropping the brick of heroin in the process. Paco grabs the heroin and runs. Mikkel sneaks up on Dan and Jack and demands to know who they are. They inform him they are police officers. Skeeter and Julius sneak up behind Mikkel and Julius points a gun at his head. Dan asks if he can give Julius a hug. Jack asks what the hug was about and Dan says that he is a hugger.

Lt. Ruiz and Liz arrive at the Trading Post and the owner is explaining what happened. Ruiz is upset about the damage but Liz is happy to see Jack alive. Paco got away with the heroin but flashback 7 hours earlier, while Jack and Dan were under fire, Dan sees a brick and gives the store owner $3.50 for the brick and candy bar. He takes the wrapping off the heroin and puts it over the brick. Back at the store, Dan pulls the heroin out of a bucket and said that Jack wanted to play by the book, so he secured all evidence. Meanwhile, at Hacienda of Juan Cortez Heroin Wholesaler, Paco is offering to sell what he thinks is heroin. Cortez opens the package to find a brick with “Remember the Alamo” painted on it. Paco gets taken away. Back at the station, Jack is impressed to see Wayne Young going to prison and also with how Dan managed it. Now he has to convince Liz to reduce Julius’s sentence from 5 years in prison to 6 months probation. Dan solved a big case and he did it all for $3.52. The two cents was lost in the gun fight.