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Don’t Tase Me, Bro - Recap

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The scene opens at 10 PM at the Texas State Fairgrounds with a Code 13 in progress. Dan gets out of his car and tells Jack, who is on the phone with him, that he has a bad feeling. Someone is in Dan’s trailer and he is going to ambush them. Jack tells that he needs to call it in and Dan tells that he isn’t. Jack leaves the bar quickly. As Dan opens the door to the trailer, the scene flashbacks to 1 week earlier. Dan is looking at a taser gun. He says that he prefers the real thing and that you don’t need to have a safety meeting for that. Jack says that they have them every month and that Dan always somehow misses the mandatory meetings. They go to their case of Stolen Bikes and the lady says that the bikes were there last night. Jack asks if they locked them up and the lady says that her teenage boys never lock up the bikes. Dan starts flirting and says that the lady is not old enough to have teenage boys. Her husband, Alex, pulls up and the wife informs him that the bikes were stolen. Alex seems shocked but flashback 2 days earlier and he sold the bikes to a bookie for payment for his debts that he wants to keep private from his wife. He tells Jack and Dan to go handle other big cases. The wife says that she has “Kid Finder” on the bikes and Dan thinks that is where you pay a kid to find the bike for you. Jack says that it is a GPS for the bikes.

Jack and Dan look for the bikes with the laptop and Dan says that they didn’t need technology back in the day. Jack says that Dan is sounding like his father and says that everything is going well now that technology is there. Dan says that he hates the word “sexting” and Jack laughs and hints that he has done it before. Dan realizes that Jack sext-ed Liz and teases him about it. They find the bikes being rode on by the guy that traded them from Alex for and Dan gets out of the car amp-ed up. The man says that he bought them from a guy and Jack asks to see the paperwork. They tell that he has to go to the station and he says that he doesn’t want to. Dan pulls out the taser gun and jokes that he is going to use it. He says that he doesn’t know where the trigger is and it goes off and tases the guy. Jack asks why Dan did that and Dan says that he didn’t mean to and shows Jack what he did and accidentally tases Jack with the taser gun too.

At the station, the man says that he is going to sue them and Jack says that Dan did a bad thing. Dan says that Jack needs to man up. Jack gets a call from Liz and she says that they just arrested a Mike Smith, a witness under witness protection so that he can testify against O'Reilly, a criminal that they have been trying to get. Jack says that they have to release Mike and asks if it could get worse. Flashback 40 minutes earlier and there is a boy recording the tasing incident on his cell phone and it has already generated 401,000+ views. In O’Reilly’s pub in Boston, O’Reilly shows his friends the video of the cop tases cop on the internet and he sees the familiar face of Mike Sullivan, a.k.a Mike Smith. He tells his friends to call “The Duke” up. The Duke answers the phone and says that he will go to Dallas.

At the station, the other detectives ask Jack for help with the computer and Jack helps only to find that they are watching the taser video and Jack’s reaction to the taser. Justine Marino U.S. Marshalls enters and Dan hears music when she comes in. She tells them about the case they have against O’Reilly and Dan keeps flirting with her. She asks what Dan’s problem is and Jack tells her to forget about it. Dan asks if Justine saw a television show called Savage and Stark and he tells her that it is based on his work. She says that Mike’s testimony will put O’Reilly’s men in jail. Justine says that he probably has a killer already in Dallas. Meanwhile, at the Dallas Valu-Lodge where rooms are by the half hour, “The Duke” is watching the taser video and his phone rings. It is his mother and he is a mama’s boy. He finds the street corners. In the home of Mike and Karen, they are arguing about the fact that Mike is still booking on the side. Justine says that they are going to go in 20 minutes. Mike says that he has an errand to run but she says that it is a new location, new life.

Liz meets with Dan and Jack and says that Mike may be leaving Dallas, but the tasing incident is not. She says that they are served by the ACLU American Civil Liberties Union and she says that they need to respond to the action. Dan says that he doesn’t care and says that they can forget about. Liz says that Dan is going to have to say sorry and Dan says that he will apologize. Jack asks for an apology too and Dan says that he is sorry that Jack screamed like a little girl. Jack and Dan pull up to Mike and Karen’s house and Justine asks why they are there. He says that Dan wanted to apologize to Mike. She says that she will pass on the information. A delivery man walks up and it is really “The Duke”. They recognize that the delivery man doesn’t have the tight shorts like the rest and Dan says it is a bomb and Dan tackles Justine on the ground to shield her. She says that the bump better be his service revolver. Jack tells Dan to get off of Justine and suddenly the bomb explodes from under the truck. Jack runs out and shoots at the van driving off but it is no use. Justine tells Dan to get off and Mike and Karen have taken off.

News crews come in and she says that she wants air support and ADD Gordon comes up to Justine and yells at her. Dan tells him to watch how he speaks to Justine and Gordon recognizes the two from the internet. Justine says that they just saved Mike’s life and he says that it is their fault that there is a hit man. Jack tells Gordon to tell the press that Mike is dead and “The Duke” will disappear. Jack apologizes for getting Justine kicked off the case and she says that she is not going to listen to Gordon. Dan tells it is like he is staring into the mirror and the hottest woman is staring back. O’Reilly is watching the news and he tells “The Duke” that he did it. But he says that he didn’t see the body and that he doesn’t know. He gets another call and it is his mother.

Jack, Dan and Justine are at the station and they are trying to figure out where Mike and Karen would go. Justine says that Mike told her that he needed to run and errand before they went and that he was running a booking service undercover. Dan says that he will call his “contacts” in the business. Mike and Karen are at his office and the $100,000 is gone. He says that he has been running bookie for dentists and that there was money and he has an idea of who took it. Flashback 1 hour earlier and Alex is watching the news and sees that Mike is dead and asks his wife for the crow bar. Mike tells Karen that he is dead and Justine, Dan and Jack show up. Meanwhile, “The Duke” listens to the police radio and hears of the call out to not worry about Mike. He turns back around calls O’Reilly and says to hold off on the party. Back at the station, Justine says that if Mike runs off again, she is going to make sure that he can’t walk. Karen says that Dallas was starting to be their home and Mike says that everyone knew him in Boston and that he is now a rat. Karen says that he is not a “rat” and that he had to do what he had to in order to protect his family.

Dan says that Justine and him could go on a date and she says that she wouldn’t have slept with him in his prime. Jack laughs and then gets up. He sees “The Duke” in the police station and tells him to get on the ground. The officers tell that they arrested him for being drunk and disorderly. Flashback 24 minutes earlier and “The Duke” is acting drunk and throws a brick in the window and is arrested. Liz and Jack meet and Jack asks about the ACLU case. He asks her to stick around and tells her to cancel on Kyle. Jack gets a call from Dan and he says that he doesn’t know how to deal with the rejection. He says that there is someone in his trailer and he is going to ambush the person. He enters and it is Justine. She says that she is attracted to him and that he has one night with her. Dan calls Jack back and says that everything is fine, just fine.

Dan wakes up in the morning and Justine is gone. She left her sock for him. Gordon is handcuffing “The Duke” in the car and he says that he is the Marshall in charge. “The Duke” spits out a paperclip. Flashback 18 months earlier and “The Duke” tells his mother that he’ll bring up the milk in a moment as he is trying to pick the lock to some handcuffs and succeeds. Gordon laughs at him again and says that he should name himself “The Duchess” and tattoo it to his back. “The Duke” breaks free and tells Gordon to tell where Mike is. Back at the station, the other detectives are still making fun of Jack for the tasing video and Dan tells Jack that he is being mean and is having a problem with his one night stand. Justine is driving Mike and Karen and “The Duke” runs them off the road. He gets Mike and Mike says that he will pay him $100,000 to spare the Justine and Karen. Back at the station, Dan is singing “I’m all out of love” and he says that he is trying to heal. Jack tells him to call Justine and tell her that he cares about her.

In the car, Justine answers the phone and he says that he is in love with her. She says that “The Duke” took Mike to Alex’s. “The Duke” and Mike arrive at Alex’s and he has already spent $80,000 of the $100,000. “The Duke” tells them to get on the ground. Jack and Dan enter and Jack says that they need a plan. Dan says that they have love on their side. Dan jumps through the back window and Jack comes down the stairs and points their guns at “The Duke” and tell him to put down his gun. “The Duke” grabs Dan and puts a gun to his head. Dan tells Jack to drop the gun and that he has his whole life to live and says that he is sorry about zapping someone who he did not mean to zap. Jack puts down his gun and reaches for his taser. He tases Dan and the connection makes “The Duke” feel it too. Dan says that he is sorry for giving Jack a hard time about the tasing and that it hurts worse then a gun. Justine arrives and says that she will live. Jack asks about Gordon and she says that they found him on the side of the road. Jack asks if he is dead and she says that he wishes. Flashback 15 minutes earlier and Gordon is in his underwear on the side of the road handcuffed to the sign.

At O’Reilly’s bar, the FBI enters and arrests him and says that they have an informant that is testifying against him. Two days later at the taser disposition and he says that he did not see anything and that he would like to plead the 5th and the counselor says that he was victim of the police brutality and says that he is not a “rat”. Liz says that the tasing incident and the ACLU issues are over with. Dan says that Liz’s flowers are dying and walks out. Jack says that there are some women you can’t get over. She says that there are some videos that can’t go away either and teases him. Dan walks out and sees a pretty woman getting in the elevator. She asks if he is going down and he tells her only if she is.