Vacation - Recap

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The scene opens at the Metroplex Shopping District where Dan Stark is chasing a purse thief. He shoots his gun in the air and tells him to stop. The thief grabs the pepper spray and gets Dan right in the eyes. The thief takes off on a scooter and Dan stumbles in the street. Dan stops a car and tells that he needs to take the car. The man asks if Dan can drive and he tells that he can. Dan drives off and takes out all the parking meters on the street and drives away. The scene fast forwards to 4 hours later where Dan and Jack Bailey are in Lt. Ruiz’s office and she tells that Dan is an idiot. She tells that they are both suspended for a week. Outside the station, Dan tells Jack that they have a vacation. Jack tells that he doesn’t want to deal with Dan for the week and leaves. Dan tells that criminals don’t have a vacation.

Meanwhile, Nikolai and Buck, a.k.a “The Georgians” meet with a man at a restaurant. He tells that he can bust anyone out of prison and asks who they want out. Nikolai shows a picture of Saha Tsalka. The man tells that he killed an FBI agent with his bare hands and wonders why they want him back. The show flashbacks to 4 months earlier and Sasha is beating up FBI agents. Nikoli and Buck tell him to go with them and he tells them to go. Back at the restaurant, Nikoli tells that he misses him and his massive hands. Meanwhile, Jack is at the firing range and Liz comes up and tells that her day has been bad. She asks if he wants to go out as friends and Jack agrees. Liz takes the gun from Jack and shoots rounds into the targets private parts.

Dan visits the Pawn N Thrift and sees Julius on the ground. He asks what happened. Flashback 30 minutes earlier and Julius gets hit by Kasson the loan shark. He asks where his $50,000 is and Julius tells him that he is a day early. He apologizes and tells that if he doesn’t have the money, then he would snip off his privates. Back in the Pawn Shop, Julius asks for some police action and Dan tells that he got suspended. Julius doesn’t like that at all. Dan tells that he’ll help him out. They go to the police station and Dan runs out with a bag. It is a bag of money $50,000 worth. Julius doesn’t like the idea. Kasson walks in the Pawn Shop and Dan hides. Kasson sees the money and tells that he is glad that he didn’t have to take a piece of Little Julius away from him. Dan tells that he is going to follow the money and then bust him. Meanwhile, Nikoli and Buck look at the money situation and Buck says that they don’t have $50,000 to give to Mr. Teague, the man from the restaurant. Buck asks if Mr. Teague is going to really get Sasha out of prison and Nikoli tells that he will. The scene cuts to Mr. Teague entering the Correctional Facility and everyone addresses him as Warden Teague. Buck is happy that Nikoli has a warden in his pocket.

Jack and Liz are at a bar enjoying a beer and she tells that Kyle and her have been having some issues and that it is good to have a friend to go to. Jack gets a call and Liz tells him to ignore it because he is technically off for a week. Jack asks Liz to dance and as they dance, they are about to kiss when Jack gets a call from Lt. Ruiz. She tells that $50,000 has been taken from the Narcotic’s locker and she tells that he needs to find his partner. The scene flashbacks to 5 hours earlier and Dan is waiting outside a bar and tells Julius that he is waiting for Kasson to get out. As Kasson gets out of the bar, he doesn’t have the money. Dan stops him and tells that he is Dallas Police and that he is undercover so that is why he doesn’t have a badge. He asks where the money is and he tells that he loaned it to someone else. The scen cuts to 22 seconds earlier and Nikoli and Buck are getting in the car to pay off Mr. Teague. Dan tells Kasson that he needs to go with him and Kasson pulls out his big nice. Dan head butts him and tells the crowd that he had too much to drink and puts him in the car along with him and drives off.

Meanwhile, Jack and Liz go to Dan’s trailer and Jack notices that his beer is gone. Liz offers that Dan went to the store to get more but Jack tells that he would never wait. He remembers Dan talking about the “thinking place” and tells Liz that he knows where he is. Liz tells Jack to take her home for the evening. At the carousel, Dan has Kasson tied to one of the horses. Julius comes in with some food and gives it to Dan. He recognizes Kasson and tells that this is not what he had in mind of getting the money back from him. Dan tells Kasson that there is a nice way and a bad way to get information and offers Kasson a burger. He tells that he is not talking. Dan stretches to get prepared to do it the hard way and Julius asks if he can punch him. Dan allows it. As Julius punches him, Kasson’s date book falls out. Dan decides to find the “Georgians” that are scheduled in the book for today. Dan runs outside and meets Jack. He tells that he needs to get the “borrowed” money back.

They go to where Nikoli and Buck are staying at and Dan picks the lock. He tells Jack to cover him by sending happy vibes because they don’t have guns. Dan is about to get the money when a peach falls to the ground. They see him and start shooting. Jack yells that they have the place surrounded and Nikoli and Buck run off with the money. Dan sees the article clipping of Sasha. Meanwhile at the Correctional Facility, Warden Teague is prepping Sasha to fight so that they can move him to a Maximum Prison Complex. Sasha does as he is directed. Back with Jack and Dan, they ask Kasson about the “Georgians” and what they wanted to do with the money. He tells that they were going to buy weapons and rocket launchers. In the restaurant, Warden Teague gives the keys to Nikoli and Buck and tells them not to mess things up. Jack calls Lt. Ruiz up and tells that he can’t find Dan but that she needs to stop the transport of Sasha. She tells that she will.

In Dan’s car, Jack tells Dan to step on it and Detectives Lang and Hodges see them. Jack gets a call from Liz and she tells that she is sorry about how she treated him and tells that it is because Kyle is never listening to her. Jack isn’t really listening too because they are trying to escape from Lang and Hodges. She gets upset and hangs up the phone. Meanwhile, Sasha is getting transported and Warden Teague gets a call from Lt.Ruiz. She tells that he needs to hold off on the transport until they can offer extra support. He lies and says that the transport is already gone. Hodges and Lang speed after them and they are distracted by Dan when he throws a gallon of sour milk at their car. The transport truck is en-route and Nikoli shoots a net in front of the truck to make the tires get wrapped up. Buck shoots tear gas in the truck and the guards get out and are knocked unconscious. Nikoli and Buck go around back and say hello to Sasha, but are distracted by Jack and Dan who knock them out. Sasha unhindges his restraints and joins the fight. Dan is dodging Sasha’s punches and Jack shoots him with the tear gas. Then Jack covers Dan and Sasha with the net that stopped the tires.

Back at the station, Julius shows up and has Nikoli, Buck, and Sasha handcuffed. He tells that he single-handedly captured them and asks if there is a reward. Dan and Jack enter the station and walk by Hodges and tell that he still stinks. Liz goes up to Jack and tells that she didn’t know that he was in the middle of something and Jack tells that he wants to go to the shooting range with her, but he is interrupted by Lt. Ruiz. Dan and Jack get reinstated because the money was tagged and they caught Warden Teague and his scandal. They are reinstated and get back to work.