Partners - Recap

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The scene opens with Dan and Jack catching lunch. Although they are at a place where one gets the best pancakes in Dallas, he is loving his chilies. For Jack, it is never a good day when Dan is eating chilies, and besides, they have to get back to office as they have paperwork on 6 arrest reports to do. Dan and desk work? Not happening. And before long, there is a man running out of the cafe having skipped his check. Dan has something interesting now. He gives chase, breaking through a glass wall, and before anyone knows it, Jack has to follow too. Dan is all enthusiastic, but Jack is running faster by leagues because Dan’s digestion is giving him grief. However, the check skipper has run a long way after Jack dashes into a man casually walking out of his door. Dan can hardly run any longer, and Jack is feeling partially dead.

Back at the police station, Dan and Jack are talking about crashing a $300 glass wall trying to catch a thief who has stolen a little over $6 worth of food. However, to Dan, if a crime is related to a small amount of money, it does not make it any less crimey. Before long, they discover someone is making rounds. It is the new deputy chief. When Hodges lets on his name is George Jenkins, Jack recognizes the man – they were partners at a point. However, he doesn’t want Dan to call him over to the desk. Jack and he have a little history. George used to like a woman, but Jack and she had an affair. Before long, the new deputy chief arrives at the desk and gets cheekily pally with Jack. After getting introduced with Dan, he does the same, and tells him to be careful about Jack – he might just steal his woman. Dan can see why Jack doesn’t like him, but Jack is being coy. Dan tells him he can hate George. Why shouldn’t he, especially if he stole his answers in exams and cheated his way up?

When Dan and Jack get to back to the pancakes store, it turns out he will have to pay a little extra for the repairs. Samantha gets the sketch done as the waitress describes the man who ran. Meanwhile, Jack shows Dan they have a surveillance camera which they could use. However, they will need a subpoena. Dan thinks they are about to catch a big criminal, but Jack argues it will be just a petty thief, because major criminals don’t dine at cafes like this one. Now the scene moves a day back, when major criminal Jimmy Nichols summons his man Nick. Word has reached him that Nick has been talking with the DA. He denies, but there is proof when Jimmy Nichols checks his phone. Jimmy puts three bullets into Nick.

When Jack and George do catching up over beer at Julius’ bar, Dan arrives and announces they are re-releasing Savage and Stark. He is elated. Later, when Jack drops George at his place, he is surprised at his house, and the swanky car standing outside. Jack feels envy, but when George enters his place, there is Jimmy Nichols on the chair. He has been waiting, and doesn’t want to hear anything about appropriate time to come. After all, he is the one who gave George the house. And he has got Nick in a trunk, and George has to take care of it.

Later, Jack is having a hard time getting a subpoena for the dish and run footage. Will he think she is a horrible person if she says no? Then Liz reports to Ruiz that her informant never showed up. She is worried, and doesn’t know what to make of his reporting a dirty cop in the department. He was about to tell her, but he is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, George is handling murder case, and he is happy there is blood on the murder weapon. So now, they will have to take it to the lab. When Liz sees a picture of the dead man, she knows her informant is dead. She is feeling horrible about it. Dan and Jack have received a heads up from Julius after they showed him the sketch Samantha produced. They are strolling to his residence, when George arrives with a bunch of cops wanting to arrest the same man for murder. What did Dan say?

Later, when they get back to the police station, Jack doubts whether George has the right guy. How could he have committed the murder that day at 1:30, when they were chasing him out of a restaurant in East Dallas at the same time? Before long, Dan cheers up when Frank walks in – he is also elated about the Savage and Stark movie. He has even got a couple of tuxedos so that they can attend the premier. Meanwhile, Liz gets to George’s office and tells him her informant, who is now dead, told her there is a dirty cop in the department. However, she is yet to find out who. George promises to help in any way he can. And he hopes Liz will keep him updated on whatever else she finds out. He is getting flirty with Liz when she is about to leave, but on the other side of the door is Jack. He is here to tell him why the timeline doesn’t make any sense. The man they have arrested was not at the murder scene, and he was chasing him. However, George is the deputy chief, and he wants Jack to stop worrying when he tells him. Besides, the department has DNA evidence, which actually George manipulated.

Later, Dan and Frank are at the premier, where Dan is getting angry over two things – the audience has turned out in casuals, and everyone is laughing because they can’t help not laughing at the comic movie. They are frustrated, and angry over this, after which they drink a bottle of bourbon each, and create nuisance outside the theater. Meanwhile, Jack needs more proof, but doesn’t know how. Samantha can hack into the surveillance tapes, but Jack is not getting tempted. However, it doesn’t take long for her to convince him. Meanwhile, Dan and his old partner are throwing stones at the neon lights outside the theater. They are not happy with the term “80s Oddities” applying to their legacy, and manage to uproot the big lights. Before long, the cops arrive and arrest them. Back at the police station, Samantha is able to show Jack the surveillance video. It is the man, and now he has proof. Does Samantha know what this means? Yes, he is a genius, and then she kisses him. Embarrassed, she apologizes, and Jack tells her to forget any of this happened.

Next morning, Dan and Frank wake up in jail. Before long, they hear from one of the inmates that the wrongly convicted murderer has been killed. It was Jimmy Nichols’ men who did it. Meanwhile, Jack and Samantha get George to the investigation lab. They tell him they know there is a dirty cop in the department, and someone must have tampered with the evidence related to the informant’s death. George is not liking the conversation one bit, and after telling Samantha to leave them in privacy, he has Jack at gun point. George offers him to stop investigating further, and join his dirty money side. Jack pretends to agree, but after he tries snatching the gun, a violent fight ensues. George gets his gun back, and after Samantha gets back into the room, he has both of them tied up.

Liz bails out Dan and Frank, and after they get back to the police station, there is no sign of Jack. Liz is surprised he is not returning her calls, and Dan knows something is wrong. George makes Samantha and Jack kiss, and uses her cell phone to send an email to Liz – Samantha is having an affair with Jack. Dan knows someone is doing that because Jack is pathetically and unhealthily in love only with Liz. He gets to the lab downstairs, and starts firing. It is chaos as glass bits fly around, bullets shatter the lab. Jack is able to free himself, but George is holding Samantha hostage. If Dan or Frank make a move, she is dead. However, Jack pounds him from behind, and bashes up his face – they made him Deputy Chief? Liz comes in running and hugs Jack. Later, Frank leaves, and Dan is all ready to get cracking on another case. The episode ends.