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Series 4

22 :04x01 - Away from It All

Tom and Barbara are both getting very tired, so when the opportunity arises for them to take a holiday in Mayfair they jump at the chance. Margo and Jerry offer to look after the animals for a couple of nights.

However, once established in Mayfair, Tom and Barbara start worrying about the welfare of their livestock.

23 :04x02 - The Green Door

Margo is looking very smart these days, and tells the Goods that she has been going riding twice a week.

However, when the Goods go up to the riding school to get some horse manure for their garden they find that Margo hasn't been near the place for several months.

When they see Margo vanishing furtively behind the plain green door of a house in the main street Tom and Barbara are convinced that she is having an affair, and when Jerry announces that he is thinking about joining the riding school to keep Margo company they fly into a panic.

What is the secret behind the green door?
Guest Stars: Jane Hilary as Riding School Proprietor | Toria Fuller as Woman

24 :04x03 - Our Speaker Today

Barbara is invited to give a talk on self-sufficiency by one of the local Committees, hosted by Lady Truscott. The talk is an enormous success, and Barbara finds that she is in demand as a speaker.

Margot is very keen to make a good impression on Lady Truscott, and sends Jerry off to Fortnum and Masons for one of their pricey food hampers.

Meanwhile Tom is left on his own, trying to build the new hen house. When Lenin the rooster escapes he hops on a bus to Kingston with Tom in hot pursuit.
Guest Stars: Con Chambers as Bus Conductor | Angela Thorne as Lady Truscott | Robert Lindsay as Lad in Home | Colin McCormack as Mr Batty

25 :04x04 - The Weaver's Tale

The Goods look as though they are on top at last. They have sold their exotic fruits at an exorbitant price and after working out their commitments they find that they have 20 pounds left over.

Tom goes into town with Margot and blows their 20 pounds on a loom. He also encourages Margot to buy a spinning wheel which she has spotted in the window of an antique shop. Never a shrinking violet, Tom has hopes of borrowing it in the future for his own use.

However, when the spinning wheel is delivered it is discovered that it is for show only; in fact it is also a music box in disguise, much to Tom's disgust and Margot's and Jerry's amusement.
Guest Stars: Milton Johns as Antique shop dealer

26 :04x05 - Suit Yourself

The Goods are well on their way with spinning and weaving their own cloth from lambswool. They have even discovered how to die the wool using nettles, walnuts and onion skins.

Andrew (Sir) suddenly announces that he is retiring from JJM's. He invites Margot and Jerry and his rivals for the Managing Directorship, Snetterton and Dalby, out for dinner where a good deal of rivalry, one-upmanship and backstabbing occurs. Jerry has even drafted a plan for the expansion of JJMs, but unfortunately drops his draft in the Goods' front garden on his way to the dinner.

It is up to Tom and Barbara to save the day.
Guest Stars: Reginald Marsh as Andrew or 'Sir'. | Philip Madoc as Snetterton | Terence Conoley as Dalby | Patricia Driscoll as Mrs. Dalby

27 :04x06 - Sweet and Sour Charity

Against Margot's wishes, the Music Society wish to present 'Sweet Charity' at the Town Hall instead of 'The Merry Widow'. Margot considers 'Sweet Charity' to be vulgar and beneath contempt, especially after she has viewed the costumes for the production.

Tom has been eyeing off the vacant neighbouring house's oil tank, and is tempted to syphon it off so that he can exchange the oil for some straw for the pigs. When Barbara points out that this would be dishonest he reluctantly reconsiders.

Eventually he decides to telephone Mrs. Weaver, the former owner of the property, to ask for permission for the oil. Also acting according to her principles, Margot decides not to play the lead in 'Sweet Charity'.

28 :04x07 - Anniversary

Margot and Jerry are on tenterhooks as they wait for Andrew's decision regarding the managing directorship of JJM.

Tom and Barbara visit, and provide loyal backup despite the fact that nothing has been going right for them lately, with Geraldine the goat's milk supply drying up and a large part of the garden destroyed by oil.

But yet another challenge to their lifestyle is waiting for them, one which will challenge both of them in their belief that their life really is the 'good' life.
Guest Stars: Reginald Marsh as Andrew or 'Sir'

29 :04x08 - Silly, But It's Fun

It is Christmas and the Goods plan a simple celebration in contrast to Margo and Jerry who have ordered a van full of Christmas goodies, including a Christmas tree which falls short by 6 inches of the size required by the exacting Margo Leadbetter.

She sends the entire van delivery back on Christmas Eve and is surprised to find that there will be no more deliveries on Christmas Day. She and Jerry have therefore no alternative but to spend Christmas with Tom and Barbara, and are pleasantly surprised to find that it is the best Christmas ever.
Guest Stars: David Battley as Delivery Man

When I'm 65

Jerry wants to take out more insurance for when he retires, but a doctor's examination reveals that he is not as fit as he had thought he was. He and Margot go on a health kick, purchasing all sorts of gym equipment and jogging around Surbiton.

Tom starts to worry about his and Barbara's future, and visits his local Bank Manager with a very original idea for a Bank loan.

Tom and Jerry challenge one another to a race, with Tom representing Self Sufficiency, but neither Tom nor Jerry is really all that fit and they end up in the local pub.
Guest Stars: George Cole as Bank Manager
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: BBC one ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: April 04, 1975
Ended: June 10, 1978
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