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Pilot - Recap

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The series opens with Alicia Florrick supporting her husband Peter during an intense trial. Once they are outside, she is completely livid. She hits him. Fast forward to six months and Alicia is starting a job at a new law firm. She is late, because she meets in the wrong conference room. No one is making it easy for her, either. She meets up with Cary Agos and Diane Lockhart.

Alicia has a rough first day. No one is making it easy for her. Her first case was to help a mother that killed her husband. She made it look like a carjacking gone wrong. Everyone involved pretty much hates her, because of Peter. Also, the judge has it out for her too. She ends up telling her client that she is going to need to clean herself up as what is important is looking good.

When she gets home, she is immediately contacted by her mother in law who is pretty high stress to deal with. She also has to take care of Grace and Zach, her children, while they adjust to their father not being around. They also got to see a tape of Peter sucking on the toes of an actual prostitute. She gets nonsense from Peter on the phone and she simply doesn’t care at this point what he has to say to her about her own behavior when he didn’t even consider his own.