Pants On Fire - Recap

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The scene opens with Alicia meeting Jackie at the hair salon. Alicia asked her as to why did buy the house which Alicia wanted to buy. Jackie tells her that she wouldn’t live for long and that she wants to do something for Peter and the children. Alicia figures out that Jackie wants to live there with them and tells Jackie that finally she is doing what she always wanted; replacing her. Jackie tells Alicia that she is not replacing her as she was the one who left. Alicia tells Jackie that she is a lawyer and that she is going to stop her. Next, in the court, Diane is representing Lindsay, Megan and Pamela. She tells the court that they are innocent. But Cary disputes it and tells the court that apart from the DNA, this time there is physical evidence as well.

After hearing the arguments from both sides, Judge Romano vacates the charges but also pass orders for the girls to be detained for retrial without bail. Peter is not happy with the way the case turned out and is upset with the malfunctioning of the crime labs. He tells Cary that he had promised the dead girls family that he would get them justice. Peter tells Cary to offer them plea and that everyone should sign. Alicia calls Peter and tells him about Jackie buying the house for him and the kids. Peter tells her that he will talk to Jackie. Next, Mike Kresteva meets Alicia. He has brought the reports from the Blue Ribbon panel and tells her that it censures her husband. He wants her to write a minority report. Just then Diane walks in and tells Alicia that Cary has offered a plea as they are worried about a lawsuit.

Diane wants Lindsay to know all the facts. Next, we see Vanessa and Eli discussing about the upcoming election. Eli tells her that the females don’t like modern women and so he will stand besides her, so that she looks traditional with her ex-husband standing by her and supporting her decision. And she says that it should be done as it is the best for politics and doesn’t have to mean anything. Next, Diane tells Lindsay about the Alford plea Cary has offered. It means that she admits that the charges could be proven if the DA has enough evidence to convict her. Alicia tells her that with the DNA, she is not sure what the jury would decide. The other two girls are told about the plea. The attorneys explain the drawbacks to them as well.

Diane tells Lindsay that if she rejects the plea, the Sates Attorney’s office could be sued; but the question is whether Lindsay and the other girls would spend another year in prison for that kind of money. Next, Alicia sees the news coverage on TV about the cover up of the shooting case, where Mike tells the media about the report and also that the report was reviewed by the State Attorney’s wife. He also declares that he is running for Governor of the State. He tells the media that this sort of corruption must be stopped. Eli watches the news and is upset about what’s happening. Next, at the firm, the attorney’s are discussing about the plea. Megan want sto take the plea as she was beaten up in prison while Lindsay doesn’t want to accept something that she hasn’t done. They have three days time. Alicia asks Kalinda to look into Jackie’s financial arrangements. Callie meets Will and she learns that he has been suspended for six months.

She tells him that she too was disbarred for a year. Next, Kalinda goes around finding more about the summer camp killing case. Nestor gives her the evidence box. She goes through the photos once again. Nestor tells her the way the sixteen year old was murdered. But there were no signs of rape. So possibly the killer stripped the clothes afterwards. Kalinda points out to a mark on the victim’s ankles which goes unnoticed by the rest. Next, Eli meets Alicia. She tells him that Mike was lying and that she was never a part of the panel. She tells him that Mike came to meet her, asking her to prepare a minority report. But she cant say anything about Peter’s involvement in the cover up, as she isn’t sure about it. Eli tells her not to make a fuss about Mike lying as it would garner more attention. Next, KAlinda tells Alicia that something was pressed against the victim’s ankle when she was murdered and that is why there was no lividity.

She shows her the photographs. It is from a bicycle clip. Diane and Alicia tells Lindsay about their latest development and ask her whether Rosa rode a bicycle the night she was killed. Lindsay tells them that Rosa did not have a bicycle. The counselor, Mary Jane had a bike. Next, Kalinda meets Mary and asks her about her bike, which was reported stolen. She tells Mary that she thinks that Rosa borrowed her bike to meet someone off the grounds and later she was killed. And that the killer moved the body back to the ground and didn’t know about the bike. She wants to know as to where the counselor found her bike. Alicia confronts Mike and tells him to stop lying. But Mike pretends otherwise and tells her that she has forgotten what exactly happened. Alicia realizes that Mike is doing this on purpose and tells him that he is going to lose against Peter.

Next, the counselor shows Kalinda the place where the bike was found with the chain broken. There are a few houses around and Kalinda goes to each one of them to find out more. One guy tells her that he worked at the camp as an instructor and says that he knew Rosa very well. Justin shows her a picture of him and Rosa. Meanwhile, Eli tells Alicia that Peter was thinking against running for the elections. Alicia tells him that she spoke to Mike and Eli was upset that she did. He tells her once again to not talk about it to anyone. Alicia meets Peter and asks him to run as she knows that he would be a good governor. Jackie visits Peter and he tells her not to buy the house. She tells him that she can’t afford losing the money and she feels that Alicia is manipulating him. He asks her to keep out of their lives. Kalinda tells Diane and the rest that the instructor could have had a sexual relationship with Rosa. And also that some other campers had accused him of sexual harassment. It is a possibility that Rosa was riding to the instructor’s house.

They decide to call an emergency meeting. Meanwhile, Frank tells Eli that they don’t want Vanessa to win as she jumped the line and also that they don’t want a woman to run. Frank tells Eli that if he wants them to help Peter, then he needs to drop out of Vanessa’s campaign. Next, Kalinda checks Justin’s profile and finds out that he was with his friends at the time of the murder. Also, he is wearing a friendship bracelet given to him by Megan. So, Rosa went to see Justin and Megan was jealous. Kalinda goes to inform Diane. Jackie calls Alicia and tells her that she had a stroke and is at the hospital. Meanwhile, Mike and Peter have talk in the elevator and Mike tells him that his one play is to keep Peter out of the race. Alicia visits the hospital to see Jackie. she whispers into Alicia’s ears that she forgives her. But Alicia doesn’t know for what.

Peter comes and apologizes to his mom for yelling at her. Next, Eli tells Vanessa that he cannot handle both the campaigns at the same time and so he has to drop hers. Vanessa is upset and leaves. Alicia meets Cary and updates him with the latest findings. Peter tells Eli that he is running for the Governor and Eli assures him that he will win. Diane talks to Callie and tells her that the States attorney office is going to eventually find out the facts of the case. And so Megan must be told about this as it makes all of them look bad. Callie denies and Alicia tells her that she wants the money from the lawsuit and that is why Callie isn’t agreeing with them. Alicia tells her that she will make Lindsay testify against Megan as Cary needs new evidences other than the DNA. Next, we see that Lindsay is out of the prison. Her parents have come to pick her up. Next, Peter declares his candidacy for the Governor of Illinois with Alicia standing right next to him. The episode ends.