The Dream Team - Recap

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The episode begins at a bar, where Alicia tells Kalinda that the IRS agreed to offer compromise on her tax case. Just then, Kalinda answers a two years old question and tells Alicia that she is not gay but she is flexible. Just then she receives a text about the Verasine case and tells Kalinda that the judgment is on the next day. In the court, Judge Wynter declares his judgment in favor of the plaintiff as the drug Verasine, used for acne, caused Mr. Good irreversible sterility and accordingly Wynter enters a judgment of 25 million dollars to be paid to Mr. Good as compensation. The Judge accepts that the amount is larger than what was asked for, but he finds the action particularly heinous. Canning wants to appeal; so its not over yet.

But Diane and Alicia are ecstatic. Diane calls Will and tells him about the judgment and also says that they can pay off some of their bills. Meanwhile, peter meets Alicia that Jackie has made a ten percent down payment for the house and so he will buy it and then flip it. He tells her that they will be moving in for just some time. He tries to assure her by saying that all these decisions are temporary and he doesn’t want her to misunderstand him. Its Cary’s first day at the firm but he has to manage with only a desk, as there is no office available at the moment. In her spacious office, Alicia is looking through Kalinda’s file and finds a $21000 check from F&E Construction made out to Cash. She calls the number. Someone answers her call and asks her where she is calling from. She tells him that she is a lawyer and that the company needs to reissue the check as her client will not be able to access her funds till it is reissued.

He asks for the check number, but Alicia finds that something’s not right and she hangs up. Diane walks in informing Alicia that Canning has come to the office. They go to meet him. He offers a onetime settlement of zero to the firm for the acne case. Meanwhile, Patty Nyhom is also at the firm. Will meets her and is not all happy to see her. She is here for Canning; she is his lawyer. It appears that Patty and Canning have joined forces to sue Lockhart for 50 million dollars- on behalf of the pharmaceutical company and its insurer for judicial bribery. She tells them that the case was built for a jury but they asked for a bench trial. And then the Judge, who is will’s basketball buddy, favored him. She tells Will that he gamed the system but he cant do that with her.

Next, Eli visits Jackie at the hospital and tells her that Peter will lose without Alicia on their side. The whole house thing could damage their relationship further, which could jeopardize Peter. Eli wants Jackie to apologize to Alicia. Next, during a meeting, Diane tells the team that patty is using scare tactics. But Will says that Patty is using the suit to fact find; to find out if they did anything wrong. They have a plan. They decide that they should delay Patty and Canning by being unresponsive or asking them more questions. Patty reads through their plan. She tells Will that they can do this the whole day as she is not the one who has the balloon payment due on his office.

Alicia receives a call from F&E and the man tells her that she needs to bring back the check to them if she needs it reissued. Alicia is surprised and she reminds him that she had told him that she would get back. But the man says that since she didn’t, he decided to call. And he also tells her that he knows that she wouldn’t get back to him. She says that she does want to discuss this further. Unable to stand Patty’s line of questioning, Diane decides to take it to the Judge, saying that there has been a leak of information from the Grand Jury’s testimony and so this questioning should be excluded. The Judge allows the questioning to continue, but if Lockhart can prove that there has been a leak of information, he will exclude it. Will tells Diane that they need to find out who is leaking the testimony, but Diane wants to settle.

Diane tells Will that everything is falling apart as they fight this case. They need to make their payments and so they need to put this behind them. She sees no hope as Will played basketball with Wynter, he introduced the Judge to a bookie and the Judge offered them 5 million more than they demanded. Will agrees to make this go away. When they make the offer, Canning says that they don’t want to settle but want to destroy the firm. He says that his clients are tired of getting sued by them and hence they are ready to pay Canning and Patty a lot to get Lockhart bankrupt. Next, Kalinda follows Patty and her kids to the park. There she sees Patty meet Mr. Wiley, an investigative from the State Attorney’s office. They tell Kalinda that Mr. Wiley is legally sharing the information on the Grand Jury testimony.

At the firm, Diane asks Cary for help regarding Wiley. When they tell him that its Wiley who is helping Patty and Canning, Cary tells them that Wiley doesn’t break the rules, but he could definitely be using his own testimony. Diane tells Cary that he can use his knowledge in a different way to help them. Next, Alicia tells Jackie that she is suing her for using the money from her children’s trust. Jackie apologizes and Alicia realizes that Eli visited her. She tells Jackie to sign the house in her children’s names and she wont sue. In Wynter’s chambers; Cary presents his case. He asks Wiley whether he testified about the bribery or did he witness it. Wiley admits that he witnessed. With this admission, Diane requests all the evidence regarding Will bribing the judges be excluded. But Canning has another name from his witness list; Alicia Florrick.

At the office, Alicia confronts Kalinda about the check from F&E. Alicia wants to know whether its about Lemond Bishop and Kalinda affirms it. She says that she will take care of it. Next, we see that Kalinda stops by a store to buy a sledge hammer. She then arrives at an apartment and breaks a wall and retrieves some cash, guns and ammo. She puts all of this in a bag, along with some clothes and books and leaves. Next, Alicia is watching a movie with her kids and they tell her that they want her to move back into their old house. Just then she receives a call from the guy from F&E and this time he knows her name. She cuts the call and looks tensed. Next day, Kalinda doesn’t show up at work and this worries Alicia further.

But at the moment she needs to clear her mind for her interview with Patty. Patty tells her that Peter met Judge Linden three times in a week during the verasine verdict was supposed to be out. Alicia says that she is unaware of any such thing. Patty declares that she is going to subpoena Peter Florrick. Patty and canning meet Peter, but Peter handles it very well; but drops a bomb when he says that his meetings with the Judge were related to his campaigns and that it had nothing to do with his wife, as they are separated and he wasn’t trying to help her in anyway. Next, Alicia tells Kalinda about the call she received from the guy at F&E and she is shocked to know that he is Kalinda’s husband. Meanwhile, Diane tells Patty and Canning that they have lost the case. But Patty tells her that the suit was only a distraction. While Lockhart was busy defending themselves; they managed to steal the firm’s top client. Diane and Will decide to call Andrew Edelstein the next day.

Alicia and Will meet in the elevator and have an awkward conversation. Kalinda is in her apartment and she empties her bag. Alicia and Peter are in the old house and it appears that there aren’t many changes done to the house. She has to leave as she needs to wake up early for work. Her son asks her to stay back with them for a slice of pizza; but she gives him a hug and leaves. Meanwhile, Kalinda pulls up a chair in front of the door and loads her gun with ammo. She is waiting for someone. Just then someone knocks at the door…thrice. Through the window, Alicia sees her children and Peter getting ready to have their pizza; they look so happy. She then looks at her car; she is contemplating whether to leave or stay. The episode ends.