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I Fought the Law - Recap

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The episode begins with Kalinda sitting in an armchair in her apartment with a gun tucked in beside her. There is a knock on the door and she says that that door is open. Bill, her husband’s emissary walks in. he tells her that her husband misses her and that it is not just the money; he wants her back. He tries to reach for his gun, but Kalinda draws her gun at him and asks him to kneel on the floor. She then pulls out the gun from his jacket. Just then Bill’s phone rings. Bill takes this opportunity to grab his gun, but Kalinda breaks his hand with a bat. She then answers the phone and tells her husband that the money is her and she will stay put and it is over.

But Bill tells her that if she runs again, he will find her again. Next, Zack, Grace, and Alicia are headed home, when a cop stops them. He asks Zach to step outside the car as he wants to check the car for drugs. Alicia tells the officer that her son just bought this car and that there is no problem. The officer tells her that his dog would sniff around the car for drugs. She questions whether they are being profiled. She notices that his name is Robb. Zach thinks they should use Peter’s name to get out of this. She says no but she soon calls Cary. She talks to Cary and wants the officer’s patrol car’s dashboard surveillance pulled up.

Cary goes inside the office, where he hears David telling Diane and Will that he is going to sue them and that they need to own up to the bankruptcy. Cary then tells Alicia that Eli called. Alicia calls Eli and tells him that she will be late. On the highway, Robb tells Alicia that he found marijuana shake in the front seat, but he is only going to write a ticket and let Zach go with a warning. But Robb notices that he is being taped. He asks Zach to erase the recording as it is illegal to record an officer. But instead of erasing, Zach emails it. Robb gets pissed and he cuffs Zach. Alicia arrives in the court and tells Cary what happened.

Cary tells her that shake is a term used when they don’t find anything. But she says that they need to appear in court the next day for the preliminary hearing. She is freaking out as the arrest is on record and Zach is applying for colleges. We also see that Alicia has missed a political interview with Byrne. Peter’s opponent, Kresteva is making family values an issue. At the office, they see that they have some petty case and so Diane tells Cary and Alicia to attend to this one. The clients name is Nick and he tells them that he owns a tow truck company and he wants to bid on some government contract related to outsourcing tow truck. But he has had a bit of a problem in his past; just an arrest.

He says that he has two people who are working for him and he wants the law firm to vet the possibilities. Eli and Byrne arrive at the firm to talk to Alicia. Byrne conducts the interview. Alicia tells the reporter that her husband slept with prostitutes and now they are mending fences. She tells her that she loves her husband and respects him and she is committed to a marriage. Byrne thinks that this is taking the women back to the fifties. But she tells her that she doesn’t know about other women; this is about her. Later, Eli tells her that she isn’t supposed to do interviews when she is pissed. He then schedules a meeting for her with Peter. Alicia is going through the camera footage from Robb’s dashboard. She then asks Kalinda for help with trained canines.

Meanwhile, Diane and Will tell the lawyers of the firm that they will still be paid and they will still have cases to work on; but it is just that the new cases will be vetted out by the trustees. Just then Clarke Hayden introduces himself; he is the trustee. Later, he surveys the art pieces and furniture at work. He then tells Will and Diane that he will have to meet both of them separately about staffing situation; reduction! At home, Zach tells his mother that they can video tape cops but not audio tape them. Zach tells Alicia that when he was recording the cop, the audio playing in the background is the song that was being played in the car as he had set his phone to the Bluetooth mode to play the songs.

Alicia brings this to the court’s notice but just as the Judge was about to drop charges, the attorney charges Zach with obstruction of justice. Alicia talks to the State Attorney outside court and she feels that this is being done to embarrass Peter. Later, Alicia asks Kalinda’s canine trainer friend to check the video and she confirms that this is a manufactured false positive. Cary gestures Alicia to join him. Kalinda is surprised to see Nick walk into the office with Cary and Alicia. They have narrowed down the “clean partner” who could work with Nick; but Nick wants to hear it from the investigating officer. But Kalinda slips out, knowing that Nick would want to see her. He tells the duo that he will come back later. Nick steps into the elevator and Kalinda steps in. they pull some karate moves on each other.

It continues in the garage and Nick grabs her by her neck. Zach manages to get the names of the other people who got pulled over by that cop. Alicia is proud of him. Alicia tells Peter that the State Attorney told her that the cops love their pensions. Peter is angry and Alicia tells him that he will handle it. Will arrives to meet Diane and Diane tells her that she should drop him as a partner. Will says that he was told the same thing. Peter calls up the state attorney and threatens him. He asks him to tell Robb to apologize to Zach. At home, Nick and Kalinda make out. He then looks around the apartment and asks her if she was robbed. She tells him that she knew he was coming and so she tucked everything in the storage. She then aims a gun at him and tells him that she wants him gone from Chicago.

He tells her that he knows that she wants to come back to him as she knew that he was coming and she did not run. The next day, at the firm, Will tells Alicia that Peggy Byrne wants to interview him. Alicia says that she hopes Peggy did not learn anything about them as they were very careful. Alicia does not want Will to do the interview and he agrees. In court, Alicia tells the Judge that the stretch of highway is a forfeiture corridor and the cars are illegally impounded. The SA still asks for an extended date for obstruction of justice. The SA then meets Peter and tells him that he is coming after his son. If he comes after his corridor, he will come after his. After a chat with Clarke Hayden, David decides to stay. Will realizes that this is Clarke’s doing and he suggests that it would be good if he works for Diane.

Alicia asks Kalinda if she would sit in for the new client, Nick. She agrees. She then congratulates Alicia on the video. Alicia wonders what video. Zach has posted a video mocking Robb and it has received around 500,000 views. Robb calls Zach and apologizes to him and tells him that they have dropped all charges against him. Next, Diane and Will celebrate the end of will’s suspension. He tells her that it has been an odd year. She tells him that they are heading for an even odder one. Alicia arrives with a bottle of champagne. She sees Will and Diane talking and she quietly keeps the bottle in Will’s office and leaves. The episode ends.