And The Law Won - Recap

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The episode begins with the employees of the firm being interviewed for the “downsizing”. One of them states that some of them have issues with Alicia. And the issue is the office Alicia is in; it is the largest for any fourth year and the only one on the 28th floor. On the other hand, Alicia doesn’t say anything bad about her colleagues. Next, Will is working on his first case. In the court, Will plays a video of the anti-NATO protest where we see that one of the cops, tases a protester, Tyler Beecham, thrice with a stun gun, sending 1400 volts each time into his body. Tyler dies before the EMT arrives. And now Tyler’s mother is suing the Chicago state for wrongful death.

At the firm, Alicia walks in with the settlement the State is ready to offer; $800,000. Impressive for the first case! But Will thinks that they can double the amount as Will has been talking to Tyler’s fiancée and he feels if they could garner enough sympathy, they can easily manage to get double the current offer. Clark refuses and Diane backs up Will. Clark says that this is what got them into this hole as they place passion ahead of pragmatism. Well, Diane accepts that they do have a huge debt to clear and she is not happy about Clark forcing them to sell the office on the 27th floor. Will notices the she is “becalmed” despite this situation. Diane knows the new landlord; Maddie Hayward and she says that she will talk to Maddie. Next, Nick and Kalinda are at an ice cream parlor. He tells her that she took his money and left him when he expected his loving wife to be there when he returned.

She mocks him and asks him if he cried. He tells her that he doesn’t remember her been such a bitch. Well, guess he has a bad memory! Next, Diane goes to meet Maddie and talk to her about some relief on the payment arrangements. But Maddie asks her to call her team and send a proposal to them. But then she remembers about Alicia and tells Diane to ask Alicia to get in touch her team. In the courtroom, Will is questioning Tyler’s fiancée on the stand. She tells the court that Tyler wasn’t even protesting; he had only come to meet her. The Judge is about to adjourn the meeting when he receives a piece of paper. He then asks the attorneys to arrive at the bench. He tells them about a law that has been passed recently, wherein the jurors are allowed to ask the witness a question or two. One of the jurors has a question for the fiancée; if she was engaged to Tyler, why isn’t she wearing her engagement ring on the day of the protest?

Will tries to redirect the question but the opposing counsel says that he is leading the witness. Brianna, the fiancée says that she left it home as she was scared that it could get lost in the crowd. After the case, Alicia calls Kalinda. At the firm, Brianna tells Alicia that she broke up with Tyler. So where does that leave them? They lose the sympathy component! And probably the offer on the table as well!! Clark wants to talk to Alicia. After Clark leaves, Diane tells her that she will have to go and meet Maddie. Just then Kalinda arrives. Will is a little pissed at her as they called her five times on her cell and she didn’t answer. Will, tells her that one of the jurors is getting information and he wants her to find out from where. Kalinda is a little lost. Will asks her to sit down with Cary and dig a little deep into this case and the juror.

Kalinda then gets a call from Nick telling her that he is going to pick her up tonight. Clark talks to Alicia, hoping her to rat out on her coworkers; but she doesn’t. Kalinda arrives and tells her that Nick is her husband and that he brought his business her as she is here. Alicia wants to know whether Nick is dangerous and Kalinda tells her that she doesn’t know. Alicia decides to drop the case. She then goes to meet Maddie during her lunch break from court. Maddie is more interested about Alicia standing with her husband and she wants to know whether she agrees with his political views. She says, “Enough”. In the courtroom, there is another question from the jury for the medical examiner. The jury wants to know if there were anti-depressants found in the victim’s body.

Defense Attorney, Lionel Deerfield proceeds on that line of questioning where he asks the ME if the victim could exhibit aggressive behavior due to depression. The ME says that it is possible. Later, Will asks Deerfield about the offer on the table as he says that they are ready to go back to the initial offer. Deerfield smiles and walks away. Next, Alicia tells Nick that they are over-scheduled and so they are going to have to back out from his case. He is furious but he maintains his calm. He walks out and on his way he knocks down a vase. Kalinda is watching this and she smiles. She then joins Cary and Will, where they are going over the list of jurors. But they aren’t able to find anything. Kalinda then notices that one of the jurors, Emma Hannahan has crossed three and written two in the space for number of children. A common error when a parent has lost a child. So, she could be their interrogator.

Diane asks Alicia to follow up with Maddie on the lease negotiations. She also tells her that Clark let Mergers and Acquisitions go; except for one lawyer. Next, Maddie shows up at Peter’s campaign. Peter is surprised to see her. Maddie tells him that she wants to contribute to his campaign. But Peter always thought that she backed up female candidates only. She tells him that she met Alicia and she likes her. She wants assurance that she wouldn’t be embarrassed for backing him up. Peter assures her that he wouldn’t let her down. In the courtroom, Tyler’s doctor says that Tyler was prescribed for anxiety and insomnia. But Deerfield brings up a case which Will had won against makers of Elavil for its suicidal tendencies. Deerfield puts forth a possibility that Tyler could have been driven to commit suicide by a cop. Will objects and the Judge sustains the objection. This time there are a number of questions from the jury.

Next, Kalinda arrive at her apartment and finds Nick sitting on the chair, waving a gun at her. She walks into her room and shuts the door. He then punches a mirror and his hand bleeds. She comes out and starts cleaning the wound. He tells her that he loves her and he always will. They make out. Next, Kalinda walks up to one of the protesters to ask him about Tyler. He tells her that Tyler was usually a calm guy and he was surprised that Tyler had gotten “stickered” by the undercover cops, indicating that Tyler was a trouble maker. Kalinda goes through the video and sees that it wasn’t a red sticker; but it was a smiley face and moments later, it was gone. Next, Eli thanks Alicia for getting Maddie on board.

Later, Maddie arrives and asks Alicia out for a drink. Alicia tells her that she is married. Maddie tells her that she wasn’t hitting on her, but only trying to make a friend as she doesn’t have many friends. Alicia gladly accepts. Next, it is Mallen, the officer who tased Tyler, on stand. At first he denies seeing any red sticker. But later he mentions the sticker. Oops! At the firm, Clark tells Alicia to get back Nick’s business and apologize to Nick. Diane tells Alicia that Maddie isn’t ready to negotiate and that they will now have to lose the 27th floor.

Diane is pissed at Alicia. In the courtroom, Deerfield offers a 3.5 million settlement. Next, in Peter’s campaign bus, Peter thanks Alicia for her help. We hear “Midnight train from Georgia” playing in the background and Alicia looks relaxed and is smiling. The episode ends.