Don’t Haze Me, Bro - Recap

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The episode begins with Jackie getting discharged from the hospital and Peter tells her that he has made arrangements for her to stay in his house. Just then Eli calls and Peter wants to know about the developments. Eli tells Peter that Alicia is giving an interview with Mandy and her co-workers from the Post. Jackie knows about the rumor. During the interview Alicia deals with them very well. After all, she is a lawyer. Eli is extremely satisfied with the way the interview went, and he tells Alicia that he could kiss her. Now, that would definitely give them something to write about!!

Eli then calls Kalinda and tells her to check if the campaign worker called Peter at 11.30 pm. He also remembers that he was in the room next to Peter’s. In the court, Diane is showing the jury a picture of Trey Lawson; a young freshman water polo player, who was bullied and drowned by a teammate, Wayne Crockett during a hazing ritual. Wayne pled guilty and is now serving eight years in prison. But Diane is suing Chicago Polytech where this heinous crime took place. She is suing the University as it turned a blind eye to this vicious ritual that cost Mr. and Mrs. Lawson their son. The coach is on the stand and he tells the court that the university doesn't approve of this ritual and so it was conducted in one of the teammate’s houses.

But one of the team members testifies that the coach knew about the ‘dunk’ and had also texted him, warning the team not to get drunk. Well, this case is for $6 million. Will calls Diane telling her that in another 10 minutes, they will no longer own the 27th floor. Next, Jackie is addressing a group of retirees about Peter and his good looks and she does it all wrong. When Eli is informed about this, he asks Jackie to excuse herself from the speech. But she hangs up on him. In the court, the university’s defense attorney changes tactics and tells the court that this wasn’t a hazing ritual but a hate crime, as Trey was gay. Diane is pissed and wants Kalinda to investigate this.

Clarke and Will are having an argument about the 27th floor and the trustee asks Will and Duane to share an office. But that is not going to happen and a pissed Diane asks Hayden to back off. He tells her that he is only trying to save them from themselves. On the other hand, Eli tells Jackie that her schedule has changed and unless she behaves, she will be giving a speech at the Regional Senior Center of Greater Martin Grove. Next, Maddie Hayward talks to Eli; she is concerned about the rumors. She says that another donor withdrew as he had heard the rumor. Eli tries telling her that this is done by the opposing party to defame Peter. But somehow she isn’t convinced.

At the firm, Clarke tells Cary that he is impressed by his record and is ready to give him an office. He tells him: Come to me when you need to, and adds that he would hate to limit his scope. This means he wants Cary to be his spy. In court, a student, Beth Alexander is on stand and she says that she had sex with Trey on many occasions. And she doesn’t think Trey is gay. However, she did hear a rumor about Trey being gay as he Trey was slightly effeminate. So the defense lawyer argues that the hate crime was because what the killer “thought” about Trey. Diane tells Alicia to talk to Wayne in the prison. Eli is at the firm and tells Alicia that since she is having a drink with Maddie in the evening, she should take this opportunity to tell Maddie that the rumor is a lie.

Alicia tells him that she will do that only if Maddie brings up the topic. Alicia will not initiate it as it is a friendly drink. Clarke then calls Alicia to his office and asks her about Cary. She tells him that she likes Cary and she was the one who asked the firm to hire him. A while later, Clarke shows Cary his new office; actually it is Alicia’s office. Looks like they are going to have to share the office! At the hotel, where Peter has allegedly had sex with the campaign worker, Kalinda talks to the manager. She learns from the manager that the adjoining door to Eli’s room can be opened only by the hotel staff and there was no such request. This upsets Kalinda.

She then goes to the 15th floor. In the elevator, she sees that the manager uses a concierge key to access the 15th floor. And the campaign worker was on the eighth floor. This means she could go up to Peter’s room only if she had the key! This brings a smile to Kalinda’s face. Next, Alicia and Maddie are at the bar and they are drunk. Alicia brings up the topic and tells Maddie that they have managed to convince the magazines that the story is false. Maddie asks her if Eli put her up to this and Alicia says a ‘yes’. But she also tells her that she wanted to talk to her about this anyways. Kalinda meets Wayne in prison and Wayne tells her that Trey wasn’t gay. He tells her that his lawyers don’t want him to get on the stand once again.

Kalinda asks him who they can talk to prove that trey wasn’t gay and this wasn’t a hate crime. Later, Chad, Wayne’s childhood friend is on the stand. Chad is gay and he tells the court that Wayne and he saw Trey coming out of Beth’s room and laughed at him as they felt that Beth was hot and Trey was no match. He also tells the court that Wayne knew that he is gay since the tenth grade and he had no problems with it. This means that Wayne was never bothered about Trey’s sexual preference. Diane tells the court that with this she puts the insanity of the ‘hate crime’ to rest. Meanwhile, Jackie is giving her speech at the Greater Martin Grove and she struggles with her speech as she sees bugs on the podium. Eli is watching this video and he thinks that she is trying to get back at him.

Peter arrives and asks Eli if he had cut her speaking schedule. Eli says yes and Peter tells him that he wants his mother to be involved in the campaign. In the court, the defense attorney cross-examines Chad and says that it is possible that Wayne did not consider Chad as a gay friend as Wayne took him as his childhood friend. He then brings out the fact that Trey was effeminate and so this could lead to a hate crime. Diane says that a hate crime cannot be committed because of one’s mannerisms. But the Judge says that perception can lead to hate crimes. So, the Judge allows the jury to make the decision. Next, Eli wants Alicia to talk to Jackie. But she refuses.

She tells him to give her something that will make Jackie feel important. Next, Kalinda talks to the campaign worker and finds out that she is alien to the concept of a concierge key. So how did she get to Peter’s room which I son the concierge floor? She begins to fumble and then she says that she doesn’t want to talk to Kalinda anymore. Eli tells Mandy and her coworker that they have no facts to accuse Peter. In the courtroom, Wayne is on the stand and he tells the court that he hated Trey as he was a jerk and he called Wayne an “oreo”. So the defense attorney is now selling the hate crime as a rivalry between two fraternities.

Everyone is frustrated and at the meeting Cary says that it is good that this is a fight between two fraternities and that there have been fights before. He explains saying that if this is the case then it is not about a hate crime; it is about liability! They put the coach back on stand. Diane then manages to prove that the university knew about the animosity between the two fraternities and they still put Wayne and Trey in one team. Diane wins the $6 million settlement. Will points out that she looks pretty happy with herself. She is now sure that she is going to get their firm back and then expand their horizons.

Next, at a campaign rally, Jackie apologizes to Alicia and she is greatly touched by the way Alicia is standing by her son. She then sees a bug in her drink! She is hallucinating. Eli receives a call from an unknown caller. It is from Jimmy V; a political blogger. He says he is about to publish the story about Peter’s defamatory affair and he has gotten it as an anonymous tip. And he is about to post it; in an hour. The episode ends.