Waiting for the Knock - Recap

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The episode begins with Lemond Bishop preparing breakfast for his son. The kid enquires if his mother called and is disappointed to know that she didn’t. Just then every phone in the room begins to ring. At Peter’s campaign, Jackie is still hallucinating about the bug in her wine. Alicia introduces Maddie to Jackie. Just then Diane calls and she needs Alicia as there is an emergency. Eli is talking to the blogger, Jimmy V who threatens to post about Peter’s affair. Alicia arrives at Bishop’s house and meets Leslie, who is from another law firm; the primary one. Mr. Stiglets, Bishop’s accountant, has been arrested in a drug related issue.

Bishop wants Leslie to keep him and his crew out of jail and he wants Diane to take care of his legit business. So now they have to work together and find out why his accountant was arrested and whether he too will be. Will tells Diane that they should go after the drug issue as that will get them more money. If they don’t go after the other firm’s business, they will come after theirs. Eli calls Will and tells him about the blogger and his story and asks Will to threaten this guy. Will agrees to look into it. Will then asks Kalinda to get in touch with Alicia. Cary tells Kalinda that Nick is in the office with his ‘clean partner’, Gavin.

Kalinda tells Nick that he should move his business to Chicago and incorporate Gavin, as Gavin’s profile would profoundly help cover up Nick’s criminal profile. Kalinda tells Alicia that she hasn’t told Cary that Nick is her husband. Nick and Kalinda have their usual disagreement and Kalinda pushes Nick. Cary tries to intervene but Kalinda tells him that everything is fine. Nick agrees to sign the agreement. Will calls Jimmy and threatens to sue him for defamation and he would have to end up paying 3 million. Jimmy tells him to send a ‘cease and desist’. Will calls Eli and tells him that Jimmy will post it either way. Kalinda tells Bishop that the cops took all the files of his legit businesses. Bishop wants them to look into it.

He wants Alicia to be there with him when the cops arrive as he doesn’t want his son to be scared. Alicia knows that Bishop wants her to be there as she is the State Attorney’s wife. Alicia asks Bishop several questions regarding his legit businesses and he points out that he had shifted one of them to Roha and that could have been amateur. His son, Dylan arrives. Bishop is sad that it is Dylan’s eighth birthday and there is no one coming as the parents of the other kids don’t want them to be around him. Peter calls Alicia and tells her about the blogger. She says that she is resigned to the fact. But Peter tells her that they need to talk to their children. Now, that skipped her mind.

At the firm, they are looking through the accounts of Bishop’s businesses. And all of them could be an accounting nightmare. Clarke suggests that they should look at the footnotes. That is where the accountants dispose their problems. Cary asks Clarke to help. At the campaign, Eli sees that the blogger has posted about the affair. He has also posted the ‘cease and desist’ call from Will. Peter doesn’t know about that call. Peter tells Eli that he doesn’t want Will to be involved in anything. Cary asks Bishop’s bakery manager about the discrepancies in his accounts. Clarke exactly points out to what he found wrong in the footnotes and the manager says that they bought all the employees’ membership to a health club.

Cary and Clarke then go to the health club. Cary tells the manager that out of the 300 new members, 270 never showed up. He then shows her the footnotes that would support his statement. Cary sees Clarke observing a room; the juice bar. On being asked, Clarke tells Cary that the most wondrous thing about numbers is that one cannot hide them. At the firm, Diane is furious at Leslie as they are laundering money through their legit businesses. But Leslie points out that their firm wouldn’t exist without their businesses. Alicia questions Dexter in front of Bishop. She tells Dexter that the juice bar is closed and is still making money. Bishop wants Dexter to explain.

Dexter tells Bishop that since they lost the other two health clubs, he tried being a little entrepreneurial and started selling SGH. Bishop is furious and tells him that he wanted no drugs on the legit side of his business. But Dexter tells him that SGH is steroids. Kalinda calls Alicia and tells her that there is some activity down the block. There is a cable van standing and trying very hard not to look under cover. Kalinda goes up to the guy and tells her that her wires are sparking too badly and that she needs it to be fixed. The man is taken aback and he tells her that they are there for someone else. Lana is inside the van. She hears Kalinda and steps outside.

Kalinda tells Alicia that this time the FBI is here with warrant and tells Alicia to act quickly. Alicia tells Bishop and Bishop tells Dexter to move the video game from Dylan’s room. He then asks Alicia to help with Dylan. The FBI starts knocking on the door. Kalinda tells Diane and Cary that there is no one from the DEA, which means this isn’t about the SGH and they can’t figure out what this is about as the warrant is sealed. In the park, Alicia keeps Dylan distracted by talking about basketball. Inside the house, the feds find that the game box is missing. Cary suggests that it is not necessary that Bishop is arrested. If someone interferes with the search, they could be arrested for obstruction of Justice.

Well, there goes Cary! They file the Frank’s motion. Lana tells Kalinda that her apartment was ransacked and nothing was taken. She wants her to tell Bishop that this won’t scare her. The Judge tells Lana to unseal the warrant and tell the lawyers want they want to know. The lawyers then tell Bishop that an informant has been missing for 72 hours and the cops are searching his apartment for evidence. The good news is that whatever the informant told the FBI is not enough to charge Bishop with it. so they need to find out who this informant is. Meanwhile, the blogger has photo-shopped the campaign worker’s picture and posted it online. And it has gone viral. Kalinda confronts Nick about breaking into Lana’s apartment.

She calls the cops to report a break in but when she finds that Nick has found the place where she had hidden the money, she withdraws the complaint. Nick has found 10,000 and he wants to know where the rest is. Nick also tells her that Lana is out to cause trouble to Kalinda. She has pictures of Kalinda with Eli all over her apartment. Next, Kalinda and Bishop talk to Dexter. He tells them that the girl from the front desk, Christina, hasn’t showed up at work. An angry Maddie confronts Eli. Dexter tells the group that he told Christina about the SGH and that he also slept with her. Alicia wants to know if he told Christina about any of Bishop’s other businesses. He tells them that Christina often takes a break because of her boyfriend, Noah and that she has another place as well.

Next, Eli is shocked to see Indira Starr at the campaign party and even more shocked to learn that she is there to meet Maddie. Kalinda is at Christina’s place and she finds Christina dead in her car trunk. She tells the team that probably she saw Noah at Christina’s place but she isn’t sure. Bishop tells Alicia to make a guardian arrangement with his sister for Dylan. He then tells them to call the cops. Lana meets Kalinda and tells her to ask Bishop to turn himself in. The feds are about to arrive.

Maddie calls Alicia and tells her that she is not going to support Peter anymore. Alicia is surprised as he won tonight. Maddie would like to remain friends with Alicia. She wants to try and so she would give Alicia her space and check on her after few days. Next, Bishop hugs his son goodbye and the feds arrest him and take him away. The episode ends.