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The Art of War - Recap

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The episode begins with a busy day at Lockhart-Gardener. We see Judge Kuhn from the Army sitting in the waiting room and Nick strikes a conversation with her. Later he goes to meet Alicia. Maddie also arrives at the firm. Nick asks Alicia about the bid. Another car company has won the bid and Nick says that he was second on the bid and he feels that the company paid someone off. But Alicia says that Nick paid someone off. Will arrives at the firm and is surprised to see Kuhn. She says that she is here to see Alicia Florrick. Will doesn’t want her to be kept waiting, so he asks her to go along with him as Alicia seems to be a little caught up.

Mandy tries to talk to Maddie. Will manages to get Alicia to meet Judge Kuhn. But Kuhn doesn’t want Will to be present in the meeting. She tells Alicia that she was in a panel which attends to gender based issues and there was a speaker whose issue the panel could not address; and so the Judge wants Alicia to meet her. She is a member of the Jag Core and she was attacked last year in Afghanistan; a man from the base tries to rape her. Kuhn wants Alicia to represent her. Now, the woman cannot sue military! But Kuhn tells Alicia that the attacker was an employee of Martinell Security, an independent contractor in Afghanistan. Since the evidence seemed insufficient for criminal prosecution, she decided to sue in civil court.

Next, Mandy meets Eli and tells him that she had a word with Maddie and now Maddie left. Eli is furious to see that his office is given away and he confronts Clarke. Next, Alicia meets Capt. Hellinger. Hellinger says that she can handle and that she has made a brief already. But Kuhn insists that Alicia reads her brief. Alicia reads the brief and tells her that it is well reasoned but she would win the ‘motion to compel’. She says that it is evident that it has been written by a novice and the brief is too meek. Alicia tells her that she needs to find out that if her attacker, Ricky Waters, is still positioned in Afghanistan. Asking the Security service won’t help. Guess Alicia is hired!

Eli is discussing something with Kalinda and she seems distracted. She then asks him if he is being investigated by the Feds. She then shows the picture of Eli and her together that was found from Lana’s house. Later, Kalinda hands over the address and telephone number that Alicia had asked for. Alicia then tells Kalinda that her husband lost the bid. Next, in the court, Alicia tells Judge Abernathy that the security services is now trying to deploy Ricky Waters back to Afghanistan; Ricky was on a leave for two weeks and is at a distance of mere 12 miles. She requests the Judge to subpoena Waters. Waters’ lawyer, Bucky says that Martinell Securities is immune from all civil actions. The Judge asks Bucky to prove that security services have close alliance with the military for the immunity to be granted.

Meanwhile, Eli talks to Mandy’s competitor, Peggy and wants her to get back at Mandy for posting Peter’s scandal. He tells her about Mandy’ s cousin who is serving time in prison as he was accused by his step daughter for molesting and Peter was the one who prosecuted her cousin. He wants the reporter to write that the sex scandal is Mandy’s way of getting back at Peter. In the court, Alicia presents her argument and the Judge grants the subpoena and orders Waters to be presented in court by the afternoon; else there would be an arrest. Next, Diane talks to Cary and she tells him that she knows that Clarke has been talking to him lately and he seems to like Cary. She asks Cary if he knows what happened to Clarke as Clarke seems to be angrier and more abrasive with them off-late.

Cary tells her that he has started to care and that is why this change in behavior. Diane wants him to talk to Clarke and find out the real issue. Cary then asks Diane if Will had any trust issues with him as Cary hasn’t been getting any criminal cases lately. Alicia arrives and Cary tells her that the car company that won the bid moved up without waiting for two years as they should have and so their bid can be invalidated and then the bid will go to Nick. But this is if they still want Nick as their client. Next, Peter introduces Jackie to her new nurse, Cristian. Alicia had a haunch that Peter should get a male nurse for Jackie as she has been firing every single woman nurse sent by the hospital. Next, Waters is in the court.

He tells the court that he couldn’t have attacked Hellinger as he was sending an email at the time of the attack. At the firm, Kalinda presents evidence confirming the same. But she also points out that there was an email sent from the next terminal around the same time, and he could be the witness. Alicia tells her that they should subpoena is person. Maddie is in Alicia’s office waiting for her. She tells Alicia that she wanted to warn her before she made the announcement; she is running against Peter! She tells her that it is high time a woman got into the race. Alicia isn’t too happy to hear this. Maddie leaves and Alicia rushes to inform Eli about the recent development. Eli is shocked. Later, Alicia and Hellinger meet Kuhn and ask her to subpoena Sgt. Compton to testify in court.

Kuhn says that it exceeds her authority. Alicia points out to Kuhn that the military wants to support the security services as they don’t want to lose their contract and they are pressurizing Hellinger to quit. Kuhn maintains that she cannot do anything. Next, Alicia and Kalinda are having a drink and she tells Kalinda about the chances of Nick winning the bid. She asks Kalinda if Nick is dangerous and Kalinda says that he is, sometimes. Kuhn calls Alicia. We then see that the panel questions Compton and Compton has arrived at a very short notice. They as him a question related to the panel and ask his opinion. He is stumped. Later, Hellinger walks up to Compton and the next thing we see that Compton is in the stand.

He admits to hearing the attack on Hellinger. But Bucky contests that Waters was called on military duty at midnight, so until they can prove that the attack happened before midnight, Water is protected as an agent of the military. So, Alicia and Diane start working on the timeline. Meanwhile, Mandy is fired because of Peggy’s article. Jackie is warming up to Cristian. But Bucky puts forth a compelling argument. Abernathy dismisses the case. This is cruel! Alicia tries to convince Hellinger to appeal to the Supreme Court. But she refuses to do so. Next, Maddie arrives to meet Peter. Peter tells her that he is going to beat her. But she tells him to drop out and become her lieutenant governor.

Peter tells her that he can trust a cynic and a con man, but he can never trust a hypocrite as they don’t know when they are lying and that is the most dangerous kind of liar. So that is a no? Well, it is a never!! Maddie leaves, promising to meet him on the campaign trail. Eli walks in and Peter says: Let’s get started. The episode ends.