Anatomy of a Joke - Recap

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The episode begins with a comedienne Therese Dodd on her show and this time she is talking about breast cancer. To demonstrate a self-exam she removes her shirt. The video is paused and Therese is on the stand and she is being sued for 2 million dollars for indecency. Preston cross-examines her and says that she offended 8 million households and did not care about the use of vulgar language as she often did that to provoke her. Alicia defends her client saying that this show was telecasted during the safe harbor period which according to the rules of FCC allows nudity and use of such languages. But Preston says that t was recorded at 8pm in Chicago and telecasted in the West Coast.

Alicia says that it wasn’t Theresa’s decision. The Judge rules that he would be prone to dismiss the case unless Preston can prove pre-meditation. At the office, Alicia states that Cary has been spending a lot of time with Clarke and wonders if everything is all right and he says that Clarke likes to talk. Laura arrives and she is without uniform; permanently. It is out of choice. She is now looking for a job ad has come to pay her bill and goes to meet Clarke. Eli is doing an interview and he is asked about Maddie Hayward as a contender. And the Indira Starr issue is still on. One of the reporters asks Eli if he could confirm whether Peter has a birth mark on his penis as Carr has stated the same. He is outraged.

In the courtroom, the makeup artist says that Theresa wanted make up on both her breasts which is unusual. So, this proves pre-meditation. It is now negotiation time. Preston says that there are three members from the FCC who he would be questioning and they would help him get the maximum; 3 million dollars. Preston says that all this can go away if Theresa apologizes. He says that her story about her mother dying of breast cancer won’t take her far. But if she manages to convince two or three swing votes, she doesn’t have to pay a cent. Will thinks that Theresa needs a babysitter and so he tells Alicia to go with her. Diane says that Cary will go with her too.

Diane is doing this as she knows that Will is holding Cary back and that they need to use him more. Meanwhile, Clarke suggests to Preston that he should acquire Lockhart-Gardener. It is up to him and the courts to decide the same. Preston agrees to consider it. Jim and Eli are with Peter discussing the new issue; Peter’s birthmark on his penis shaped like Brazil. How is that even possible? A perfect political trap as the candidate cannot say about the birthmark on his penis. Peter thinks it is Kristeva’s (his opponent) doing. After Peter leaves, Jim tells Eli that Maddie is sleeping with her aid; a woman. Eli thinks this is the best way to divert people’s attention, but he cannot afford to have their fingerprints on this one!

Next, in Washington, Theresa manages to get one vote of Commissioner Tom Gill. Theresa really goes off script and Preston is pissed. In the hallway, Cary meets his father Jeffery Agos. They don’t seem to get along well. Cary tells them that he needs to meet Commissioner Martinez and Commissioner Bix. Jeff offers to put in a good word but Cary denies. Next, Jim and Kalinda are watching Maddie’s house. They see a woman leaving Maddie’s house; it is Indira Starr! In Washington, Preston is a little worried to see Punch Sutton at the FC; he is the Chair of Parent against indecency. The meeting doesn’t go as expected as Theresa is totally incapable of being emotional as per the script.

She ends up stating that her mother could manage to make a “gas joke” even in the face of death. Alicia tells Will that it did not go well with Bix and they are expecting something good to happen with Martinez. She also tells him that Preston was asking a lot about their firm and that it is a little awkward. Will and Diane look worried. And Diane realizes that he is after them. Will tells Alicia to tell Preston that they lost their topmost client. Alicia then talks to Eddie Kowalski and gives a good reference for Laura. But then Eddie tells her that they aren’t looking for anyone at the moment. Alicia tells him that Laura is thinking that she has got a job. But Eddie hangs up before they can finish the conversation.

Alicia then goes to Cary’s room and they talk about his father. She tells him that since his father asked him to have breakfast with him, he should. But Cary has told him that he is busy. She tells him that probably his father is trying to mend things. They then tune into Theresa’s show and she ends up telling on television that she stripped for all three members; wells he meant it in humor but Cary ad Alicia are don’t look too happy with her sense of humor. Next, Cary has dinner with his father. His father wants to say something before it is too late he says that he is proud of him and that he is sorry that they haven’t been in touch. Cary senses that there is some problem and asks his father.

Just then Alicia arrives and tells Cary that Martinez cancelled. His father tells him to look into his work and that they will talk later. Kalinda tells Eli and Peter about her recent finding and according to the neighbors, Indira has been visiting Maddie for the last whole month. Diane goes into Clarke’s office. Clarke tells her that he is trying to keep them from liquidation. Alicia and Cary are back. Laura arrives to meet Alicia. Alicia tells Laura that there is no job there. Will and Diane talk to David Lee and he agrees to support them. Cary calls his father and wants to know what he was about to say at breakfast. He says that he wants Cary to talk to Diane and tell her to put in a good word for him to Senator Buyers.

He could talk to Martinez for Cary. Cary is disappointed. Peter talks to Alicia and wants her to talk to the press. Alicia agrees. She also knows that Cary’s position in Peter’s office has not yet been filled and she wants Peter to consider Laura. It is a deal! Kalinda arrives with the bad news that Martinez is still meeting Punch Sutton and that too the next day at six. Cary suggests that they crash the meeting and tell Martinez that they never got the disinvite. They go to DC again. Jeff confronts Cary and Cary tells him that he wouldn’t talk to Diane. Jeff tells him that he will never call him again. The team meets with Martinez and Theresa says that her jokes weren’t funny and the disrobing was for women to be aware of breast cancer and provoke them.

Martinez wants her to pledge that she would never be indecent on television in future. As a response, she kisses Cary and gets up and leaves. Next, Laura is at Peter’s office and is being interviewed by Geneva. Peter barges in and appoints her and hands Laura her first case. Geneva is stumped. In the courtroom, Will puts forth his argument and requests the case to be dismissed. The Judge rules in Theresa’s favor. Preston then arrives to meet Clarke and talks about the buy over. Just then David Lee enters. He tells them that the firm has rewritten his contract and if the firm is sold then he is free to leave. Preston drops his idea of buying the firm.

Clarke is pissed and he storms into Diane’s office and tells them to get ready to crash! Theresa is leaving for LA and says a goodbye to Cary. Alicia is watching one of Theresa’s shows and this time the joke is on a “birthmark on a penis that looks like Brazil”; and Alicia laughs. The episode ends.