Here Comes the Judge - Recap

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The episode begins with texts asking Grace if she is fine. She replies that she is. We then see a video chat between friends who are discussing Grace’s attempt to commit suicide by swallowing a handful of pills and her ex-boyfriend, Connor already ready to date after his recent break up with Grace. Next, in the courtroom, Laura is cross-examining a man named Yates, asking him why he shot the victim four times in the head. He tells her that the victim’s wife, Gwyneth wanted him to kill her husband as she said that she loved him and if he killed her husband then they could be together. He is her Pilates instructor. We see that Will is defending Gwyneth and Laura is a little nervous as this is her first case.

Yates tells her that she said she would split her husband’s money and that there was a pre-nup. If she divorced, she gets nothing; but if he dies she gets everything. He then texts her that it is done; and that she shouldn’t go home till eight so that she could establish her alibi. Alicia calls her daughter Grace, and Grace tells her that Grace Baskin OD-ied on pills last night. In the courtroom, Laura gives Will a tough time and Judge Creary wonders if Will is having a tough time getting out what he wants. Will is impressed with Laura and points out that they used to represent her. Kalinda and Will are having a drink and Will spots Creary in the same restaurant and, decides to go and speak to Creary as this single case can clear them of the bankruptcy.

Kalinda warns him against it. Creary is with Giada; someone Will knows. He tells Will that he was screwed up in court today and he knows that his client is guilty. He says that Will bribes the judges and that he shouldn’t be practicing law. Diane is shocked to hear that. Diane is thinking to move for recusal. But this means turning the Judge against him. Will thinks that they should send Alicia for the same as the Judge has a thing for the ladies. In court, Alicia asks for the motion to be heard in the chambers; but the Judge insists that they do it in the courtroom. Alicia puts forth their motion and the Judge rules it out and Alicia calls in for substitution. Creary is pissed and he tells Alicia that they have gotten themselves in lot of trouble. At the campaign office, Eli is pleased to see a 20% up in the fundraising and it is all thanks to the new volunteer.

Eli hires her. She thanks her team and in her team is a guy named Jay, whose is actually Zach Florrick. In the courtroom, Peter Dunaway is presiding over the case. Creary also arrives at the hearing. This is a trial within a trial. At school, Grace walks into the bushes to meet Connor, the dead girl’s ex-boyfriend. But a teacher hears them and asks them to come out. They hold hands and run and Grace looks totally smitten by Connor. Cary and Kalinda are having a laugh and Nick is glaring at them. Nick then asks Cary about the suit he is wearing and if he is gay. Cary is not too comfortable and tells him that they would continue with their case once Alicia is in. In the courtroom, Alicia and Laura square off and Creary decides to testify. On the stand, he denies all accusations made against him. Alicia tells Will that they need to find a witness from the bar.

Next, Will and Giada are enjoying an expensive wine. Eli arrives at the firm and shows Alicia a video of Grace and Connor together. He tells her that this is the work of the opposition who wants to prove that their daughter is a smoker who cuts class. They are looking for vulnerabilities and family values. Alicia has a talk with Grace and she learns that the dead Grace was cutting herself. Alicia is troubled on hearing this. Next, Will and Giada are in bed and she is feeding him ice cream. She tells him that Creary was trying to impress her as they were dating and it was Will who blew it out of proportion. She says that she will not testify against Creary. Next, Cary walks into a poker game and Creary’s assistant is there as well.

The assistant starts talking about Creary and the next thing we see is that he is on the stand; both reluctant and pissed. He thought that he was talking to a friend and now he is subpoenaed. He admits that Creary did call Will a thief and a liar. But Laura then asks him if Creary was the only Judge who did that and Chapin tells the court that a lot of them made fun of Will; and one of them did rule in Will’s favor in one of his recent cases. So this means a Judge is quite capable of putting his personal feelings aside while ruling over a case. Diane tells them they need to figure out another way; Creary’s post divorce drinking problem. In the bushes, Grace tells Connor that she doesn’t want to have sex. He tries to kiss her but she gets up and tells him that she is getting late for class. She then bends and gives him a quick kiss and leaves.

Kalinda gets a call from Alicia to look into Creary’s drinking problem. Nick feels that it was Cary and Kalinda tells him that it wasn’t. Later, Nick picks up the phone and redials the number and Cary who is now sharing Alicia’s office, answers the phone. Oh no! Eli finds out that the intern Jay is actually Zach. Next, Kalinda goes to an AA meeting and talks to a lady and asks her if Harrison Creary is doing well. She yes a yes and we see her in court the next day. Diane asks Mrs. Vaughn about what Creary told the group after he drank and Vaughn tells the court that he blacked. Diane thus proves that Creary clearly did not remember what he told will at the bar. Eli talks to Zach about working for the campaign and he tells her that he needs to present it to his mother.

And Eli doesn’t want Alicia to know that he is in this with Zach. In the courtroom, Dunaway is disgusted with the defense and calls this rank character assassination; but since the defense has proven its case, he grants substitution. And as Will and Diane rejoice their victory, Laura tells them that they should take the plea bargain for twenty five years as they have proof that their client was cheating on her now-dead husband and that she must have solicited someone for murdering her husband. She tells them that Creary visited a forum of cheating spouses and he saw her profile there. Poor Will!

Cary gets beaten up by someone in the parking lot. Alicia arrives home and Zach tells her that he wants to help his father with his campaign and he knows that he can help. He says that Grace and he are already a part of the campaign, whether they like it or not. And he wants to be a part of the solution. Alicia agrees to think about it. Grace arrives and Alicia tells her that she smells like smoke. She tells her mother that it is not her; it is Connor. She is completely freaked out with the way things are going. The episode ends.