Battle of the Proxies - Recap

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The episode begins with Eli sitting at a cafeteria and going through the poll result and listening to classical piano when he is interrupted by Davis Mc Guardia. He works for the Justice Department and he also mentions about a company Eli worked for when he worked as a crisis manager. Eli doesn’t want to continue with the conversation. He leaves. This means David is digging into Eli’s career in the Graph Industries and this gets Eli ruffled up. He calls Diane using an employees’ phone. Something is fishy here? In the courtroom, Will is presenting a case where a woman named Brandy was murdered in Chicago after attending a rock concert.

Hellinger has charged Will’s client, Troy with murder. Troy is an executive and has a spotless record. Meanwhile, at Minooka, Brandy’s ex-boyfriend, Garry, is being charged of her murder. He is accused of being obsessive and having stalked Brandy. Alicia is attending the case in Minooka. Garry lawyer tells the court that Garry did not follow her to Chicago. But on the other hand, Will is blaming Garry. Garry’s lawyer wonders why Garry is being prosecuted in Minooka when the murder took place in Chicago. This is big city business; not theirs. Will brings up the other trial in the court. Hellinger objects as Will was told not to do so. The Judge sustains the objection and tells Will that he is held in contempt and is charged $10,000.

He is also not getting a mistrial. And if Garry is found guilty, then that evidence may be presented in front of the jury; but only after the guilt is proven. Alicia asks the Minooka State Attorney if she could help him with the case, but he doesn’t like defense attorneys and he leaves. Alicia calls Will to inform him about this. He tells her that Kalinda has got some leads and he tells Alicia to run a search on some soil samples and clay loam. Meanwhile, Eli meets Diane and tells her about the earlier incident. She then shows her the photograph that showed him and Kalinda together. Someone is spying on him and he wants it sorted. But since he doesn’t want Peter to know about this, he asks Diane not to put Alicia and Will on this case.

At home, while trying to do an internet search on clay loam, she comes across a recent search made on that computer about different types of condoms. She is dumbstruck and doesn’t know how to react. In Minooka, Alicia helps the State Attorney who looks like he is going to lose the case as the forensic technician identifies that the shoe prints match Garry’s. But Garry’s lawyer tells the court that the Illinois court has proved that it is a match to Troy’s footwear. Alicia hands over her search on clay loam to the State Attorney and the results of soil analysis. This is a game changer and now he is open to Alicia’s help! At home, Alicia confronts Zach about the condom search and he says that Grace also uses the computer and that she is dating Connor now. Moreover, he knows how to scrub the search cache clean.

Nick comes to meet Alicia and tells her that he wants one of the partners representing him as Cary accused him of moving drugs in the vehicles they towed. Alicia takes a moment and then tells Nick that they have to let him go. He tells Alicia that the word about the drugs should not get out. She asks him if he is threatening him and tells her that she can decide that. In the court, the security guard from the rock concert testifies that he saw Brandy with Troy and that he heard them fighting at a distance of around 80 yards. Well, Will proves that he was wearing ear plugs which are given to the guards by the company to fight the noises from the concert. Now wearing those, the guard cannot hear Kalinda screaming from a distance of mere 30 yards.

So it is finally working for Will and he tells Hellinger that Garry is also on the verge of being proved guilty. Alicia tells Kalinda about the earlier incident with Nick and asks Kalinda if she is in danger and Kalinda assures her that she isn’t. Hellinger asks Matan Brody for help. He is an ASA. So we have Alicia helping the State Attorney in Minooka and Brody helping the defense; interesting! And the Judge is aglow with anticipation. Eli and Diane meet David and Diane wants to know what he is after. David tells her that he is investigating a quid pro quo where Eli has funneled some funds into his ex-wife’s campaign by undercharging the crisis management clients. This is a campaign finance violation.

In the Minooka court, the Judge allows the latest evidence presented by Brody as this connects Troy to the murder. Alicia fiercely objects but the Judges overrules that one! At home, Alicia confronts Grace about the condom search and she freaks out and she doesn’t want to talk. But she tells her mother that she is being a good girl. In the court, Hellinger cross examines a witness who saw Troy carrying a lumpy blanket to his car. But then, Will, gets him to admit that on that night he had too much to drink and also smoked pot. He then very cleverly tries to show the witness Garry’s photo but Hellinger interjects and asks that photo to be banned. Next, Kalinda rams her car into the one Nick is fixing and she then knocks him down.

She then checks the car and finds drugs in it. She smirks. Eli and Diane meet David again and Eli tells him that he will not turn in on his ex-wife. He tells her that they will drop any charges on his ex-wife in return of a proffer for Peter Florrick. They tell David to go to hell. Kalinda then explains to Will and Alicia the “mountain peak” the witness saw on the blanket. The logo for Troy’s company is W where the lower part is colored white. Now when this is turned upside down, it is M where the upper points are white in color, the “mountain peaks”. So, Troy is guilty. Alicia feels that she has been supplying evidence to convict Garry. Will says that they need to zealously represent their client; like it or hate it, it is their job! Cary tells Alicia that the soil on Garry’s shoes is actually from his work site; but now Alicia cannot say anything and she has to keep quiet and see an innocent man go to jail.

Next, we see that the Justice Department is raiding Eli’s office. Zach, the tech savvy guy finds out that the search was done by Jackie. Alicia tells him that they won’t speak of it again. He is good with that! In Minooka court, Garry is found guilty and in Chicago Try is found guilty! Really, now how is that possible? Will meets Hellinger in the bar and buys her drinks. He tells her that she can use the firm’s evidence to get Garry off. Kalinda is in the office, working late and Nick arrives. She tells him that he should leave as she informed the cops about the drugs business. She tells her that there is nothing left here for him and that she has put $20,000 in a locker for him.

He should take it and disappear forever. Nick knows that telling the cops is not her style and he asks what her Plan B is. She stands up and glares at him. Next, Kalinda is in the bar telling Alicia that she doesn’t have to worry about Nick anymore and that he is gone forever. They are both safe. The episode ends.