Boom De Yah Da - Recap

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The episode begins with Cary and Will showing some pictures of the houses and pools of the foreclosed property by the Atlantic Commerce bank. Diane pulls out Will for a moment and hands him the notice for mediation for the both of them; it is for bankruptcy. One of their creditors wants mediation on our progress. Will asks Diane to talk to Clarke. Diane tells Will that they could earn a lot out of Atlantic Commerce and asks him to keep the settlement over 10 million. Inside the room, Cary tells the official of the bank that the bank did not do anything with the foreclosed properties; especially the pools and they let the water stagnate which drew mosquitoes and these mosquitoes took the west Nile virus to their client, Kaely.

Will states that they have the reports from the CDC saying that the bank’s pool was the cause. Also, they have a written complaint from the neighbors, including Kaely’s mother, Mrs. Spence, about the declining conditions of the pool. It was addressed to the President of the Bank, Wilkes. And Wilkes is up for deposition. Alicia goes to Minnesota to depose the President and Will tells her that they can charge him on backtracking of the records. Alicia is on the Wilkes’ ranch. Wilkes has been flipping for 14 months and Canings, his lawyer, is also present on the site.

Wilkes arrives and Alicia tells Wilkes that Kaely is suing the bank for 15 million as she had a promising career as a ballet dancer and the West Nile virus has rendered her incapable to pursue her career. Wilkes gets an emergency message and gets up to leave. He has barely been there for 3 minutes! And the court has asked 3 hours of his time. He assures that he will be back by afternoon and leaves. Next, Frank Landau pays Eli a visit. He has heard about the raid, and he also knows that it is about him and not Peter. Eli tells Frank that there are people from the Justice department who don’t want Peter to win; but since they can’t find anything on Peter, they are coming after him. Frank tells him that in case this thing becomes messy; Eli might require someone to second him.

Alicia is waiting for Wilkes to arrive and once again he misses the deposition. Canings apologizes to her. Alicia tells him that the Judge will be very angry. Canings shows her a CDC report which shows that one of the other causes for the West Nile virus could be a coy pond which is not a foreclosed property. Diane and Will know what the bank is up to and they tell Alicia to outwait them. Diane talks to Clarke and finds out that he is the one who requested the mediation. He feels that they need to be removed from their positions; else the firms wouldn’t merge. The next day, Alicia is once again waiting for Wilkes and Canings tries to distract her by telling her the tale of his dying friend. She then has record state that Wilkes has once again refused to attend a court mandated deposition.

Next, Wendy Scott-Carr arrives and Eli is not at all pleased to see her. Diane tells her that they are charging the DOJ with harassment. Meanwhile, Alicia befriends canings wife, Simone and she learns from her that Canings was lying about his dying friend. Simone tells Alicia that they should have breakfast together. Next, Kalinda calls Diane and tells her that a guy from the CDC has confirmed that the mosquito that was carrying the virus was not from the coy pond but from the pool. So, the mosquito from the coy pond is the wrong kind of mosquito. Will and Diane are happy about this development. Cary talks to Clarke and later Diane calls him into the office and asks him if he can testify for them. Alicia is waiting for Wilkes and she confronts Canings about his lies.

He tells her that it is a way to connect. She then is prepared to leave and she tells him about the recent “mosquito theory”. So, looks that they lost; and every time the deposition gets delayed, the Judge gets angrier. She advises Canings to rethink his strategy. Next, the bank’s attorney questions Kaely and she points out to the fact that the mosquito carrying the West Nile virus cannot travel a long distance. This means that the mosquito could not have travelled from the pool and crossed the fence that is at a distance of 50 yards. Kaely then admits that she had once climbed over the fence with her friends. This means that Kaely trespassed in to one of the bank’s properties and so the bank cannot be held liable for the consequences.

Next, Serafina presides over the mediation. Diane tells her that they haven’t been given enough time to prepare and this came as a surprise to them. They need a week’s time to prepare and gather witness. Seraphina gives them time until the next day. Next, Cary and Will argue with the bank that the bank did not take proper measures after the foreclosure to keep away nuisance. And at the time Kaely climbed the fence, she was 12; just a kid. The bank’s attorney tells Will and Cary that this is going to go to court. Will tells Alicia that they need to get Wilkes as this case is going down the drain. He wants her to prove that Wilkes is stalling. Later, Alicia talks to the maid at the ranch who overhears Canings telling Wilkes not to come now but wait till Alicia steps out.

Canings tries to lie by saying that he was talking to someone from Chicago. But Ed from the front desk says that there were no calls made to Chicago. The Judge is now totally pissed and orders Wilkes to be present in court; else he would be held in contempt. Next, Diane is having lunch with Tobin Elstorm. She tells him that the DOJ is investigating him and his work with Wendy regarding the “discounts for donation”. After Diane leaves, Tobin calls Wendy and tells her about what is going on and Wendy realizes that Dian only wanted him to call her. Wendy tells Tobin to maintain that they ran a clean campaign. Next, Kalinda gets supplies for Alicia and later they have a heart to heart over a glass of wine. Kalinda then tells Alicia that maybe Wilkes is having some real emergency.

She asks for the local number that Canings was calling on. During the mediation, Cary tells Seraphina that Clarke had asked for his assistance in preparing for the bar exam. Cary states that Clarke had a sway over the entire firm and that he had no choice but to agree. Clarke says that everyone is trying to tarnish his name and reputation. Next, Kalinda tells Diane that Wilkes is being treated for cancer and that he does not show up as he is undergoing treatment. Now, Atlantic Commerce is about to have a merger and Will thinks that Wilkes does not want this to come out before the merger. He tells Alicia to use this information. Just then Wendy arrives with her team. She tells Will and Diane that they are here to confiscate Eli’s files and this also makes the law firm open to investigation.

This time Wilkes shows up for the deposition and Alicia tells him that if he approves of the negotiation for 15 million, the word of his cancer would not go on record. Later, Will tells Diane that the negotiation has gone through for 12 million. Diane talks to Eli and tells him that Wendy is doing this so that she cannot be his lawyer. And so it goes…the endless cycle of Chicago investigations. At the mediation, Diane tells Seraphina that they just closed a 12 million negotiation and that a company has bought over the firm’s debts.

Seraphina rules that the companies still have faith in the firm’s management and so Will and Diane will not be removed until the deadline. Clarke could find a merger partner if the firm crosses its deadline. Diane tells Will that they have to talk to their new creditor to get an extension. Well, Alicia receives a great shock; Louis Canings has purchased the firm’s debt; he is their new creditor. The episode ends.