Je Ne Sais What? - Recap

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The episode begins with Alicia having sex. Cut to her preparing breakfast and Zack sees some information online about Maddie Haywards and he immediately calls Eli. Grace arrives for breakfast and tells her mother that she is looking good. Next, Eli and his team along with Jordan are attending a telephonic interview, when he gets a message saying that Zach is online. Zach tells Eli that he was going through the Maddie Hayward website and he came across an internal protocol document that was left open. Just then a woman named Elzbeth calls for Alicia and Zach has to hang up on Eli.

Alicia talks to Liz and she tells her that she needs Alicia’s help on a case; it is on contract enforcement arbitration. On the other hand, Zach tells Eli that there are two ASAs working under Peter who state that Peter is bias because they are black. Eli thinks this is a bluff; but Zach is not convinced. During a meet, Haddie asks Peter for a debate which also includes racism. Eli updates Peter about the latest find and Jordan asks them to drop it. Next, Alicia arrives to meet Elzbeth in the prison. She tells Alicia that she was talking to Simon Fasil, the defendant in the arbitration case; but he got her arrested after the Q&A. Simon is the CEO of Erobos, a leading shoe company. Now, the arbitration case is in two hours and since she is in prison, she wants to cover for her.

Alicia calls Will and asks him to handle the arbitration. Will goes to meet Elzbeth’s client, Anna, and tells her that he will be taking over. She is worried but he assures her that her endorsement contract is iron clad and that he will try and ask for continuance. Will then meets Simon’s lawyer, Morgan. Later, Will plays the ad for Erosbos and states that Anna endorsed the shoe but she wasn’t paid for it. But it was also never shown. But Will states that the payment was not dependent on distribution. So, Will tells the Judge that the company owes his client five million dollars. To counter this, Morgan states that the company reserves the right to void any contracts. Also, Morgan presents proof that Anna has been doping and if she is banned from the next race on Monday due to the dope, the contract would be voided.

Elzbeth knows that this is a set up as she had to appear for the AADL decision this weekend, so that Anna could race on Monday. Both women know that Will is going to take the case to CAS; but Elzbeth tells Alicia that CAS doesn’t run like the American court. Alicia talks to Judge Politi to have Elzbeth transported to the court; but it seem that due to her erratic behavior, she might have to take a psych evaluation. At the CAS, Will has a tough time because the panel mostly discusses the case in French. However, the panel grants Will his request of having the witness appear before the panel. This witness saw someone selling drugs to Anna and also Anna’s drug test show high levels of ISH. Will calls Diane for help. Diane agrees as soon as she learns that this is for Elzbeth Tassione, the brilliant lawyer.

Alicia is preparing Elzbeth for the evaluation, where she asks Elzbeth not to talk too much. Next, Peter talks to Geneva to get a better understanding of him being bias. Geneva tells him that he promoted Cary Agos to Deputy when he wasn’t even ready; but there were Brody and she who had more experience and Peter overlooked that. This was racial bias. Also, recently Peter refused to go to a minority rights coalition. This was like a slap on their face. Geneva tells him to rethink on all his actions. Maddie is going to the coalition. At the CAS, the witness tells the panel that she saw an Asian guy bring a bottle of pills for Anna; he is one of the “notorious 6”. Anna refuses. Diane asks for a brief recess. The panel grants it. At the office, Anna tells Will and Diane that the guy was her boyfriend from before the Olympics.

Diane calls Alicia and tells her that Anna is hiding something. Diane wants her to talk to Elzbeth. Elzbeth is undergoing the psych evaluation and she is…well, acting erratic. But just then a thought strikes her. She tells Alicia that the raising hormone levels are a proof the Anna was pregnant and not because she was using stimulants. The pills that her boyfriend brought for her could be for abortion. Brilliant! Alicia relays this information to Diane. Anna tells Diane and Will that she cannot tell the truth as it will hurt her parents and sister. It will look like she killed her child to win a medal and that is not okay with her family.

Alicia calls Peter; just checking in! He asks her to come meet him at the campaign site. She agrees, provided she gets a break. She then tells him about Elzbeth. Peter knows her as she was the lawyer during his re-trial. So, he pulling strings to get her out would look like a political favor. He then suggests her to question the arrest itself. This could be the way out. Alicia is glad. At the CAS hearing, Dr. Chesterville talks about “contrails” and this weakens the argument for Diane and Will. Kalinda meets Elzbeth, who is still in custody and asks her to explain her case notes. Elzbeth tells her that the problem with doping charges is reverse; one needs to prove he or she is innocent.

Elzbeth then suggests that Diane and Will should attack the three pillars, Analysis, Confidentiality and Chain of custody. At the coalition, Peter gives a BAD speech. Alicia is in the van and they have a quickie. Elzbeth is being presented in court and the Judge wants both parties to come up with their best argument; else he is going to toss the arrest. At CAS, Diane attacks the Chain of custody. There was a delay in the sample being delivered at the lab and so it remained with the technician. The French panel is not too pleased with the American tactics; and they take a thirty minute break to discuss this issue. At the court, Judge Politi allows Elzbeth to apply for bail. This means that she can go to the CAS hearing.

At the CAS hearing, Elzbeth brings up a two year old case, where an Egyptian cyclist was banned from racing as Judge Villapique ruled against him so that the French cyclist could win the race. The other two Judges on the panel are outraged and they being arguing amongst themselves. Will now understand what the Judges were referring as “the Rambo” tactics. In the campaign van, Peter watches the news about his speech. Eli suggests that they should wait for the polls to see how he has done. Jordan is not at all happy with the way things are going and Eli thinks that they don’t need Jordan to run the campaign. Peter points out that Eli is being investigated and so they do need Jordan.

Eli arrives at Lockhart-Gardener where everyone is celebrating their latest victory. Eli talks to Alicia. He needs a lawyer to represent him; but no one from the firm can do that as they too are being investigated. Who else then? Eli calls out to Elzbeth. The episode ends.